It’s Me Again !!! Sport on a cutting edge, I shall have to just settle with being on the losing side !!!

It’s Me Again !!! Sport on a cutting edge, I shall have to just settle with being on the losing side !!!

Hello again, I think it is my fifth blog, It seems as tho that the time doesn’t stand still. I only knew that when I was out doing volunteer work on Friday it just seemed as tho 2 hours was 45 minutes.

Have you ever noticed that if you learn something new and then you think to yourself “WOW, that is what I could have thought of weeks ago”. Well that is what happened to me when I was browsing the XL package on Virgin on Demand. It seems as tho I am subscribed to have got Sky on Demand which is strange because I didn’t have the sky sports package apart from Sky Sports News so that was pretty cool to have. Now I’m able to watch a few sky sports programs now such as the Champs League highlights or cricket highlights and sunday live football which is a must for dedicated sports fans. I was watching the best part of Man City vs Arsenal yesterday and the game was very interesting. I would have liked it for Arsenal to win but it is always going to be difficult for a visiting team to win at the Ethiad.

I am looking forward to the Champs League draw tomorrow because it will pick interesting matches which are always going to be tough. As A Man U fan the team won playing badly really, I thought Sharktar played best on the night and I was suprised they came third considering we thrased Leversken 5-0 at Leversken. I do have little sympathy for Man City and Arsenal. Arsenal had the toughest completing against Napoli and the runners up in Dortmund. If they thought that was tough then they might as well watch out for Barcelona, Bayern, PSG or Real Madrid. As long as United avoid Milan or Galatasary then I will be satisfied. Champs league draw

I will be waiting patiently to see who will win BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year, I think Murray should get it cause there hasn’t been any man from Great Britain that has won Wimbledon for over 70 years. It does seem quite embrassing and depressing that we haven’t had an Englishman since Fred Perry to win the title considering we first held the Grand Slam in 1877 and won by Spencer Gore at the All England Club. I won’t be surprised if Chris Froome comes second, strange that two buses come at once, I’m referring to the expression that two of the last winners of the Tour de France are British related, they weren’t orginally british, you can say the same for around half of the English Cricket Team.

Did anyone see Derren Brown’s Great Art Robbery on Friday night or from catch up? I thought it was really good and interesting. For those who haven’t watched it and want to see it I won’t reveal too much other than it based on a Art Robbery. I have heard of a guy who stole the Mona Lisa painting from the Louve once, he probably wanted to do that so that he can restore pride to his country. Why would I not say any spoilers, well it is completely unfair to those who want to watch it. All I can say is have your eye appealed to the screen.

Champs league draw

It is not really a painting


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