Getting near to Christmas now

Getting near to Christmas now

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my blog in the next few days. If you haven’t seen Part 1, it’s worth viewing it. So what’s been happening???? Emmm, Good question Right now as I am beginning writing this post, I can’t help but watch a cricket match between South Africa and West Indies. Its around about half 8 in the morning. I can’t help but love watching test cricket. It never gets boring or in other words, why would it be boring? Well people have different tastes. Yes I can fully understand that watching 6 hours of a person hitting ball can be boring. But I love watching test cricket no matter if its South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies or even England are playing. I enjoy watching South Africa because I like their bowling attack in Steyn, Philander and Morkel. I was pleased to see AB, Amla and Van Zyl getting a century. Just as I am writing this West Indies have lost two wickets, looks quite dim for them at the moment. But England are just a shell of themselves of what they were three years ago.

photo of south african cricket side against west indies

Talking about England, I’m glad that England have axed Cook from being the one day captain. I wouldn’t consider him a one day player nor a captain either.  For me I would put Hales and Moreen Ali on top of the order, two fresh players. I couldn’t give a stuff about One day’s anyway because it’s just something that hasn’t interested me. Its just the opposite of how I feel about test cricket. At one time or another, test cricket hadn’t been that popular. I make sure I look at some highlights between Australia and India and I have done. Australia showing signs that they can perform, well they got home advantage in the next world cup so there probably favourites.

Did anyone watch that Panaroma documentary on Apple? In reflection, Apple to me is like one of those group movements, the staff that work in the store in this case I call them followers. It’s just that Apple and social media put together is a strong influence in the world going around today. I mean I’m using social media such as Facebook to create awareness of my blog.

image of apple logo

As we are on the subject of sports, I thought I would talk about my influence of American sports. I think that Baseball, Ice Hockey and American Football are not sports I fully understand. I do know that there is a negative influence in Baseball, I don’t know the full story on WHY. I just been doing some research, according to FORBES the highest players are earning around 25 million dollars or so, its no big deal, there are also claims of failed drug tests which can cause a worry. I’ve not really been influenced by baseball to be honest, I can compare it to a cricket ODI match, they can be quite boring in the earlier part. Even though I don’t follow baseball, I can remember one particular scandal, don’t know where I found it, it might have been on some quiz program. But in the early part of the 20th century, some people were banned for life for claims to be involved in match fixing (not ideal really). Match fixing is a problem in many sports, not just baseball. Cricket gets a stick especially for two players playing for Pakistan against England in a test match. I didn’t watch the test match in particular but I remember Michael Holding getting emotional. To be honest, I don’t blame him, it’s not good for the game of Cricket. There been stories of that in the IPL where referees were replaced. I think of that as being a jobber, not really a great reflection really.

image of american sports


As for American Football, I don’t hear as much although talk of a NFL team based in London doesn’t really make much sense. I mean the positive side is the publicity but why, it’s already bad enough that travelling from the US to the UK and back is quite a journey. I’m not saying too much but if its going to be played in Wembley then you might as well call Wembley the home of American football lol, it would sound hilarious when thinking about it. Obviously the tube would be far busier than it currently is.

image of american footballers



With betting being a powerhouse or a strong entity, its adverts being played during football matches on commercial channels such as ITV and Sky Sports it would be quite common if say, the players weren’t earning a decent wage. Once they spot opportunities to earn money then its quite a problem for the reputation of the cricket world and council overall. I don’t really bet myself, (well only if it’s on Quiz machines). I went to a greyhound night once for a family gathering and I probably betted about £2 or £5 of one of my family members because I didn’t bring any money with me at the time but I lost the bet so its not a great experience. I’m not really fond of gambling, I find it just too risky or its like putting money in the indoor air turbines, then its hard to know where the money is turned to.

image of a quiz machine

Continuing on I felt that Ice Hockey was a lot like a winter sport so I don’t see why loads of people watch it in the US. I remember owning a game called NHL 2003, probably the most bit I enjoyed in the video game was when you get into fights  or push the hockey places through the glass. It felt quite hilarious at the time. But nahh, I don’t follow the sport.

But I am an active follower of the NBA, I’m quite a fan of it. Because I got BT Sport I can watch some of the great action on there. I don’t watch it live because I wouldn’t be going to bed until 4 in the morning. My favourite team is the Lakers. Ok there not doing very well at the moment although they did beat the Spurs at the Spurs so it can’t be a bad thing. Its probably a bad thing to be supporting the Knicks because they aren’t doing that well although they got some good talent out there. I support the Lakers because they so remind me of Manchester United. They got a mix of the old and new. Kobe reminds me of Giggsy, Magic reminds me of Sir Bobby and a former manager Phil Jackson reminds me of Sir Alex. I followed them in there great run in 2010 i think when they the Boston Celtics. The Celtics were good, they had Ray Allen, Rondo, Pierce and Garnett. The Lakers just looked unstoppable then. They had a good-looking team of Fisher, Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. Some of the other teams I like to watch are Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma Thunder, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls. From the Laker’s point of view, I enjoy watching Nick, he is like a breath of fresh air, haven’t seen much of Lin but I like Wesley Johnson as well but I think that a Power Forward they lack right now. I would have been exciting to see Love play for the Lakers but he’s gone the Cavs. I like Cleveland because they have three people who are the backbone of the team including Kyle Irving, Lebron and Kevin Love. I noticed that LeBron got the chance to see the prince and princess, that must have been humbling for him. But if I wanted to meet two people in the NBA, it would be Kobe and LeBron. What they done for the game along with Michael has had a big influence on the game of the NBA, it speaks volumes. I have great respect for both athletes.

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant

That is enough talk from me from me for this blog. Catch up with my new blog soon. Time has arisen so quickly, Its been like a year since I wrote a blog.

If your reading this, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Don’t really know I will spend the day. I will probably be at home watching Christmassy films such as Home Alone and Love Actually.






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