How is it going Dave

How is it going Dave

I only knew Roger for playing Trigger which will be the character he will be remembered for. I have seen him make guest appearances as a neighbour of Auntie Joan in Doc Martin and playing sort of an evil character returning to his home country Great Britain to build a Cyber empire in Doctor Who. “Alright Dave”

I am so looking to the Masters Final, as you noticed from last week I spoke very little of it, as the tourmanent has gone on I felt it was going to be between Selby and O’Sullivan. O’Suillivan was the one of those that springs into mind as a star where he reminds me of Sachin of Cricket where he can just pull crowds in just by his name and the exciting shots he makes is just unbelievable .For my mind he is the greatest snooker player I have seen, there is no one that can come close to him in many ways apart from Hendry. Alright maybe he isn’t as prolific as Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis but you have to say he is in that group of players, that is the difference between the level of players that make it into the tournaments and those who win them. I think those 45 minutes on Friday  when he took on Ricky Walden just sums him up really. O’Suillvan is a pioneer in his sport. People in different sports have been pioneers, look at Basketball for instance certainly I would Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in that catoegry, Phil Taylor in Darts, Shane Warne, Vic Richards and Sachin for cricket, Muhammed Ali in boxing, Tiger Woods in Golf, Pele and Maradona in Football, there are too many to mention.

UPDATE: I watched the Masters Final and I got to say it looked one sided to be honest, well I don’t have much to say once O’Suillvan got going then there was nothing stopping him in that respect.

I so love murder mysteries now and interested to find out more about them. I saw a programme on BBC4 the other day which I recorded before the show had even started and I didn’t know what to expect because I only knew what the name of the episode was called which was “A Very British Murder with Lucy Worseley”, she seems to know what she is talking about and done an extensive background on the subject. It was interesting and fascinating, I don’t want to give too much away but there were some very interesting stories such as a story in a barn, most of claim it is true or real life stories which would influence the 19th century in terms of literacy works which are in popular culture today and how it impacted the community. It is an interest for those of you who like finding about murders that made the headlines and those who are interested in that part of history and literature, she also has a book out but I haven’t bothered to read the book yet. I think she added that she was quite femist or took an interest to a female detective’s point of view such as the great Agatha Christie. I’m not saying Agatha Christie is feminst but that of the presenter of the show in a unbalanced view. In modern society there are some sports like Football, Rugby, Darts, Cricket and many other sports which are dominant by men. I’m not saying at all that I prefer Men to be dominant in sports because you have people like Jessica Ennis, Dame Kelly Holmes, Nicola Adams, the Williams sisters who are all ambassadors and gained recognition in there own sport but you may have woman in sports which I have mentioned above not getting the same recognition, for instance Woman in the UK have there own award ceremony on Sky for instance. I have nothing personal about woman playing sports because I respect them for being determined to do what they do best. Obviously in a extreme example would be an arrogant batsman wishing to take up a net practice proving that the female cricketers can’t get him out, that would be great to see wouldn’t it? Although I am quite terrified of fast bowling myself.

When watching murder mysteries it is something I like to do to relax myself or to get my mind off stress whether it would be coming home from university or sending job applications off for new opportunities. I see murder mysteries as a mind puzzle, you sit and watch an episode of Midsomer Murders in the comfort in your own home without lifting a finger where you are with the Detetive Inspector with an assistant and you jot down in a piece of paper in your mind what you have witnessed from the eyes above and try to answer these questions: Who, Why, When, Where and How before the killer is revealed then brilliant you have cracked the puzzle or if you aren’t able to know who did it or left baffled then I wouldn’t blame you,  as I would say “Emmm I wouldn’t have thought that, “, I would only feel cheated in a way cause it was only kept as a secret till the near end of the episode.  It does make it sound like a quiz show, it puts myself on the spot “I want you to tell me who killed “Person A” by the end of the episode and I will provide you with hidden clues and hints along the way along with documentation that will be for anyuse to you, If your correct I will give you a star prize” well in my case I would tell myself  “Yes Come On”, that is what I would describe as a murder mystery where you see if you solve the mystery before Barnably or Holmes or Miss Marple or even Poirot get a chance at the end of the mystery, it is quite exciting  isn’t it this murder mystery thing. The best place to start is to find the killing at badger’s drift and watch it online or even The Case of the Silver Stocking, or even buy a PC game called The Case of the Silver Earring where you get to play as Sherlock Holmes and solve a murder case. It isn’t at all boring, trust me. Or if you prefer something simple then Cluedo would be good.

As you may have read in previous blogs I do have a love of ‘history’. I’m in my last week of my online course which I said a few weeks back based on Richard III. It has been enjoyable none the less, I’m learning about the backstage part of what happened when they found the body of the King and  understanding the whole process behind the identification, I find it very intriqued about the process although I haven’t really understood Archaeology to be honest, it is like you need a visual mind of the whole map and it is difficult to describe without the building there.

Where to start Manchester United. I don’t know where to start. Where are the players? Am I in Dreamworld? Well I probably thought that was the case, I didn’t watch the game on Sky Sports because I knew that they were going to lose, don’t ask me why, I think the answer appears  to be obvious. Unless David Moyes buys some stunning World Class players I can’t see Manchester United being in the top 4 this season. It is ok to critisise them but I am not really critising I’m only acting as a spectator looking into the problems that they are facing. People may seem suprised at how poor they are but for me it wasn’t going to be the case. What really suprised me was a few things that happened when I was watching a Serie A match on BT Sport between Juventus and Roma, the first one was that De Rossi of Roma being sent off and then shortly after that another player from Roma got send off, what also suprised me was looking at the league table of Serie A seeing AC Milan in 11th position which I think is unheard off for a club of that calibre, I’m more worried about AC Milan than Manchester United not because I don’t support them or not because they were founded by a pair of englishman from Nottingham but they have been a dominant force and a giant in European Football with greats like Paulo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Gattuso, Dida, Gullit,  Kaka, Seedorf, Shevchenko, Van Basten and many others who are all people I watched with warm admiration.

I think this would be a good opportunity for United to get some people in,I think loads of it was wasted on Fellani, he is not the sort of player that I would approve of, The trouble is tho that I am heistant that people would be put off by going there and I don’t think big teams would be happy to let their players go. I think they need new faces in midfield and the need of defenders cause it appears that the players aren’t motivated or nervous on the pitch, surely those issues need to be addressed.



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