How is it going Dave

How is it going Dave

I only knew Roger for playing Trigger which will be the character he will be remembered for. I have seen him make guest appearances as a neighbour of Auntie Joan in Doc Martin and playing sort of an evil character returning to his home country Great Britain to build a Cyber empire in Doctor Who. “Alright Dave”

I am so looking to the Masters Final, as you noticed from last week I spoke very little of it, as the tourmanent has gone on I felt it was going to be between Selby and O’Sullivan. O’Suillivan was the one of those that springs into mind as a star where he reminds me of Sachin of Cricket where he can just pull crowds in just by his name and the exciting shots he makes is just unbelievable .For my mind he is the greatest snooker player I have seen, there is no one that can come close to him in many ways apart from Hendry. Alright maybe he isn’t as prolific as Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis but you have to say he is in that group of players, that is the difference between the level of players that make it into the tournaments and those who win them. I think those 45 minutes on Friday  when he took on Ricky Walden just sums him up really. O’Suillvan is a pioneer in his sport. People in different sports have been pioneers, look at Basketball for instance certainly I would Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in that catoegry, Phil Taylor in Darts, Shane Warne, Vic Richards and Sachin for cricket, Muhammed Ali in boxing, Tiger Woods in Golf, Pele and Maradona in Football, there are too many to mention.

UPDATE: I watched the Masters Final and I got to say it looked one sided to be honest, well I don’t have much to say once O’Suillvan got going then there was nothing stopping him in that respect.

I so love murder mysteries now and interested to find out more about them. I saw a programme on BBC4 the other day which I recorded before the show had even started and I didn’t know what to expect because I only knew what the name of the episode was called which was “A Very British Murder with Lucy Worseley”, she seems to know what she is talking about and done an extensive background on the subject. It was interesting and fascinating, I don’t want to give too much away but there were some very interesting stories such as a story in a barn, most of claim it is true or real life stories which would influence the 19th century in terms of literacy works which are in popular culture today and how it impacted the community. It is an interest for those of you who like finding about murders that made the headlines and those who are interested in that part of history and literature, she also has a book out but I haven’t bothered to read the book yet. I think she added that she was quite femist or took an interest to a female detective’s point of view such as the great Agatha Christie. I’m not saying Agatha Christie is feminst but that of the presenter of the show in a unbalanced view. In modern society there are some sports like Football, Rugby, Darts, Cricket and many other sports which are dominant by men. I’m not saying at all that I prefer Men to be dominant in sports because you have people like Jessica Ennis, Dame Kelly Holmes, Nicola Adams, the Williams sisters who are all ambassadors and gained recognition in there own sport but you may have woman in sports which I have mentioned above not getting the same recognition, for instance Woman in the UK have there own award ceremony on Sky for instance. I have nothing personal about woman playing sports because I respect them for being determined to do what they do best. Obviously in a extreme example would be an arrogant batsman wishing to take up a net practice proving that the female cricketers can’t get him out, that would be great to see wouldn’t it? Although I am quite terrified of fast bowling myself.

When watching murder mysteries it is something I like to do to relax myself or to get my mind off stress whether it would be coming home from university or sending job applications off for new opportunities. I see murder mysteries as a mind puzzle, you sit and watch an episode of Midsomer Murders in the comfort in your own home without lifting a finger where you are with the Detetive Inspector with an assistant and you jot down in a piece of paper in your mind what you have witnessed from the eyes above and try to answer these questions: Who, Why, When, Where and How before the killer is revealed then brilliant you have cracked the puzzle or if you aren’t able to know who did it or left baffled then I wouldn’t blame you,  as I would say “Emmm I wouldn’t have thought that, “, I would only feel cheated in a way cause it was only kept as a secret till the near end of the episode.  It does make it sound like a quiz show, it puts myself on the spot “I want you to tell me who killed “Person A” by the end of the episode and I will provide you with hidden clues and hints along the way along with documentation that will be for anyuse to you, If your correct I will give you a star prize” well in my case I would tell myself  “Yes Come On”, that is what I would describe as a murder mystery where you see if you solve the mystery before Barnably or Holmes or Miss Marple or even Poirot get a chance at the end of the mystery, it is quite exciting  isn’t it this murder mystery thing. The best place to start is to find the killing at badger’s drift and watch it online or even The Case of the Silver Stocking, or even buy a PC game called The Case of the Silver Earring where you get to play as Sherlock Holmes and solve a murder case. It isn’t at all boring, trust me. Or if you prefer something simple then Cluedo would be good.

As you may have read in previous blogs I do have a love of ‘history’. I’m in my last week of my online course which I said a few weeks back based on Richard III. It has been enjoyable none the less, I’m learning about the backstage part of what happened when they found the body of the King and  understanding the whole process behind the identification, I find it very intriqued about the process although I haven’t really understood Archaeology to be honest, it is like you need a visual mind of the whole map and it is difficult to describe without the building there.

Where to start Manchester United. I don’t know where to start. Where are the players? Am I in Dreamworld? Well I probably thought that was the case, I didn’t watch the game on Sky Sports because I knew that they were going to lose, don’t ask me why, I think the answer appears  to be obvious. Unless David Moyes buys some stunning World Class players I can’t see Manchester United being in the top 4 this season. It is ok to critisise them but I am not really critising I’m only acting as a spectator looking into the problems that they are facing. People may seem suprised at how poor they are but for me it wasn’t going to be the case. What really suprised me was a few things that happened when I was watching a Serie A match on BT Sport between Juventus and Roma, the first one was that De Rossi of Roma being sent off and then shortly after that another player from Roma got send off, what also suprised me was looking at the league table of Serie A seeing AC Milan in 11th position which I think is unheard off for a club of that calibre, I’m more worried about AC Milan than Manchester United not because I don’t support them or not because they were founded by a pair of englishman from Nottingham but they have been a dominant force and a giant in European Football with greats like Paulo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Gattuso, Dida, Gullit,  Kaka, Seedorf, Shevchenko, Van Basten and many others who are all people I watched with warm admiration.

I think this would be a good opportunity for United to get some people in,I think loads of it was wasted on Fellani, he is not the sort of player that I would approve of, The trouble is tho that I am heistant that people would be put off by going there and I don’t think big teams would be happy to let their players go. I think they need new faces in midfield and the need of defenders cause it appears that the players aren’t motivated or nervous on the pitch, surely those issues need to be addressed.


Farewell to the BDO Darts and Sherlock for the Year, there is always next year.

Farewell to the BDO Darts and Sherlock for the Year, there is always next year.

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my ninth blog. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and have anything to share would be nice to contribute.

a picture of a business man

If you don’t know already my certificate arrived from passing the Business and Administration which I started in June I believe and it took me four months to complete. It took a bit of time for the certificate to come through but it got through in the end. I was overjoyed I felt like Pauline from Doc Martin who got a qualification for getting trained how to take blood from patients, don’t know what the official term for that is. It is a really a great thing to have because they a very rare to come across these opportunities where if you haven’t experienced the workplace before can give you an idea of what its like to work in a workplace. I thought about doing Administration if I had no luck finding the suitable opportunity in IT. In fact I went to see a recruitment agency earlier last week because I applied on a job website, they were somewhat helpful although I didn’t expect myself to sit some tests while I was there, I had to sit two assessment tests, the first one was to test my typing skills so all that was just typing in persons records and the second one was a multiple choice test likes one of those you do in John Lewis assessment where you choose some options that describe how you approach work if you fit into their values and they give you some scenarios where you just pick the one which is correct. Although I thought Customer Service wasn’t my strong point I managed to achieve over 70% in the test so I surprised myself really although despite that I haven’t heard from them yet since we last met. But going back to the qualification thing realistically it would only recommend it if you haven’t worked before or entered the workplace, unless you have experience in the workplace I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are still interested in the course then just contact me for more information.

Throughout my previous blogs I revealed my excitement for the upcoming BDO Darts Championship in Lakeside. As it was 8 days in the year it would be very rare to be able to watch live darts again this year as I believe the BDO isn’t televised again till the next tournament in 2015. But on that note I want to reflect on what I enjoyed the most about the tournament, you might want to skip the next paragraph if you are not interested in Darts.

But the tournament has been really terrific and I haven’t missed a match on the orcky at Lakeside. It was good for the game and good for the spectators that regional qualifiers from likes of Japan, New Zealand, the US, Canada from outside of Europe. At the start of the tourmanent I predicted that Martin Adams from England and Wesley Harms would face off in the final. How wrong was I? Well Completely wrong which goes to show that if I made a bet on in Paddy Power I would lose my money which is one of the reasons why I don’t gamble. What I love about Darts is that it is so unpredictable for example if you heard about the Japanese bloke I think he only missed two or three doubles in the whole match which is really unheard of in the sport of darts, there were a load of “Onnnnnnnne Hunnndreeed and eeeighhhty’s scored which is like the equivalent of a batsman scoring a six. It is great for the darts players to have that TV exposure and for me to enjoy them playing. It is a jolly man’s game really although it is great to see women to be playing as well. I’ve only watched the tournament for the last two years and LOVE IT!! There were so many good matches on show such as Kist vs Shimizu, Dekker vs De Vos, Adams vs O’Shea, Bunting vs Hofstra or I might as well say all of them because it will go on forever but their was one match other than the final that I would put up there would be the thriller between Wilson and Norris, those two really played their heart out on the stage which is something you want to see as a spectator when it goes all the way to the end. But the final was what I wanted to expect because last year’s final looked like that only one person showed up to the final but this year was different because any of the two Bunton or Norris looked like winning but I thought before the match that Bunton was going to win from the feedback I got and it was great to hear the analysis from the Pros Pro of Darts Bobby George.

bunting and norris darts players

Enough about discussing Darts, I’m not going to talk about Darts until the end of 2014 which is around 345 days from here. I believe the Snooker is back on BBC which is great to see because there are only three televised snooker tournaments on the BBC, the other ones are the World Championship and the UK Championship. I haven’t had time to think about watching yet but thanks to BBC iPlayer I shall be catching up with the Masters very soon but initially they are all tough draws to be honest, when you have the Masters you have the best 16 players on the snooker circuit so it could go either way really. It is probably rated as the second most ranked tournament to win for any snooker player because having the Masters title would give them bragging rights to say that I am the man among the top sixteen snooker players and give himself confidence going into the next few tournaments.

I was very surprised to learn a few months ago that Jessie J and Danny from The Script would leave The Voice along with the presenters Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates leaving also. When I watched the first episode of Series 3 for the first time it was surreal without Danny and Jessie or I felt there presence were missed because they have been there since the start with Will and Tom. Having found out the lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs (not to get confused with the football team) and Kylie Minogue was move to strengthen the show and provide immediate replacements so I thought the replacements were good I guess. I actually thought it was suprising that it was a bit early to start the new series, I thought they would have been building up the new series because I didn’t know much about it to be honest.

the voice uk judges 2014

For those that don’t know me already I am also a fan of Crime Dramas and Murder Mystery programs such as Sherlock and Midsomer Murders. For those that are reading this who like this genre will probably understand me better. I will first talk about Midsomer Murders and then move onto Sherlock so if you are not interested then skip these two paragraphs.

For those wondering how I got interested in Crime Dramas and Murder Mystery, I’ll tell you how I got influenced or interested in this area. I don’t really remember how I got interested in Midsomer Murders but once I got to watch them it became very interesting, although I don’t think it is realistic that you would find many murders in a sort of rural village in Buckinghamshire or how the deaths can actually be done in that way. I know that the episodes are derived from the books from Caroline Graham. What is interesting that every time I watch it, it is always related to an individual main theme with the aspect focused on a variety range of people in the village, it isn’t just about the main storyline that you get to watch but you get to hear and understand the characters perspectives only because it is only there 15 minutes of fame sort of speak or in other words the character only appears in one episode so you are more than likely to not revisit the character again. That is what makes the show different, as it has produced over 94 episodes I am amazed at how many characters they have produced that are only used in one episode so it must be over 500 short lived characters to revisit in some other episode, apart from DCI Barnably, his wife, his Sergeant and the Doctor who works in the Criminal lab the rest of them are expected. Since its exception I have watched near enough every episode of Midsomer Murders which is saying a lot really that has been going since 1997. I had slight doubts over Neil Dudgeon immediately taking over John Nettles as main character cause John had been in the show since the beginning of the show and taken the role brilliantly but he has done a good job of fitting into the role and you need time to fit in, I compare it to Matt Smith taking over from David Tennant in Doctor Who because I enjoyed watching David play the Doctor on screen or a David Moyes succeeding Sir Alex so that is something I relate to. Also Midsomer Murders is always quite unpredictable cause there are loads of twists and turns that go on and as you move into the story you get to understand it more although I do find it difficult to remember people’s names when they are murdered or there body was found. When I watched the last episode from Wednesday Night it had a medieval theme where in the beginning of the episode a vicar discovered some sort of tomb flooded in the parish, I won’t give too much away but has twists and turns in the episode. If you want to discuss the episode or can’t find anyone that likes this tv show then by all means share your views in this blog. My favorite episodes has to be the first two episodes, Dead Man’s Eleven and Judgement Day.

baranbys and sergeant jones

The next thing I will talk about it is my love of Sherlock Holmes, many wish he would be a real life person apperently, which just goes to show how important he has been coming from literature. In fact the character of Sherlock derives from a real life doctor. How many people know that? If your a Sherlock Holmes fan or belong to his society then you would know that it was all down to Dr Joseph Bell who was a lecturer at Edinburgh University in the medical profession. If you want to know more about him I’m sure you would find a documentary somewhere on YouTube about the origins of Sherlock Holmes stories, I also know how the name Moriarty came about. My love of Sherlock Holmes came about during the afternoon during the week where I looked at the TV Guide and watched a black and white film on BBC2 starring Basil Rathbone and that was where it first began. I noticed some other ones were on either two on the day or one each day during the Easter period. It isn’t televised anymore on BBC2 but I loved those old Sherlock films so much that I got all the old films that were produced at the end of the 1930s to the 40s on disc, their was around 14 films put together which is an awful lot of films and they are still work to this day, I only discovered recently that some of them are done in colour which would be unheard off during that decade. As you might expect I think that volume of films was because they were getting good numbers going to the cinema during the Second World War just so that they have a feeling of wanting to go out or relief the stress from sirens going off but don’t take my word for it.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

Just to clear up that I didn’t talk about the England Cricket Team because most of them are useless anyway and don’t seem to know how to bat anymore. I don’t have anything to add on the subject.

First post of the New Year, HAPPY NEW YEAR

First post of the New Year, HAPPY NEW YEAR


Isn’t the New Year exciting.

If I had to choose a month which I would look forward to the most would have to be January. There are so many things to look forward to and talk about while I’m here including New Year’s Day,

On Facebook I am so glad they put new songs on LYROKE, if you don’t know what I am talking about the clue is in the title and it is do with remembering lyrics for pop songs.

Thanks to Jools I have discovered a variety of new established artists such as Hame, Chvrches, John Newman, Rudimental, KT Tunstall, Jessie J that bloke who was singing with Kanye West of Bound 2, Lordi,  Jake Bugg. It isn’t only about finding old people that I as a youngster have never heard of

Speaking of Jools, I was watching Jools Hootenanny, you missed a show with upcoming, exciting, talented lineup with likes of Haim, The Lumineers, Rudimental, John Newman, Emeli Sande, Mel C, Lisa Stansfield and a few others which I haven’t deliberately forgotten about although last years one was really good I must admit. Although I read an article the Daily Mail website claiming that the show is taped before the New Year. What do you guys think? I think it has the possibility of being true considering there some american artists on the show, they would rather be back in the US around that time and it’s inside the studio and plus I wouldn’t expect the artists to be happy leaving the BBC studios between 2 and 4 in the morning so I wouldn’t know.

Jools Hootenanny

There was also a similar show on BBC One which was on earlier, it was quite strange I missed the first part cause I didn’t know it was on until the fireworks finished, What’s his name, oh you know the one, the one who sang with Robbie Williams about the song called Shame, or the one who got most of the credit of Take That, well of course, you know Gary Barlow don’t you? It would be best to give you a riddle or a clue to the answer rather than telling you to spoil the surprise, We would do with Gary Barlow singing Let Me Go on behalf of the UK for Eurovision this year but I don’t expect that to happen, do you?

Gary Barlow Big Ben Bash

I nearly finished watching the Only Fools Christmas specials, I finished watching Modern Man which was quite interesting, If your a great fan of the show then you would familiarize yourself with the episode. It is quite long

For anyone who hasn’t read my previous blogs, I am so excited about this weekend because DARTS IS BACK !!!! Those last three words just describes my enthusiasm for the support. I have been a great fan of the BDO tourmanent at Lakeside, it stands for British Darts Organisation. It’s great because you can’t get an atmosphere or tension quite like darts. Once you watch it you can get an understanding where I am coming from or what I am trying to say.

BDO darts

I seen the game between Arsenal and Tottenham, I laugh at Theo’s arrogance but I did seem to feel disrespected where he was taunting the rival’s fans.

Theo Walcott gesture