24 Days till Christmas!!!

24 Days till Christmas!!!

I’m back with my third blog. Thank you for all the views I received from the last blog. We managed to get 65 views on one day which is remarkable really. Hope we can up the views. 

Christmas is coming up so quick and fast. I noticed this cause it is already the 1st of December.  I have some ideas of what to buy but I haven’t brought anything yet. 

So what have I been up to this week, you might ask ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

In terms of employment, I’m glad to say I have a day’s trial at a company on Tuesday, it is only a six weeks of volunteering but then again it might lead to a permanent role. I won’t say much about it for the moment but I hope that everything goes well on the day. I was a bit disappointed when I heard that I wasn’t passed on to an interview for a company based near Farrington although it was kind of them to send me a formal letter than to get an email. I didn’t mention it when I said I was sightseeing in my first blog because I wanted to leave hints along the way or maybe I should have said my intention was in my previous blog.  

I have also started an online course involving “England in the time of Richard III”. I have quite enjoyed so far. I have started the first week learning about the Wars of the Roses. So you have got two royal houses called the House of York and the House of Lancaster, think of it like the cricket teams of Yorkshire and Lancashire were engaged in a series of battles battling to be the head of county cricket. If you are interested in learning about British Monarchs then I seriously recommend it. If you want to know more then either get hold of me on Facebook or leave a comment below this post. The website I do this course from also do courses in Forensics for those who like criminal investigation, programming games in Java, dentistry, just to name a few from some good universities.

I’m also doing an online course from Yale in Early Modern England under the Tudors and Stuarts, I’m beginning to sound like David Starkey lol, they do courses open to anyone (even if you don’t study at Yale) ranging from American History, Chemistry, Economics and many more. It’s quite enjoyable so far, they do the lectures on YouTube and also have a manuscript of the lectures can be found along with reading materials, it is what I expected of university standard. 

I’ve been doing the usual volunteer work this week at the local museum. I received a call back about the Website Manager role on Friday, I applied for the Website Manager months back but we only have small discussions in between. I wrote some posts in the beginning of the role but it didn’t prove to be entirely useful at the time because there wasn’t a Facebook link on there main website. It is about time to update the website really, it does look like it was published in the 90s. I do feel this is a very challenging role for myself because I am not an expert with developing or managing websites, I done a web application in my final year but this is focused on updating a website, as I am the only person to have volunteered for this role (as far as I’m aware) I probably won’t get the support or advice I would be after or in other words there is no one I can go to in the company who can answer questions I may have. I did get an example to give me an idea of what they want on the site. For this role it is like doing a final year project all over again,  

If I ever play a game of snooker it would take me at least 45 minutes to sink all the balls down or longer depending how many times I use the bridge. I only follow the three big tournaments which are held in the UK which is the UK Championship (likely to be watching this while writing this blog), Worlds and Masters, sometimes I like to follow the Welsh Open as well depending on if it is on the BBC Sport website. I don’t know if it is just me but it seems like I’m into pub sports such as Pool, Snooker and Darts and Quizzes on the Quiz machine apart from Drinking games, I don’t consider myself drinking alcohol when I’m out in a pub unless it were to be marked as a special occasion, I don’t remember drinking any alcohol since New Year’s Day. As I was at home I had a fun and enjoyable night watching fireworks display as well as watching and listening to Jools Holland (I think it is called a Hootenanny, no idea why it is called that). I remember on the last New Year’s Eve show they had Emeli Sande, the Dubliners and a couple of others. I took a bottle of baileys and fetched a wine glass and mixed Baileys and Milk and it turns out to be very nice drink.  It was funny on one occasion at uni some of the people I was with were trying to get me drunk on St Patrick’s day but they did get me as far as being tipsy, I haven’t had a Guinness since that day because I’m only capable of drinking half a pint and it doesn’t taste very nice. 

I’m pleased that Ryan Giggs is still playing for Manchester United, not just because of the team itself but he is able to be still motivated ,keeps himself fit everyday and get picked for matches. I saw the match between United and Leverkusen and Giggsy totally outclassed the opposition. I can’t think of anyone over the age of 40 apart from Sachin who recently retired at this day in age has played competitive professional sports and maintained a legacy in the world of sport.  



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