Its been a mixed week part 1

Its been a mixed week part 1

Good day people! For people reading this blog much appreciated.

The whole purpose of writing this blog is to keep a diary of those important events that are reflected.

As I said on my heading. Its been a mixed week.

I want to thank those family members who remembered my birthday, so thanks very much for the cards and money, much appreciated.

I know Its been a long time since my last blog, been busy with stuff or I just haven’t thought of anything significant about what to say and stuff.

Since the last blog:

  1. I am still unemployed (Complete NO NO)
  2. Been nominated for a Harrow Heroes Award (didn’t win, but I didn’t expect to be nominated in the first place)
  3. Doing online courses
  4. Brought myself new music
  5. Got myself a first ever iPhone and iPod nano
  6. Done some sightseeing
  7. Serving as a volunteer in a bookshop
  8. Watching the Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 on BT Sport
  9. Brought FIFA 15
  10. Gone on the tube more often
  11. Replaying videos from The Bill on Watch and Drama
  12. Watching more quizzes
  13. Capturing up on history documentaries on BBC4 and Yesterday
  14. Too many more to mention

This is Part 1 dating back around week around the 10th November 2014

One of the significant or key parts of the week was on Wednesday where I spent the majority of the day in Cheltenham. If your thinking it was to do with the Race Festival, I think you would be thinking of the wrong season. It was initially for an internship at the Wilson Art Gallery. It was great because I got a first grasp of what its like to get on the Great Western Railway. I think my best ever train experience before that was going on the Chiltern Railway in secondary school. I don’t want to sound like Michael Portfolio (presenter and author of Great Railway Journeys) but I have appreciation for trains myself.

Michael Portfilio

I mostly prefer trains to buses because it is much quieter, I get to enjoy the landscape view of the rural and urban areas and the duration of the journey isn’t too bad. I could have gone on the National Express but it would have taken me forever to get there. On the day I travelled from my home town in Harrow and went to Paddington on the tube. I initially never been to Paddington either, my first impressions were like WOW, ITS SO BIG, meanwhile I had to collect the tickets from one of those self-service machines, the train was delayed for about five minutes or so but it didn’t bother me particularly. When I was able to walk on the platform (like the image below), it was a very long walk because I reserved tickets on a quiet carriage which to me was fantastic because I don’t like the thought of being disturbed, but I realised how long the trains were because in normal London tube stations it doesn’t stretch that long, it taken me a good five minutes to walk from one end to the other. On my journey I went past Reading, Turnbridge Wells and Swindon as well, kind of random places aren’t they. It took me about two hours to get there which isn’t too bad

Image of great western railway in Paddington

When I arrived in Cheltenham, I didn’t have that much trouble finding the Art Gallery, I hopped onto a bus and took me around 10 minutes into the town. I had a walk through the town for about 15 minutes or so and then I arrived at the gallery about half an hour early. When I got there, I looked around the China exhibition they had just to occupy the time I had, I wasn’t far from impressed to start off with, it gave me enthusiasm, motivation and sense of encouragement. The interview went ok, it’s a bit daunting really because it was a panel interview and I thought I give it my best shot. Although when I got back home on the train I did a self review and thought I didn’t mention a skill well enough, the trouble I find with interviews is that sometimes you can focus your energy on one minority but don’t have much energy to cover other subjects/skills. After the interview, I had loads of time to browse the museum which was great, the whole collection was like WOW, there were loads of paintings, a furniture collection, one part dedicated to an arctic explorer Edward Wilson which I thought was nice and I thought the history of Cheltenham was quite interesting (wish that Harrow had its own history or legacy these days). To be honest I really enjoyed my time there, if I was to relieve that again, I would say Absolutely. I didn’t get offered the position which was quite disappointing, it would have been nice to get some experience of living away.

building of the museum

When I look back on the experience, it is a very different experience than you might assume, I initially wanted the job in Cheltenham to prove to people who I’m able to survive and live independently (I guess we all don’t we). On the day I at least showed qualities of that. I mean I never been to Cheltenham before so I had to find maps, plan how to travel there, booking tickets, where to get lunch and to be honest one good thing I can take out from this experience that I never relied on anyone doing anything. It’s a shame that day was the day before my birthday because I may have taken some snaps or clips on my iPhone of my journey. At least now I’m glad I didn’t tell them the day before because honestly, if I told my parents I went up to Cheltenham before that day they would just think I’m nuts, well it’s not just that, I would have lost half of the battle, well I would be de motivated or hurt by their feelings. I didn’t want them thinking I want to leave because it would send the wrong messages. It’s all about choices isn’t it. It was my choice to apply for the posts, its my choice of writing this blog and no one else’s. If you ever reflect on my blog today or any other day, just think about your choices and say to yourself why did we make it, perhaps you may tell your kids that some day or even grandchildren.

Stay tuned for Part 2!!