Long lost time, what am I waiting for

Long lost time, what am I waiting for

union jack

Hey everyone! It’s been a couple of months since I wrote my last blog. I have been through a bad patch of luck these months, it’s been quite depressing when I’m looking for work and you just get told that loads of people applying to jobs and you aren’t sure what to do career wise, do you know the feeling? Well that is where I am at reality wise.

Loads to talk about in this blog,

I have to start off by discussing the cricket,  I would like to congratulate Grahame Smith for being the South Africa test captain for over a 100 test matches, I would expect that many people would have critisied him at the start of his reign because many people would have thought he would have been out of his depth or he doesn’t have as much experience as a test cricketer so I thought it was a gamble to be honest. Graham Smith was one of the first people I remember when I first started watching televised cricket on Channel 4, I enjoyed watching him score 277 at Edgbaston and 259 at Lords (I totally miss live test match cricket on that channel these days), I think it was back in 2003 in England at Lords and Edgbaston where I remember watching Smith and other South African players such as Gary Kirsten, Ntini, Pollock, Hall, Boucher and Gibbs who were playing in the same test series. I didn’t know much about cricket or have any idea  back then but that was the time when I saw a master at work or a total genius. I was very shocked when the news had broke out for the first time, I just couldn’t believe it but I understood why he wanted to retire. At the time I didn’t watch much of the South Africa Australia test series but I kept up to date with the scorecard on the BBC website at the end of each day, I watched the final day of the last test and that was the best part of it, I watched the last hour of the day when South Africa were 8 wickets down (I thought that it would have ended up a draw at the end of the day), one of the commentators said the tickets were free in Newlands, if I had been in South Africa and known it was free at that point then I would have been there, it was an exciting last hour, Australia managed to get two wickets to win the test, it would be like Man City trailing by 2-1 with 20 minutes to go and  then scoring two late goals to win the test match. That is one way of looking at it, who says Test Matches are boring? He has left a great legacy to South Africa and to the game of cricket, here is a few statistics I want to share:

  • During his time as test captain he has managed to go undefeated in three test series away in England  and to three different England captains who resigned their captaincy after the test series (Hussain, Vaughan and Strauss) isn’t it IRONIC, don’t you think?
  • Scored a century in his 100th test match.
  • Holds the record for most tests as captain with 109 matches.
  • Lead his side to be the number 1 ranked test side in the world by beating England in 2012.
  • Holds the highest score at Lord’s of 259 by a foreign player, ironically he beaten Bradman’s record which is kind of unheard of.

For me Graeme Smith is right up there as one of the great captains and he is right up there with being one of the greats as an opening batsman. To me personally I would put him in alongside Jack Hobbs in my fantasy test team because he was such a great leader, a great run scorer, such a good person off the field and plus I would like a left hand right hand combination. For those that don’t know Jack Hobbs he was mainly a opening batsman that played most of his career for Surrey and played quite a few tests for England in the first part of the 20th century, although he didn’t play as much test cricket, I would say he has been the greatest batsman or cricketer to play for England, it is often difficult to say whether those cricketers such as Hobbs, W G Grace, Bradman, Trumpter, Sutcliffe would have survived in todays game, it is difficult to say.  But Graeme is one of those people who inspired me to play cricket in the first place because he was a great run scorer and because me and Graeme have something in common there aren’t that many left handed batsman that I can learn from as many people are right handed. I look forward to hearing how Smith will get on when he plays for Surrey in the upcoming cricket season.

I was pleased to see Man United to get a good result during the weekend, I am a little bit disappointed to hear about Vidic wanting to leave a few weeks back, he has done an excellent job as a servant at United and has been one of the solid defenders in the Premier League. I think it would be hard for United’s part to find a replacement for him. I think during the summer it will be an important period not just for United but for also for David Moyes to stamp his legacy at the club, he will need to get a central defender and possibly some midfielders that can pass and keep possession and a left back so with the funds he should be able to attract world class players but the only trouble with that is they may not be playing Champions League Football by the look of it but they still need to get a few players in the transfer window. These are some of the players that I have picked out that are rumored to go to United next season:

Toni Kroos – he has been a regularly picked in the starting lineups for Bayern Munich, plays as an attacking midfielder and scores goals. May want to leave in the summer but just because it says in the press that he wants to leave is just all talk really.

Luke Shaw – came off the bench at his England debut against Denmarks, plays most of his football at Southampton, hasn’t declared his future at the club, would be the ideal replacement for Evra as a left back.

Arturo Vidal – no talk of him leaving, wants to stay at Juventus, creates assists and scores goals in a midfield role

Claudio Marchiso – No talk of him leaving but I think he is the sort of player that United need right now in their defensive midfield. I don’t expect him to leave but I think he would be a great addition.

Ross Barkley – I was surprised that United didn’t make a bid for him in the summer, to me in many ways he reminds me of a young Wayne Rooney, he is an exciting young talented player that I think will be a great player in years to come.

Tom Ince – may come as a suprise, he is still a young player but he may look like a United star one day.

Andros Townsend – he has made a name of himself with playing for Tottenham and for England, I can see him fit into the United squad but I fear he may not get first team football if he decides to join United.

What do you guys think? I have created a poll below

Well when I first heard our UK eurovision entry I was reasonable excited because the song was fresh and the artist  but the more I listen to it the less excited I get, its sad i know. I thought it had been a good idea in the first place to send unknown and established artists who have hunger or yet to be established to get in the music industry, that is what set us back in the last two years because no disrespect to Englebert or Bonnie Tyler but everyone knew they were getting on past their prime and attempting to return back, i mean look at Jade Ewen, she was an unknown identity at the time and done well for us finishing 5th overall. I think the UK should have the same selection process as Sweden, Denmark and Germany do, however the last time we used that process in 2010 we came last but I think that is because we don’t take it that seriously, overall at the end of the day the song is judged on a live performance and to be honest the voting is quite biased where neighbouring countries are going to vote each other, that is no secret and also I don’t think were are taking it seriously because its like we have artists marking their legacy around the world, you look at names like One Direction, Little Mix, John Newman, Disclosure, Bastile, Emeli Sande, Union J, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Mumford & Sons, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, The Saturdays the list goes on, if we sent one of those artists i would feel that if we hadn’t won then it would appear like a tragedy and there isn’t a lot you can do with a song when you have duration of three minutes long.  Although to be honest as good as this year’s song is, i don’t expect it to win but if you were to offer it to be in the top 10 then I would take it. The song does have a strong message (“Power to the People”), with that message you could have a twitter campaign using #Power (to) the People so that you can create awareness of the song. Still at least it something to look forward to. I haven’t listened to the other songs properly yet because I haven’t got the Eurovision fever yet lol so that can wait a while. I will probably predict the favourite or favourites until the second semi final is completed. If I had to take a song to take into Eurovision as the UK entry it would have to be Let’s Go for Tonight by Foxes, that would be a winning song in my opinion and the artist is exciting because for those that don’t know she was featured on the song ‘Clarity’ which won a grammy award, as she is upcoming she can use Eurovision as a platform to viewers watching Eurovision in Europe which is what the contest can do for those people. For me as a viewer looking from the outside it is all about finding or discovering new artists and if the song they sing is good enough to listen to then you can expand further, it is like the Voice UK, when I watched the first series of the show I just fell in love with the show straight away, who needs the X Factor these days, but the artists that came out from the Voice was Bo Bruce, shortly after she came off The Voice I listened to ‘Search the Night’ and I was able to listen to her official ‘Before I Sleep’ album because I liked and enjoyed her live performances, Loreen was another example of that but in all honestly I didn’t get that excitement straight away, it was probably on monday the next week when I curious to know how it done in the UK charts and it reached no 3 in the UK charts which was a good suprise for me to know that people were following Eurovision whether it was young or old, when she did that medley last year that prompted me to listen to her album ‘Heal’, lucky enough I was able to find it on Youtube  and I quite liked it so I brought the album and it is because with shows like The Voice and Eurovision I could discover new artists that aren’t established or known to me if you get where I am coming from.


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