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It surely has been an unpredictable week, with all the things that have come about.

Obviously I am disappointed that Moyes has been sacked, many fans would have wanted him to have left much earlier. I thought the performances were going from bad to worse each game as it was going along. I don’t like the whole change environment where managers have very little time to adjust at the club and demand results and then in a short space of time GET THE SACK.

For me personally, I always kept a view that United should stay with a British manager, to me there a few names that sprung to mind like Tony Pulis, Malky Mackay, Steve Bruce. At first they don’t strike as big or exciting names but they would be suited for the long term vision of United and have what it takes to turn poor performances and low morale into lifting the players and getting the best out of the team. I don’t agree with an experienced foreign manager over 50 running the club out of England who doesn’t speak much English because I don’t have that picture in my head for the long term. The possible example of that is speculation of Van Gaal, sure I give him credit for turning clubs round by setting the foundations at Barcelona and Bayern but my point is was when he took over at Bayern, he was there from 2009-2011 which isn’t that long to be honest so I only expect him to honour a two or three year contract and will just retire or find a different adventure.

If I had to pick any manager that would suit the role at United, it would be Frank de Boer, he is an exciting young prospect at the age of around 40 because he has been at Ajax since 2010 so he ticks the box of being round a club for a long time, he knows Van Persie well because he was the assistant manager of the National team, he is at a club famed for there youth academy so he knows the importance of a building a youthful team, being at a club like Ajax, the name speaks volumes and one of the famous well known clubs in Europe along with Liverpool, AC Milan, Madrid and Bayern that have a prestigious and rich history. I saw on his Wikipedia page that he used to play for Rangers but importantly he played at Ajax through most of his career so he knows what he wants from his players and understands the game from a player’s perspective. I will be very surprised and very disappointed if United don’t consider him because he has the qualities and what it takes to be a manager at United. I’m not saying the results will go his way first of all but overtime it can get better and improve, he also said that he is interested in being a manager in the Premier League. I have read news articles from Google that he would be attracted to clubs with a prestigious history like Liverpool although I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to stay at Ajax because thats his home at the end of the day. But as a fan, he would be the ideal candidate and with his qualities and background stand out, why not offer him the chance.

portait of Frank de Boer

Although I like the look of what Antonio Conte of Juventus and Diego Simeone from Athletic Madrid have done for there clubs, I couldn’t see that commitment that they would be happy there for the long term. Say that if Conte, Simone, Blanc or Gaal signed a three year contract, in the first season the club don’t win a trophy and finish in the top 6, in the second season the club wins two trophies and finish 4th, then the next season they win the Premier League, At the end of that season, the manager’s contract expires and says “I have achieved everything I wanted in this club, I want to see a different challenge somewhere else”, this is reality people. This is what I am very worried and concerned about at United, going forward they should be looking and writing a long term plan going forward where the manager stays at the club for a number of years where everybody is settled and there is high morale with the players and the coaches staff can work together at the club. Klopp from Dortmund would be my ideal choice because he creates a great team morale. I like Conte because he has success in Italy and built an attractive attacking team at Juve where his team were unbeaten in Serie A last season and on the verge of winning back to back Serie A titles but I expect that he wont leave and want to stay in Turin for a few years yet.

photo of antonio conte

I don’t believe that splashing out money will be an obvious answer of signing for United. United can attract big players just by the brand name and the history and tradition at the club. They should hire players ideally that have supported United from a young age. Where is the homegrown talent at the club??? I believe in giving the young players a go that haven’t played in the first team before, I would give people like Jesse Lingard, Nick Powell, Wilfred Zaha, Michael Keane and Federico Macheda a game or two to play alongside with Michael Carrick, Jonny Evans, Wayne Rooney who have been for years and use those players in the first team or what is the point of keeping a youth team if none of them are not going to be used in the first team, I can’t understand that.

Jessie Lingard

Photo of Nick Powell

Photo of Michael Keane

I would accept that Moyes has made some major mistakes that lead him to be sacked. These are my views:

      • The coaching staff david moyes and coaching staff (picture of back room staff)
      • I think Moyes underestimated the job at United and didn’t take advantage of knowledge that the backroom staff like Rene Meulensteen, Mike Phelan and Eric Steele have about the players at United which is one of the things I would point at why he deserved to be sacked. This so angers me about club managers bringing in their cronies or people apart from Phil Neville who don’t know or don’t get the United brand or the club inside out, but the rest of them expected just to settle in and expect it be “just fine” which is a load of bull and rubbish, its anything but ok when you are going into a club as big as United. You get the luxury of the back room staff that have been a part of United winning trophies over the last few years and Moyes doesn’t need their advice or services of the back room staff, no sorry that is just wrong and not on. When you at a club like Manchester United you can’t built everything at once, just like the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, it takes time for players to trust the manager and get used to the new back room staff, obviously I don’t blame the players of losing trust with the manager. If I was put in that position as a new manager I would obviously want to keep the foundations as they were at the club and talk to those people who have an insight at the club like Rene Meulensteen and Mike Phelan and take all the opportunities possible to get valuable information about the players.

      • The transfer windows

I thought the transfer windows were opportunities for Moyes to stamp his authority and long term prospects for the club, certainly Fellani hasn’t helped a great deal, I expect Fellani to be going because he was useless the entire season, certainly he made little impact and didn’t make a name for himself, he hasn’t scored a goal or made an assist so what good is that. I didn’t want to consider Fellani joining the club because he is not that type of player that would fit into the United team.


The only positive that came from it was the signing of Mata, he has made an good impact at United. Already he has scored more goals than Fellani and assists this season and he has been there for lesser time. I would have wanted him at United from Valencia because he was an exciting player. The downfalls was that he was the most expensive player United had ever brought and also creates confusion with the no 10 role, it increases the competion for likes of Kagawa, Rooney and Mata completing for one position, does that motivate the players or stresses the players not given opportunities? I don’t know what goes on behind the United training ground. I feel a bit sorry for Andres Lingergard, because De Gea has been so good in goal, the reserve goalkeeper has only been given one game in the entire season, I totally respect his loyalty and hope he stays on at United.

picture of juan mata

On reflection it has cost United over £60 million for three players. It’s a total waste of money and an absolute joke in my opinion, mathematically you would be better off signing six players worth £10 million each, thats if you can find the players that can slot in the positions at the club. It seems like the hunger for playing for United has been gone now.

    • Switching and changing around the team

I think that for most of the matches, there has been 40 different teams that have played for Man U this season. I can understand it when your are first coming into the club for the first few games but surely after ten games or so you would know who your best players and formation. I prefer to see United play 4-4-2 formation or 4-4-1-1 rather than 4-3-3.

For the time being I am happy to see that Ryan Giggs to be taking care of United for the remainder of the games. I think if anyone can do it, its Giggs but its a big ask as he has only done a small managerial role. As a United supporter I will be very patient.

As a LA Lakers supporter I have watch them lose at home by 30 points for many games (it is quite hard to watch), I am quite disappointed that they are not in the PlayOffs, it is not really the managers fault really. Two key men Bryant and Nash only played around 10 games each out of the 82 games in the entire season because of injuries and other few injuries to the first team so I haven’t been disloyal to the LA Lakers, I will support them through the good times and the bad times. That is my view on United, I am not going to be influenced by the bad times at the club and I am not going to change alliances after they go through a poor run of games.

For the Lakers stand point I hope they keep Pau Gasol because there isn’t anyone in the NBA you can replace him with (not even his brother Marc), I like the look of Kendall Marshall, I think he has stood out for the Lakers, he has still got a lot of years left and I would see him as a star of the future. I think the Lakers are in a rebuilding phase where you want young players to step up and grab the opportunity. I hope that next season the Lakers can target some star names and sign one or two but it depends on who is available, I don’t know what is happening with Carmelo Anthony but he is on the HOT list right now.

photo of meeks, kendall marshall and pau gasol





Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog, I think this is my 13th blog,

(I’m never good with welcome inductions)

WOW, I surprised myself at getting this far. Once you have dedication, determination, imagination, creativity in your work then you can feel proud of yourself!

I’ve been thinking of a few things to say in this blog since my EPIC blog a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can establish some BOOM BOOM POW (no that is using’s gimmick)

Ok, Where do I start???

Well I want to start off recapping last week, what occurred this week and what is exciting in Joe’s world. As a summary I’m looking at the past, present, future. You follow me?

Did anyone watch the The Voice UK final last week, ( I know it sounds a week’s old and people reading this thinks he’s a past thinker and thinks everyone doesn’t have the clearest memory). I enjoyed watching all the first three series of The Voice UK. (I think that I did a large piece on it from last blog). I think Kylie’s presence was felt largely overall and its a shame that she was only there for one series.

I enjoyed the final and I honestly thought that it was going to be between Christina Marie and JER MM AAA IIII NNNNN. I didn’t mind that Jermain won, I actually thought weirdly that all of the three winners weren’t the real or true winners at all or in other words I thought the runner’s up have gained better success or gone on to better things. That’s the way I see it but it comes down to the public at the end of the day. It’s pretty much like Eurovision in that respect because many people think Voting is fair but at the end of the day I think Voting is not a fair assessment because people have different and even keep their views to themselves and have doubts about the acceptance of the outcome of the vote. Its like if people voted for David Moyes to be kept United manager, these are just numbers I made up, you have 56% that is positive and want things kept as they are but you have 46% doubters who want change, I mean how do you go about pleasing those 46%? It’s like I can’t make people love my blog or like it. John Cena is a prime example, he gets booed and gets cheered at the same time.

At Present, Who do I think will replace Kylie, “I have absolutely have no idea” but I have a few people in mind. I would want to see Jessie J returning because I like people like that, that tells it like what it is, I don’t get the feeling that she is being told that by a sound piece of what the performer likes to hear. Another name I want to put in the hat would be Paloma Faith, she knows a thing or two about performing. I want to keep Tom and on the show because they are difficult to replace, how can you replace someone like Sir Tom? I have a new respect for Will for doing that documentary with Joanna Lumbley revealing his private life, I would expect prolific celebrities to decline the invitation of letting cameras in their private life  so yeah ENOUGH SAID on the subject.

For those who don’t know it may SHOCK you to know that I am a massive WWE fan (well massive is probably not the best word for it and I AM NOT A SHOCKMASTER either). I watched Wrestlemania 30 last week and it was interesting to watch, I thought it was a great tribute to Andre the Giant having that battle royal. For me Andre the Giant was larger than life and had the biggest heart of all time, without Andre then I don’t think the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John Cena would be where they are at today. I would put Andre with Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart, Davey Boy, Mr Perfect, The Undertaker and Sting in a group of talented and gifted people who I don’t get tired of watching their matches. When I first heard of the news of the Ultimate Warrior being dead, I actually thought it was just a rumour, by the time WWE confirmed it I was shocked because it was just a day after his last appearance which surprised me because I didn’t expect Warrior to be back in WWE after WWE made a documentary called the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. My memories of the Ultimate Warrior come from WCW, I didn’t watch WWE till after the 2000s, i remember instinctually the promos between Warrior and Hollywood Hogan and where there was smoke in the ring and doing a disappearing act.

I had a job interview on Tuesday, normally I don’t speak about my unemployment life but I enjoyed an interview when meeting a guy from a property company that I met near Oxford Street (is it me or do I get the impression that people love going to central london?). If your reading this, I am very grateful for giving me lunch money in the interview. I spent the money wisely and brought a pizza from pizza express brand. Yesterday I made several walking journeys in my suit attire and walked about 2 to 3 miles, it may not seem like a low number but I also did a bit of walking around oxford street. I should really attempt to walk for a charity but I’m quite a naive person meaning I am not aware or don’t know how to plan things.

I said in my last blog that I am a member of a cricket club. Back in 2011 I had a brief spell but I was disappointed because I didn’t really enjoy it as much. For this year I aim to go to as many practices as possible so I can develop my game.

I can sympathise with those large proportions of people who play at club level that lack practice either because of a full-time job and/or have the equipment with. To attempt to electrify that passion I have for the game, I decided to buy myself a bowling machine so I can get practice with regular speed deliveries that you expect from a seam bowler. It felt like a good buy at the time so I can practice in my back garden. So far I have enjoyed using the machine, I mainly use it to practice on my own. All I want to do is to take cricket more seriously so I can take enjoyment out of it. I also thought about taking up tennis but then again I only just found out when it  “HEAVEN KNOWS I’M MISERABLE NOW”. So far I am trying to learn the basics of the basics so this is just a learning experience, it’s just like learning something from scratch like reading a manual book or learning how to speak a foreign language or trying to get a driver’s license, but then again I haven’t attempted those things but it’s not something you can learn overnight. You probably know where I am coming from, it takes a considerable investments of time and money in order to pull it off.

I recently saw a playlist show on MTV ROCKS channel counting down the top indie songs of all time, some of them I listen to that weren’t in the top 10 should have been in the top 10, I found out the best indie record was ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor’ by Arctic Monkeys which surprised me because I first heard it in 2012 during the olympics ceremony, I thought something like “When the Sun Comes Down”, “Creep” by Radiohead, a song by The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, MGMT, Keane, Gossip, Coldplay, Bloc Party, Sterophonics or Franz Ferdinand (there is just too many to mention) . I like a mixture of Pop Punk, Modern Rock (not Rock n Roll), Indie, Dance and Pop obviously from mid 90s onwards. But there was one song that I listened to in particular that described my perception of reality.

One thing I just realised, “SNOOKERS BACK ON THIS WEEKEND”,  I am very excited during this time and it couldn’t have happened at a better time around EASTER, I sympathise with students at this time, Snooker has been a big distraction in past years when exams have come up. This is probably the biggest snooker tournament of the year as it is the World Championships so I am very excited about this event, it would be great one day to go to the Crucible Theatre and watch some live snooker.

Here are my lighting, striking songs of the week:

Hideaway – Kiesza

Afterglow – Wilkinson

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

Friday I’m In Love – The Cure


On a final note, enjoy your break and have a good easter.