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I’ve been watching The Voice UK on BBC iPlayer these few weeks and I have been really impressed with the level of talent on there, a hundred times better than The X Factor, no offence X Factor fans but I just don’t take the show seriously these days, I just get the feeling that its just only too poppy. But having said I give X Factor to launching a British invasion (by launching 1Direction and Little Mix) to the US, but that goes back to my point in my last blog that the UK doesn’t need to send established superstars onto the Eurovision stage because they are big in Europe and want to be popular and want to be known around the globe. The real people who have gain recognition from The Voice is Bo Bruce who got a record deal with Mercury Records and shortly after that released an album out, I noticed on YouTube that she is featured on a song called u with Gareth Emery (it is basically a remix of alive), the same thing happened to Tyler James who got signed on a record deal and released an album shortly after so I’m happy for both of them, I have a  bit of sympathy for Leanne Mitchell for experiencing the highs of highs and the lowest of the lows, its just like going through The Apprentice for 12 weeks then winning the job and quitting 12 months later.

Talking about The Voice, my favourite part of the show have been the blind auditions, the videos below are my favourite  auditions of the show, some of them I found accidentally and two of them you won’t recognise because it doesn’t come from the UK.

  1. Lesher Haughton – Who’s Loving You
  2. Conor Scott – Starry Eyed
  3. Sean Rumsey – Payphone
  4. Paul Carden – Locked Out Of Heaven
  5. Lee Glasson – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
  6. Chris Royal – Wake Me Up
  7. Jade Mayjean Peters – Sweet About Me
  8. Jermain Jackman – And I Am Telling You
  9. Christina Marie – I Have Nothing
  10. Toni Warne – Leave Right Now
  11. Beth McCarthy – Sexy and I Know It
  12. Leah McFall – RIP
  13. Frances Wood – Where is the Love
  14. Becky Hill – Ordinary People
  15. Emmy J Mac – Put Your Records On
  16. Tyler James – (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay
  17. Max Milner – Lose Yourself/Come Together
  18. Bill Downs – She Said
  19. Matt Henry – Trouble
  20. Vince Kidd – Like A Virgin
  21. Bo Bruce – Without You
  22. Leanne Mitchell – If I Were A Boy
  23. Ruth Brown – When Love Takes Over
  24. Heshima Thompson – Dynamite
  25. Rachael O’Connor – Clown
  26. Georgia – Hallelujah I Love Him So
  27. Jamie Johnson – So Sick
  28. Jaz Ellington – A Team
  29. Preston Pohl – Electric Feel
  30. Harrison Craig – Broken Vow

I just been watching saturday night’s episode on BBC iPlayer, as I’m typing I’ve just finished watching the performances,  I thought last night’s episode was ridiculous (HE CAN’T BE SERIOUS), i mean ridiculous in a good way, all the artists were flawless and as will i am would say “it was dope”. Loved each one of the performances and very enjoyable, I can just picture the Gospel guy (I can’t remember what his name is, something like Booza  or  some connection with vowels, don’t want to look it up in case of spoilers) singing that song he sang on the first live singing on Jools Holland. My prediction for who will stay on each team on The Voice is below, you can find results from my prediction if you scroll down this blog.


Tom Jones’s group

  • Georgia’s group

  • Sophie

Kylie’s group

  • Rachael

Ricky’s group

  • Chris

Just want to avoid the subject of The Voice for now to share some really exciting news that I wanted to do for some time, I’m as of now a member of PCC, for those who don’t know what it is, its Pinner Cricket Club, as I said earlier in this paragraph it is something I wanted to do because I have a passion of cricket, I took it up one year during March time in 2011 because I wanted to enjoy life, I was quite miserable and shallow at the time because I was fed up, I was so fed up at the time that I felt like packing in my degree when it came to exam period, I had three exams to prepare for which would last 3 hours each, at that stage I was worn out, I thought at the time I wasn’t going to get my degree because I lost interest or enthuasium, in that year I only passed 1 out of the 4 modules I did that year but I can’t put into words how hard it was to accept, it was like from that point out if I didn’t pass all three modules that I failed then yeah dreams of graduating would be just out of picture frame. Let me tell you I felt that I had to make some really bold decisions and decisions I hadn’t planned on before I went to university. One of those decisions I felt was necessary was to give up cricket the following year because I couldn’t afford to FAIL. The following year between 2011-2012 I wanted to be isolated and away from everyone including those who were close to me at the time, I wanted to be alone for once, it reminds me of the song Holding Back The Years by Simply Red, by the end of that year I passed 2 out of the three modules before June and had some real angst times during the summer when I had to redo an exam, looking back at it, it was one of those where if I fail then my three years at uni would be wasted and I wouldn’t be able to show my face to friends and family or face the truth, that was what I was in my head at that point before the results was published on the university website, I was not particularly keen on knowing my result straight away but when I realised that I did PASS meant that I was able to back again to my final year. If you find this boring then I suggest you listen to “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by Whitney Houston. From then on the rest is history, by the end of it whether it was a high or lower second class degree, the sacrifices I made turned out good didn’t to, I felt like a true champion. [Audience: LOL] Well for those people who graduated who wouldn’t have the same feeling?

So now I got my degree I can enjoy playing as well as watching cricket. I went to the club to sign up on Saturday, it felt great to recognise some old faces, also went along to the net session, it was the first time since the summer of 2011 that I played cricket so I wasn’t expecting to be that good and I didn’t have any expectations. The first few balls I bowled were stiff and some gone over the batsman and wide as well but I wasn’t surprised really. I also batted for a small time, same impression I got when bowling, need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE !!!. I thought it was brave of myself to come to a nets considering I haven’t played cricket for quite sometime, I have had no practice since 2011, When I came into the club in 2011 I had no experience of playing before so it is going to take time for me to develop from a novice level, I wasn’t looking forward to face some fast bowlers, well i wouldn’t have been surprised to have faced club level bowlers who can make the 1st or 2nd team, I have nothing but respect for their skill level, I would rather face them at net practice instead of the matches. I have a lot to learn because I have started again.

So I’m watching The Voice now, was I right or was I wrong? Lets find out

Tom Jones – WRONG – Right

Kylie – WRONG

Ricky –  Right

So it turned out that some and some not agreed with me on that which is cool. Can’t wait for the semi finals, it’s going to be really exciting.

Till next week just wanted to leave on a reflective note. Normally I wouldn’t expect family or friends to share bad experiences either they don’t want people to know about their business so they lock it away inside a memory safe inside their brain with a keyword.  One of the reasons why I wanted to blog on here was for people to read my story and take inspiration that Y.A.N.A (You Are Not Alone). Just whatever it is, I’m sure there are people who went to university and failed to reach their final year or dropped out over a couple of months, I have sympathy for those because I was close to being in that situation myself because it it would have been one of the hardest things to accept and to move on from that. The first five verses of the Whitney Houston’s song describe what I went through.

Just remember when your at highest point in your life I want yourself to say to yourself in secret that


image of a champion


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