A short few days before Christmas

Hey! Thanks for taking the time viewing my sixth blog. Doesn’t time fly by these days. By the time I have published this blog it will only be three days before Christmas Day, quite scary to think about it really. Especially when it comes to last minute shopping, it would be like finding a passage to India.

You may have wanted to come here to search for answers to my life at the moment or in search for ideas or suggestions. At least it is a ideal place, like myself I always turn to Google, just now I typed in “does cola cola make you drunk” or “how to start freelance”. I never usually get the answers I wanted and I never really understood freelance apart from the popularity comes from the world of photography, espically if you haven’t picked up a camera for a while or maybe it can be too expensive to buy a new camera would explain it really cause no one wants cheap photos really do they? People look for quality these days. Obviously I haven’t experienced freelancing myself (yet but there could be a possibility in the near future) or maybe I don’t realise that by writing this blog could be freelance. How would you describe freelance? I would describe it as a single idea generated by a creative individual who is a specalisit in there line of work who has the business insight to know how to pitch their idea forward to bring clients forward. Maybe a few people could disagree or agree of my definition.

The whole main purpose of knowing what defines freelancing is quite important of how we interpret themes or subjects and careful to understand what it means to us, I mean how do we define politics? Or even Religion?

Question mark

For me it is a very much an overused term. If someone said to me “What is History?”, I couldn’t give an instant answer to that other than “it is something recorded” and then thirty minutes later I would close the sentence saying “it is something recorded in time” so really I wouldn’t have a clue how to interpret but according to Wikipedia “it is a study of historiography (whatever that means) written by the English historian E.H. Carr” so there you have it,  the point is nothing comes easy to us. I at least know what defines Software Engineering and Computer Science is because I did a degree in my chosen interest. Also I know what defines a database or what a website is. It is quite easy to understand until you get used to hearing those terms quite a lot or it is the same as learning the bones and organs of the human body if you see where I am coming from. I would be quite terrified to get into Politics myself because maybe I would have to bull myself through or let my words speak louder than my actions.

what is history by Edward Carr

So what are my highlights of the week. Well I managed to complete a day’s trial at a small establishment or company office near Ealing which is good to get out of the way to be honest because I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I was going to do but I was held back by an illness I caught the day before. It is quite a decent day to be honest, all the staff were very welcoming and polite, I thought that as I was volunteering they were all in there mid 40s or above unless people were getting paid by the council or just paying themselves, that is the feeling I get when I’m doing this line of work. I got instructed by one of the staff of how to use the applications on the computer software and helped out with the filing, it was quite simple being a computer whizz once you are very familiar with computers and how they work, once I completed that I went out for lunch, the annoying thing was that I needed a receipt for my travel expenses so I spend around 45 minutes looking for newsagents or shops in town (there was quite a lot of them actually) that do oyster top ups, I had no success by the end of it but I had enough on my oyster card balance in order to return home. While I came back to their main office I got told how to laminate posters, although this was all new to me I learned how to multitask and do the task in a professional manner which I think I excelled in really and I left 10 minutes earlier than expected.   While I was heading home I went into Sainsburys Local and brought two of the 1.75 litre bottles of Cola, one for me and one for my sister just as a treat as Christmas is coming up.  Looking for work is not as easy as a lot of people find, it tends to be really difficult to graft or to secure a permanent role in a company when their are people out there who are more suited for roles other than myself, I’ve had that feeling since I left uni and I’m sure that some of the majority can sympathise with what I am trying to say, for me it tends to be frustrating when I apply for jobs that don’t give you individual feedback on the application, I think any feedback helps in any environment you walk into because once you are in that position you would want to know a detailed explanation of why you haven’t been chosen, are there any areas which I haven’t described or provided more examples of in the application and what can I do to improve my application. Well I got a vague idea of how I can improve the application which is why for example the retail sector is very hard to apply for cause unless you previous experience of it then it makes it highly unlikely. I saw a post by a person on Facebook this week claiming that nothing should be Impossible or may be interpreted as “I’m possible”. I can’t really find an argument to support that statement unless you speak to a Time lord from Doctor Who.

The news about Grahame Swann’s came as quite a shock really, I didn’t really expect it would have been the right time to retire but as long as he thinks its time then great.

Graham Swann

Obviously he will be a great loss to the national side and I don’t think there is a prepared successor at the moment to take over him. I hope someone like Scott Borthwick eventually succeeds him but I won’t know at this moment in time.

Scott Borthwick

Speaking of cricket, England are in total shambles at the moment, bowling wise it is average but they need a few lessons of how to bat on bouncy wickets cause only one batsman in six innings has scored a 100, only an all rounder who is played in their 2nd knock managed to score a century, shows the disappointment I have considering they were able to bat comfortably the last time they were in Australia. I fear they may lose 5-0 unless they put there act together, although they haven’t won the series they should at least give the Australians a fight. At present I don’t expect England to be in contention with being in contention for the number 1 spot in test cricket.

On the subject of the Number 1 spot, I’m interested to see International teams such as South Africa are currently doing when they play test cricket and I get excited when they play Test Cricket because they have players in their squad which I would like to see especially likes of Smith (who I admired when I first watched cricket over 10 years ago), Hashim Amla, AB De Villers, Kallis, Steyn, Philander and Morkel are all big names in the World of Cricket. I would wish I was in South Africa to see them face India in the test series from a neutral perspective because I don’t only follow England but I like to follow other international teams such as Australia, South Africa, India and sometimes the West Indies because I like World Cricket in general. It was a very exciting day of test match cricket, South Africa only needed eight runs short of winning against India to win, how frustating that it ended up as a draw, who said test cricket is boring. If anyone shares my great love of the game then I’m sure we would enjoy a fun conversation about it.

A picture of the South African Cricket Team

Was anyone surprised to hear that Phil Taylor got knocked out in the Darts World Championship? I have no words to describe it to be honest, although I only follow Darts when it is on BBC it did send big shock waves around, that is why all the contests are decided on the oche and not on paper.

I think it is quite shocking in the world of football of the number of managers that are sacked in the English Premier League. Already we have seen 6 or more premier league teams such as Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Stoke, Tottenham, Fulham, West Brom who have had replacement managers since the Premier league started.

Picture of Martin Jol

I think it is quite favourable for the owners really. Yes clubs have there down points, well look at Man United, I knew that the first moment Moyes walked into the job that it will take time and reasonable investments to develop at United. I still think he is the best man for the job, apart from the decision of buying Fellani, I’m not a person to criticise. Although the start of the season has been on a rocky start here are the positive points: United were top of there champs league group and stand a good chance of going through to the next round, we still in the running of reaching the Carling cup final and we are in a good position of being in the top four, I’m not concerned of not retaining the Premier League title but at least if we get in the top four then that is something I will be joyful about. But going back to the manager’s issue, it is a lot of pressure because it is all about results at the end of the day. But it is not necessary the manager or the coaches fault, some of the responsibility needs to go on the players of how they perform on the day. But then again it is the manager’s job to inspire the players and bring players through who think will improve the club. Apart from Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal I don’t think any of the other clubs have long term plans in mind really.

I’m happy and pleased for Atletico Madrid being top of La Liga, it all goes down to players and staff there. I wouldn’t have been thinking that over three years ago cause they had some exciting talent there. I remember after they won the Europa League they faced Inter Milan who won the champs league in the UEFA super cup, they beat Inter 2-0 and David De Gea emerging himself in the spotlight by saving a penalty off Diego Milito. What people seem to forget is that they had likes of Diego Forlan, Reyes, Aguero, Simao, who are world class.

Atheltic win UEFA super cup

They have great players now with Diego Costa, David Villa, Courtois,  I reckon they are good contenders to win the spanish league and have a good chance of doing well in the Champions league. They come back strong that is what I would say about them.

Picture of Diego Costa

I do feel a bit sorry for Barca who have Messi injured, I think the Spanish Press weren’t too happy when they were potted with Man City in the Champs League, from the neutral’s perspective it should shape up as a memoriable tie. Reminds me very much of United against Madrid last season, I don’t think any of them are prepared to lose but I do see Man City as slight favorites only because psychologically they beat Bayern in there home patch, they are doing well in the Premier League, very tough to play at home and the players and manager would be familiar with Barcelona and playing in the champions league.

I love the spanish commentrators when they say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone watch the Great Train Robbery on BBC Two this past week? I thought it was very interesting considering it was the greatest crime committed in the sixties, sort of backfired in the end. Just goes to show that money doesn’t win you everything. Reminds me a bit of Diamond Geezer, it was a one off drama starring David Jason where he plays a professional criminal called Des Parker and he does jobs ranging from stealing high valuable jewels to stealing cash out from the county, as it only lasted for one series I’m sure Des got caught and hasn’t done it ever since.

A Picture of the train robbers

You won’t be surprised if I end up talking about Christmas in this blog because I don’t think there is a better time to talk about it really. Maybe I appear drunk? Not really although I did drink a pint of cola cola just a few hours ago when I was drafting my blog last night.

You may ask what I am doing for Christmas? It is a good moment isn’t it as you are probably tired or growing impatient. It is traditional of me to go to mass on a Christmas morning, it is usually quite comforting because the readings don’t take very long to read. As for after I don’t have any major plans or big plans to go out for a Christmas party or a Christmas meal but I shall be returning to my bedroom where I probably isolate myself from the family in my bedroom watching Christmas movies apart from Christmas dinner of course. I like Christmas dinners because I love sage and onion stuffing, it is the only time of year I have one, I don’t tend to not look forward to having chicken or turkey, I just prefer having more sides like stuffing than the main food, and maybe I’ll treat myself to have a glass of baileys with milk, well it is to celebrate a special occasion isn’t it? I haven’t decided which movies I want to watch yet but I have a guilty pleasure of liking Rom coms, it is not the sort of thing males want to admit to but I think the film genre is very hilarious. I also quite like watching other films with Hugh Grant such as Love Actually and About A Boy, I tend to think that they are best to watch for the occasion. What other christmas specials are there? Oh yeah maybe Mr Bean, Only Fools, A Christmas Carol. I haven’t watched the Grinch but I don’t want to see a film with a person who tries to spoil Christmas. I’ll probably have some family members coming in the evening so it won’t be too bad but it would be nice to do with something different for a change. On the next day I shall be capturing up with some other family members who I only get the opportunity to see once a year so that will be something to look forward to.

Scene from Love Actually

Before I conclude, I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and I look forward to writing my final blog in 2013.


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