Finally graduated !!!!

Finally graduated !!!!



After four long years of study, hard work, determination, desire, belief, faith, grit, sacrifice, effort, you name it I have been rewarded with a Bachelor’s degree. Even before I was doing my final year, I didn’t believe that I would have made it this far and overcome obstacles along the way which has made me the person that I am today. I am hopeful it will stand me in the right path and to the next step of my journey to success. 

Overall I didn’t know what to expect what it would be like on my graduation day, a year earlier I got to watch the live broadcast of the graduation ceremony on the university website so I could get a feel of what it would be like. I said to myself at that point, this is where I want to be at a year’s time and thankfully it came true. About two days before the ceremony I was very nervous about the whole thing, I wanted to make sure that I was properly organised, I made sure I had a clean shave so that I would avoid rashes and marks either on my chin or my face. On the day the graduation ceremony was held at 7 in the evening, fortunately the night before I was feeling less nervous and had a good night’s sleep, I woke up the next morning feeling confident and energetic. I went off with my parents (who were very excited too) around 2.30 in the afternoon and drove to St Albans, I wanted to get there at the earliest time possible so we would get a parking space and pick up the robes and get the photographs taken before the ceremony. Once I got to St Albans I recognised a familiar face who worked with me though the second and final year and started talking to him as we were on a bus that would take us to Alban Arena. Then with my suit and tie I fetched the tickets and got fitted into the gown which was very nice then I had to walk down the street with the gown attire and the hat on from the Alban Arena to the Town Hall to get photographs taken, it is something you don’t see everyday, I couldn’t help but notice the weather was cold during the day. I had quite sceptical of how the individual and family photographs would end up cause I could see my parents weren’t enthusiastic about getting their photo taken in the first place. From the first three shots it looked like I was with the grusome twosome or it looked like a horrible masterpiece edited in PhotoShop, one of them with an evil smile and the other one like a sarcastic, it wouldn’t be something I would like to stare at for hours and hours in my living room let alone my bedroom so we had to get it redone again, they made good timing of it or else I would be waiting there for agies, thankfully they allowed us to have the pictures redone again, it looked slightly better than it was when it was first taken so it was a relief for them really to get it over with. I can learn that my good looks will slowly dissolve by the time I reach 50.

As I went out the Town Hall I was slightly careless or forgetful by leaving a bag that contained the tickets for that ceremony, it would have been a disaster if I had lost it cause I couldn’t get in the ceremony but at least I realised it just less than 90 seconds after I left the hall where it wasn’t so busy but it could have been worse so I’m grateful we came as early as we did. 

I couldn’t tell you how proud it was for myself to come up on stage and shake the Chancellor’s hand,  it was a nerve racking experience but an exciting one. A great feeling which I will live with me for the rest of my life. 



I have been following the first ashes test between Australia and England. Quite disappointed with the England performance of getting less than 200 runs in both innings, they are good at bowling teams out but not good at setting the tone at batting for the rest of the innings, it is only the first test anyway, I won’t be turned off the series just yet, just hope England can quickly respond. As for Manchester United, to be honest I don’t see them winning anything this season, what I would recommend is to buy some world class players in the January transfer window and do some good business or else it may be slipping downhill from there. I play an old version of Pro Evolution and on career mode I got Benezama, Van Persie, Berbatov and Rooney as my main strikers and have Javi Martinez as one of my midfielders along with Gareth Bale as left back, if only we could attract these world class players then I wouldn’t have to worry.

I am a fan of Doctor Who, did anyone watch the Day of the Doctor? In case you are a Doctor Who fan and don’t want to read spoilers then LOOK AWAY NOW!!! I actually thought it was quite interesting, very random to go with a historical perspective of Elizabeth I where she gets married to the Doctor and then seeing two of the same person leaves me with a blank with knowing which one is which. I wanted to see Christopher Ecclestone as a doctor in there and I would have liked to see Freema Agyeman as a companion of the 10th Doctor, and also Mickey, Rickey, Jack Harkness would have been good to see as well, I was a little surprised that The Master wasn’t in it as he was one of the Doctor’s nemesis, it was such a shame they weren’t included, glad to see Tom Baker tho, although if it wasn’t for William Hartnell playing the Doctor and for Verity Lambert I don’t think Doctor Who would be what it is today. I felt very moved by the documentary “An Adventure of Space and Time”, for those who aren’t aware, it was telling the story of how Doctor Who began and got on air, for me it doesn’t feel like a children’s programme if I am watching it as an adult, I think it is a program for all age groups really, it doesn’t contain much violence or horror scenes other than screaming some of the time. I have sympathy for people who heard about it in 1963 because I don’t think there was many televisions back then in those days and also there would only be one episode a week which would last around 20 minutes or so, they even repeated an episode once because of the news of John F Kennedy’s assassination. I’ve only started watching ten episodes of the first series which is a story about the Doctor, the Doctor’s granddaughter followed by two of her teachers, interesting really, I’m up to the bit where they first encounter the Daleks. I also saw the program where Brian Cox was doing a lecture based on the science of Doctor Who, it was a very interesting talk but as for all time machines that appear in Doctor Who, Back to the Future or any films related, it doesn’t exist, get over it.

I also had a great time out bowling this week, it was quite enjoyable for me but not for my opponent, I think after I won all three games cleanly he proved to me he was full of hot air when he was braggin on and I didn’t even say a word. I think that is the way to go really, I have gone through the experience where if I just talk, talk, talk or brag too much then it backfires a bit, I done that while playing cricket once where I revealed to another batsman how I was going to bat but then I was out the first ball. After I went bowling I paid for a game of Pool, I’m around the amateur level although a few people would think I was a good player, I would like to enter an amateur pool league sometime or maybe join a pool club, money wouldn’t be a motivation but that would be nice. After I played pool I must have spent over an hour on the quiz machine, I won on a Pointless game they had, the annoying thing was that I couldn’t get the money from the machine so I spent those winnings on other games such as The Chase, Pub Quiz, Determinator and other ones. Those quiz machines are usually found in Wetherspoons. I get attracted to quiz machines because I love watching quizzes on tv and I also played some at the university bar, I don’t expect to go to any quiz machines anytime soon.

I look forward to writing my next blog, see you next week !!!

Welcome induction

Welcome induction

Hello and Welcome to my Profile!!!

This is Me
This is Me

I’m very excited to be writing my first blog, I rarely used WordPress until I saw a few jobs on job sites use WordPress so why not give it a shot.

I wanted to start this blog to let people know what I get up to on a weekly basics and to express my opinions on recent events and news. For most blogs I do I may discuss different things in a short summary or I may concentrate in detail in this blog so bare with me.

I could always write loads of essays at school. By now I’m doing typing on a keyboard I should get to at least 50 wpm, right? Wrong. Whatever I’m like I would like to always improve my typing skills. Although when someone says to me “Don’t look at the keyboard”I’m already tempted to look at the keyboard.  How will I do that you should ask? Have you ever heard of Marvis Beacon? Nope, although it just sounds like a name you would associate with a jazz musican or even an painter or sculptor, why I am I saying this stuff to bore people with . Maybe she is a real life teacher turned Personal Trainer or maybe she isn’t real at all.

What I have been up to this week? Emm good question. Well applying for jobs and getting rejections would be the best way to describe it. I had a great time sightseeing in Holborn on Tuesday, got to see some lovely office buildings near Fleet Street and I also learned where Dr Johnson’s house was which is in Gough Square.

I went past this during my your around London
I went past this during my trip around London


The day after that wasn’t enjoyable really,  just felt that I wasn’t noticed all day or wasn’t visible, how would that make you feel as a person reading this? Why Am I saying this? Well the short answer to that is because it was my birthday. For people who know me would know that the 13th has been the Kiss of Death for me. If you really want to understand then maybe watch Friday the 13th or hear my life story.

I currently help out a local museum in Harrow for four hours a week as a Collections Assistant. I started this some two weeks ago, it is just work to past the time really, it is just basic data entry stuff really, basically i enter information that is handwritten in the book and type it in onto a computer, quite basic really. Although I hope this can lead to better things in the future.

I’m excited about this upcoming week, if anyone who doesn’t know I will be having a graduation ceremony at the Abbey Cathedral  on this coming Wednesday, I’m looking forward to seeing some old faces but I’m very nervous at the same time because I’m not a sort of person that enjoys crowded spaces most of the time, I’m not usually a person that can keep a straight face over 1000 people looking at the spotlight and I just hope everything goes accordingly on the day.

I had mixed feelings for Sachin Tendulkar on his last test match against the West Indies. I originally thought Sachin should have retired from ODIs two years ago after the Cricket World Cup final was held at his hometown in Mumbai. I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved in the world of cricket. I don’t think there will be anyone like him that would score that many test and one day runs, play in 200 tests and score 101 centuries at the highest level and to carry the hopes of India again.

Thank you for reading this blog. Feel free to give feedback and I should be writing a fresh blog soon. See you next week!!!