3 weeks till Christmas !!!

3 weeks till Christmas !!!

I would like to apologise for those viewers who read my Facebook post yesterday for my misinterpretation.

I also want to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela for the way he rebuilt South Africa for equality.

Nelson Mandela

I watched most of the tv coverage of the UK Championship on the BBC. People often say they aren’t interested in sport especially likes of Snooker, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Squash etc. I find those sports to be quite exciting, maybe people see it that way cause it is tiring and nothing dramatic happens until another two or three hours when it is 15 minutes before finishing time.  I found that out when I looked up Indoor Cricket on YouTube for fun, I mean I don’t get it, it is really difficult to explain if you are not a cricket fan. You play the game in a cage like atmosphere and to be honest I don’t know anything more apart from what I just told you if I’m boring you I’m sorry.

Back to the snooker having 120 people playing at the Barbarian in York does seem packed and uncomfortable for the top 16 snooker players.  I think it is ok for a Top 16 player to criticise the whole setup but I think it is unfair for the for the people outside the top 50 because they have to play at least 5 or 6 matches to qualify so they are already tired before they reach the 1st round and it is a chance for sportsman to make a name of themselves and has an opportunity to learn if they are good enough that they can complete with people at the top of the rankings. People forget that amateurs or less known people can be underestimated, I will discuss this when I talk about the World Cup Draw that took place friday just gone. Take Wimbledon for example, I remember that time where Rafael Nadal got knocked out in the 1st round by Steve Darcis and people were talking about it the day after and also Roger Federer got knocked out in the 2nd round by Stakhovsky from the Ukraine, obviously it would be a shame not to see well known faces but life moves on.

Neil Robertson

I was very excited when I was watching the final, both were evenly matched.I would have predicted that Selby would win 10-9 over Robinson but that wasn’t the case, it had tension, pressure and momentum switched both sides. It did feel like I was watching Manchester United in a Champs League final, I just covered my eyes or throw my hands back to say if Rooney missed a goal opportunity. But Selby was leading 6-3 at the first half but Robinson managed to come and win 10-7. Strange game isn’t it?

I shall be looking forward to the Masters which is in a months time but if I’m not going to be mistaken I’m going to be a little bit sad on the first day it starts because they usually do the darts final on the same day in the early part of the afternoon so probably in that week’s blog don’t be surprised if I go on about Darts. At least it is something to look forward to after the new year i suppose.

Where to start about the England Cricket Team. I’m just glad I haven’t wasted my money on a DayPass or paying a fee on the Sky Sports package or else I would be wasting my time. There performance in the first two tests have been an embrassment, i don’t expect England to win the series from here, it just a shambles really, i’m predicting a 5-0 australian whitewash unless England sort their batting department.  I’m certainly not going to preorder the latest Ashes series, to be honest I’ve only got the Ashes 2010/2011 collection in Australia and the famous 2005 ashes series.

I’m also glad that I made the right decision not to preorder Ashes 2013 video game on PC cause I found an article on the BBC website, I noticed it was advertised during the summer on Amazon, I wanted to get it but now I’m relieved really cause I seen the gameplay review from IGN, I wouldn’t be suprised if people chose to pre order it cause cricket fans want to play cricket video games. The commentary was ok, I couldn’t help but laugh at Bumble and that the people in the stadium look like a piece of lego, the ball tends to disappear after it goes past the batman just like watching magic tricks on the screen, it must have a lot of bugs but the game is really unacceptable to be honest.

TOP TIP Always be cautious of what you buy, If you watched Fake Britain on BBC One then you understand where I’m coming from. I found an article that grabbed my attention a few days ago about a guy from Nottingham who supposedly paid £450 for an Xbox One through Ebay and then got a photograph of the Xbox One through the post. I think now he is lucky enough to get a refund and a new Xbox One.

XBox One photograph

You may have noticed my beloved Manchester United are not on a winning streak. I wasn’t expecting United to come away with any trophies this season but I am disappointed at how the squad are playing really. Would like to see some big and exciting names coming to United in January, (shouln’t have brought Fellani in the first place). Hope they put the past behind them when they face Shakhtar this Tuesday. I wasn’t too concerned about the FA Cup draw but the match against Swansea shouldn’t be taken lightly, Arsenal-Tottenham match should be interesting match but I do expect Arsenal to come away with the win.

Once the FIFA World Cup Draw had concluded I found it wasn’t going to be easy but I think England will appreciate the challenge to face likes of Italy,Uruguay and Costa Rica.  As a fan who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of facing competitive teams. I generally think you can’t really decide teams on paper, in the last world cup we classed as favourites to come first in the group but came second the US in the group so I think if England believe in themselves and the fans are behind them then all and get the right results then who knows. I would rather face big teams earlier on to see if they have what it takes to be favorites. Overall I think the teams in Groups B and G will be the hardest to get out of. My favourites to win the World Cup next year are Brasil.

They have a lot of talented players in their team with likes of Neymar, Oscar, Fred, Ramires, Luiz, Dani Alves, Paulinho, Dante, Thiago Silva, Hulk, Marcelo and back up players. I watched the Confederations Cup final this year when they faced Spain and Brazil totally dominated them the whole match and played as a team. I think Germany should do well with squad in numbers along with Argentina and Belgium.

Brasil Football Team

Around less than two years ago I found a song by accident on YouTube called Ai Se Eu Te Pego, ok the name does sound really foreign and maybe the song is sung in Portuguese. I’ve listened to it a couple of times cause it is very addicting over and over again and the lyrics tend to repeat as well. I’m not suggesting you learn a foreign language to understand the lyrics, apparently he recorded an English version but I don’t think it has the same affect, he has done with separate remixes with Pitbull and Becky G, I even seen Neymar and C.Ronaldo dance to it, it is quite easy to learn the dance moves.

Haven’t been unwell this week cause of one of those annoying stomach pain, it can be such a curse really.

Abdominical Pain

I had it the day before my trial so I wasn’t able to come in that day or for my Thursday and Friday shift where I work at a local museum. I had it one time at the start of this year, I couldn’t study for that week so I only had like three days at the beginning of the year to revise for an in class test, it was disappointing and very frustrating to deal with that at the wrong time, life sucks when that happens.

Around this time last week my pain had begun and since then I haven’t applied for jobs. But as I am writing this post I am browsing through windows on Chrome to look at job positions. I spotted a very tempting internship for a WordPress website developer but that is based in Luton, it is over 30 mile away from where I am writing this post now. If you know any job websites that do entry-level positions apart from Guardian Jobs, Inspiring Interns, Internwise and Gumtree then contact me on Facebook, that will be quite helpful.

That’s all folks, See you back here next week!!!


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