Best of 2013

Best of 2013

Hello, it is me again to bring you my final blog of 2013. Doesn’t time fly by these days.

Best of 2013
Best of 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break.

As there weren’t many jobs advertised I got to watch Christmas themed shows or films past or present. I haven’t even finished watching Only Fools and Horses specials. Funny enough the first thing I watched on Christmas Day was a Christmas special of Doc Martin, (only seen it once before), it didn’t really look like a Christmas special but I wish it done more of them.

What a year it’s been, United capturing the Premier League title back, Wigan winning the FA Cup against Man City, Swansea winning the League cup, Bayern Munich winning the treble, Brazil winning the Confederations Cup , Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the royal birth of George and Denmark winning Eurovision. It’s been a memorable year hasn’t it?

Did anyone watch the Doctor Who christmas special? I certainly did. I may sound like a geek when saying this but I have recently become a fan of Doctor Who, well when I say recently I watched all the episodes since Matt Smith first appeared as the Doctor, I believe it was either when they first launched BBC iPlayer or HD on iPlayer. It was very interesting to see how it would unfold in the episode. I thought the spoilers of Peter Capaldi coming on the show would mean that he would appear during the latter part of the show or well 15 minutes of tv time but it did seem that as expected in most of the regenerations of the Doctor that it would only be a small clip during the end. Overall I thought it was ok, I thought it was quite strange of the Doctor to keep the cyberman’s head and talking to it. I thought that although it did keep the theme of Christmas in the episode. I thought it was nice to see the Doctor reminsing of his old companion but only for a blink to see his face change.

Onto farewells. I’m sure Nelson Mandela’s death recently will be greatly missed around the world. It was sad to see some cricket greats retiring and stepping out the game this year including Sachin, Grahame Swann, Michael Hussey at the beginning of the year and just recently Jacque Kallis.

I think I have grown frustrated in Englands performance down in Australia, I do expect them to lose 5-0 because I don’t see how the team can be lifted in time for the next test match to be honest. I would love to been in Durban for the final day of the test because I have been following the test match between South Africa and India and they are giving out free admission as well although I do expect that the test match will be a draw but at least it is good cricket to pass the time.

From what I have seen I think Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest football club manager of all time. It was by Ferguson that I  regularly followed football, watched, liked and excited about hearing about the football every week on Match of the Day. I like to say I followed them at the right time, I can’t remember what my first memory was but I played some old football pc games and I was playing as Man U all the time, around 99/00 or something and the players he used to put on like Beckham, Scholes, Nevilles, Butts, Sheringham, Soksjaer, Cole, Yorke, Irwin, Keane. They had really good quality players and most of names I mentioned are English players. Apart from likes of United and Liverpool not many teams have many english or young players in their ranks.  Nothing has changed my mind on supporting a different team ever since.

I would describe Scholes as one of the great midfielders in World Football. He is up there with likes of Zidane, Davids, Pirlo, Figo, Xavi, Iniesta, Gerrard, Lampard, Alonso. My tribute to him that he was someone who would do his talking on the pitch, score great goals outside the penalty area and had the ability to pick passes. My favorite goal of his was the one against Bradford city, how he hit that first time is beyond me. Both Scholes and Ferguson’s retirements would rank up as the dramatic moments of the year, it just speaks volumes.

Talking about the best moments of 2013, my personal high was graduating with a bachelors degree. I thought it was a great accomplishment  to have been on stage shaking hands with the Chancellor and then getting my certificate at the end.  Although two years ago if you said to me that I would pass my course then I would probably not have believed  you.

Well as the beginning of 2014 is days away I don’t have any real or realistic expectations or aims coming into the new year. I said this time last year that I was going to start an online business up on eBay but I haven’t really touched on that idea since the beginning of this year or I find it too risky really. I’m not going say for definite what my plans are but it would be really nice to join a quiz team or get to be on a quiz show, if you are looking for someone to join then I’m open to that idea, I expect many quiz teams to be averaging in their mid 30s and to have expertise in different areas. It would be good of me to start cricket again, hopefully things can go right for me this time and that I can practice more often and get to enjoy it more and play other sports as well. I do fancy a luxurious holiday somewhere like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or even somewhere in the UK. I don’t want to make it sound desperate but it would be a wonderful experience  if I spent a vacation or even a weekend break or on something new without my family this year. As I am unemployed it would be nice to find a permanent role at a job that I would enjoy and do well in.

I shall be watching Jools on the evening of New Year’s Eve with a bottle of Bailey’s with milk listening to live music along with watching fireworks on TV.

Speaking of the new year I shall be looking forward to the football world cup in Brazil, the Eurovision Song Contest, the footie, New Series of Doctor Who, India’s five test series in England, curries and much much more.


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