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Having seen the semi finals it has given me a preview of what to expect in the Final this evening.

I am looking forward to the final emensley, out of the big six countries that got a free pass to the final I was impressed with the French, Spainish and Danish entries. Starting with the French, my first impressions were that it wasn’t a great song, I thought of it more of a gimmick song about a fascination about a moustache but I’ve listened to it a few times since then and its very catchy, I see it doing quite well. Onto the Spainish entry, I haven’t watched X Factor since when One Direction were on it which sounds agues ago so I don’t really know much about Ruth Lorenzo, but I am that they use a negative experience to turn it into a positive, I expect throughout Europe they would be talking about the British weather, well its not great is it? To me I have enjoyed the Spanish entries since 2011 and I consider that this year they have a real chance of winning, I like the way she switches to Spanish to English, some people would probably critise people for switching between languages, sometimes people do it quite frequently or only change it one or two times during the song and it hasn’t worked, but the song for me (it has nothing to do with allegiance of X Factor) is one of my favourites to win, my thoughts of Denmark is that I think Basim is a cross between Colby O’Donis and Bruno Mars. I think the song is a good song, its the sort of song you would put on in a New Year’s party or at Christmas. Do I think that Denmark will retain its crown, to be honest I’m not sure, but we will wait and see. In terms of talking about Germany’s entry, even if I had to write something on the back of a small piece of paper I wouldn’t know what to write, I’m finding it difficult what to write about it now ………….. emmmmm ……………. I can’t talk about this song even longer, enough said. I got the same impressions with the Italian song, it just didn’t stand out to me this year, I was a bit surprised that it didn’t reach the top 5 but I have low expectations that it would do well. Later in this blog I will discuss the UK’s chances so if you can’t wait then scroll down now until you find the word UK or Molly.

In the first semi final, I was very surprised that Russia got through despite the tensions that I hear about on BBC News. (I thought San Marino’s song last year was better than this year),

I was happy for some of the countries to go through, before I watched both semi finals I didn’t listen to all of the entires before the semi-final, it wasn’t because I wasn’t interested, I do like to keep an open mind and to have the song fresh in mind, I think it would be unfair to predict who you are choosing before you watched the performances or what is the point of having performances then? I particularly liked Montengro’s entry because it was authentic and it was beautiful to listen to. I only listened to it once but that was a while back but I enjoyed the vocals and the skater in the background. I hoped it would get through and it did so well done MONTENEGRO, I hope the song does well, I would expect the song to make it on the top 10 or even better in the top 5, that would mean a lot to them but yeah I have high hopes of them doing well.

I didn’t mind San Marino’s entry, I was very surprised they didn’t get through to the final last year but I think she deserves to be in the final, the song is ok but I expect that many countries won’t be voting for it so I expect it will be in the bottom five.

I did like Sweden’s entry, hint of some Irish theme at the start of her singing, overall it was pretty good, I expect that many countries will vote for them so I won’t be surprised if it reaches the first half or top of the second half but no one can really know what to expect from Eurovision.

One country I did not expect to go through was Iceland, I was very surprised when there name was announced, I thought the song was quite average if I’m honest but I liked listening to the song, that is about it really.

I was also surprised that Hungary got through really, the song for me is one of those that I can’t explain it really, it relies on both the singer and the instrumental electronic music on the background equally and as much as I liked the song it didn’t stand out for me so for me I don’t expect it to do well, I would predict it to come in the bottom three.

I was happy for the next country to go through into the final which was ‘The Netherlands’, I considered it a spin off of ‘Every Breath You Take’ country barn dance style sort of version, if you listen to the two they are exactly the same in terms of instrumental, when they have those videos at the beginning before the performance, the commentators would give some background about the artist, I heard it was announced at no 1 in the Dutch charts beating likes of Coldplay’s Magic and Clean Banndit’s Rather Be which did surprise me because of how good the british are in developing an endless supply of artists and bands, it also gave me the impression the Dutch take it seriously. I quite enjoyed the performance and I thought it was quite professional. I rarely see a Country theme as most music that is produced these days is upbeat and focused on the whole instrumental sound to it, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Chase and Status, Disclosure, Will.i.am are prime examples of producing music.

I won’t say too much on the other entries such as the Azerbajian but I suppose they will be getting votes despite the song they send out. I get the impression they don’t want to be in the top 5 or be in any chance of winning this year.

In terms of the Ukraine entry I was probably paying most of my attention to the guy running to see if he could keep up with the wheel, sorry what was the song about?

With regards to the Russian entry it didn’t stand out, it felt quite dull and boring to watch. I want them to be at the bottom but I may come to expect people voting for Russia instead, who knows.

In the other semi final, it seemed very interesting, I wanted Ireland to go through, I was very surprised that they didn’t get through but what can you do.

There were a few surprising names that go though and some that I enjoyed. I enjoyed it as much as the first semi final. I’ll just go through them one by one.

I was surprised with Slovenia, I wasn’t expecting them to go through to be honest. Going round and round talking about this song makes me dizzy. I like the fact she can sing and play the flute in the performance.

I was happy that Malta got through, I didn’t think they would get through but its good as it is credible. They remind me the Malta’s version of Mumford and Sons, good song with good lyrics. If they can get some consistency with getting votes then they would do rather well, I don’t expect them to finish bottom, I wish them all the best and I hope a few countries to vote for them.

Next to Norway, I originally thought this song would do well, pretty strong ballad, the only thing I would suggest is to get rid off the violinists in the background and just have Carl and someone playing the piano and that would be perfect. I noticed that the Scandinavian countries have all got top notch songs this year, I imagine all those would be on the first half of the leaderboard at the end of the night, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Moving onto Switzerland, the performance reminds me of folk music that Bob Dylan is a famous name in that aspect, the song was ok, he is a great all rounder I say, to whistle, play the violin and sing at a live performance is exceptional, if it gets between 1 to 10 points from around 10 countries that voted then I think the Swiss fans will be proud, I’m not sure where it will come out but we will have to wait and see.

I wasn’t very impressed with the Polish entry, reminds me of a Miley Cyprus, certainly it doesn’t send a positive message, I had to look away a few times when those washing woman were on the screen. Its not what I voted for, I would be delighted if the song reaches the bottom five.

Moving onto Belarus, I didn’t actually mind the entry, a typical boy band song, I have nothing against boy bands, I used to listen to likes of Blue, Westlife and One Direction so yeah. I can’t help but noticing he looks like Robin Thicke.

I think that Austria have a real chance of winning this year and their best chance really, I’m not much of a bearded woman but I do like Conchita’s personality and is unique in her own way, already Conchita has reached over 1 million views on Youtube, the video was only published three days ago which is quite straggering really, so yeah WOW. because of Conchita’s popularity I expect Austria to be in the top 10 or in the top 5 at least. Conchita is like the Austrian version of Dana International, when Dana first appeared in Eurovision representing Israel Dana won so yeah.

Onto the next entry Greece, I wasn’t expecting a british influence in the song but it helps people to vote for Greece, it makes me proud to be British when I see them doing well overseas, there have been a few british born musicians that have represented other countries in recent years, you only have to look back on Hotel FM who represented Romanaia, there was a Welsh singer that performed for Cyprus. I quite liked the song, very energetic and catchy. I expect Greece to do well like they do every year.

This next artist fits my ideal genre of music which is modern rock/indie/alternative/pop punk theme. Finland’s entry fits that perfectly, I was surprised that was the only song I would recall coming from that genre, I would have expected more of the same, there only young guys, they remind me of 8 seconds of summer who got a UK no 1.

I enjoyed Romania’s entry, it is the sort of thing I would expect Calvin Harris or Tiesto to produce. I’m glad to see Paula Seling and Ovi, when they first appeared in Eurovision 2010 with those big pianos when they sang ‘Playing with Fire’. The entry ‘Miracle’ is the sort of thing I would hear in the club scene, I enjoyed there song but it would seem like a miracle if they do win.

On the whole I take my personal views and the number of views its received on Youtube into consideration. Obviously I am excited that the UK have taken Eurovision more seriously this year. I think going to an upcoming artist to write there own material is something they should have done a long time ago. When I heard the song for the first time I could connect with the song straightaway and still do. Obviously the draws helps peoples chances. We been fortunate this year to be in the second half, to be on last did hinder me a bit but I delighted it has 1 million views on Youtube, I think the message is there so I will be waving my arms out and clapping when she performs the song with a nice glass of sherry or something for the special occasion.


As the contest is minutes away, I think Armenia will be favourite to win but I want to see it come down between Spain and the UK because I enjoy those songs the most.


Who will win Eurovision 2014?