Year reflection

Year reflection

Hello folks. Welcome to the last blog of 2014. I’ve just finished watching Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. So I’m just typing whatever thoughts and ideas come to my head as I’m going along.

Thank You 2014

What a year it’s been. Gone quite moderate speed hasn’t it?

When reflecting on this year. Its been more of a failure than a success for quite obvious reasons. First of all, I set out to secure a job (haven’t achieved), Find a reasonable, genuine girlfriend (Haven’t achieved, it probably goes with a job or having a good way in life). Those are probably the only two public reasons which I can think of. Although, I dropped my basic mobile phone in the carpet late in the year and it never worked again, its a shame really. Probably the most obvious mistake of all was not doing enough blogs this year, when writing this blog I have that energy or burst of brainstorming of ideas in my head which leads to expressing in further detail.Ok, maybe I waffle on a bit. This blog isn’t about competition or going up against blog writers. I was inspired by someone a while back who did a similar thing. In my case, I’m just expressing my opinions. Hope the people who have followed my blog since the first one has enjoyed it.

However there have been some small successes. Well I’ve been able to travel a few places. I get to go to Hampstead every two weeks (posh area of London), I got the chance to go and visit to the city of London more often particularly near Oxford Street area for social occasions, one day I went to Westfield’s in Shepherds Bush and had a good look round. I was fortunate enough to spend half the day in Cheltenham, it was a mix of both leisure and on business purposes, I got that excitement of having my own independence for the day. Through online chatrooms, I got to hear interesting stories, some I’m not going to mention but I assumed that people around my age would have normal lives but there are people who to me are felt like cast away in a shadow or in isolation, I quite feel sorry for them or feel their frustration sometimes, not pleasant to hear really.

One of the major successes was that I found something worth going into because before last year or getting interested in because I didn’t really know what sector or industry that I wanted to fall into. If you can think of somewhere where your passionate in where its working with night events, working in fashion, art, music or even being in the gym where the thought excites you then just basically hold on to it. I can sympathise who find it hard to think about that. One of the family members suggested I join the civil service but I am totally against that because I tend to think of it as a secret service and also I don’t really like the idea of having so much in secrecy forever and to be honest I don’t like the idea of having a family member both at work and at home, it doesn’t mix really and I tend to think its manipulation or to someone’s advantage. I mean would it help if my best friend was working in the same office as me, Of course not because you can quickly dismiss the rest of the colleagues in the workplace and your friends outside of work. I do keep my things to myself but I open up some stuff some of the time. Just like now I am exposing stuff in public view, that is the output of this blog, you get to learn about me.

Hope that everyone had a great christmas. For those who are reading this and wondering how mine went, it went relatively ok, nothing special tho. Although I’ve been claiming job seeker’s, I saved up these months to buy the family an iPad. It’s probably a wise decision really, its useful for travel purposes because the device is really light and if I missed out reading the paper version of The Evening Standard or The Metro then that approach is useful. Maybe if I buy some tv programmes on there like Downtown Abbey or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Those shows I not seen before, at least not before January 2015. I had some family come over and went to see family relatives on Boxing Day. It’s great because you can open up conversations a bit.

One of the songs I just heard recently was Get Away by Chvrches, completely blown away by the song and the band. I first discovered and listened to some of the songs on Jools and then brought their album and loved listening to them ever since. There so underrated in my opinion.

But one of my discoveries which I like to share with you is the album called Drive produced by Gareth Emery. When buying the album from iTunes I really loved it even tho I don’t drive lol. I only first knew about it quite accidentally when I was searching for Bo Bruce on YouTube. I liked the song U very much which is basically a remix of one of her previous songs Alive. I suggest you look him up on iTunes and listening to a few previews. The great thing is that I’m able to listen to it throughout my volunteering and I don’t have to skip any tracks because I hardly get tired of it. When I reminisce about the music I’m interested in or which I missed, it would go back to around the early 2000’s.

I brought an album on Amazon called ‘Now That’s What I Call 2001’, some of the songs I listened to that stood out like ‘Pure and Simple’ by Hearsay, ‘All Rise’ by Blue, ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ by Stereophonics, ‘Day and Night’ by Billie Piper, ‘Whole Again’ by Atomic Kitten, ‘Little L’ by Jamiroqui, ‘Another Chance’ by Roger Sanchez, there are too many to mention. I always feel that I’m attached to that music because that’s the music I experienced as a child and often people from different years will say the same thing. Brings back memories!!!

A track that isn’t on the album but its something worth mentioning is the song ‘What Would You Do’ by City High which is based on real life, Bastille did a cover of it but I didn’t enjoy listening to their version. People who may have grew up in the 80s may have been attached to artists like The Smiths, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper or Kylie. Which is why I have no attention to listen to The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath. Although it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. I appreciate the rhythm and blues genre or music around the 1950s and early 1960s, one of the songs that stands out is ‘Hit The Road Jack’ by Ray Charles, I just get attracted to clicking my fingers on the song, it’s an true classic.

One other song that sticks out is Downtown by Petula Clark, it was only till when I watched Jools Hootenanny that I discovered the song, for people to talk about or listen to the song today is a major achievement itself. I remember Emma Bunton doing a cover for it but it ain’t that good really. But I’m already excited about Jools Hootenanny just thinking about it. I heard that Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding are performing on there along with Joss Stone. I’m not sure if it’s actually live on New Year’s Eve but it would be nice if it were tho. That is what I will be spending the night doing. Would be great tho if I got invited to a fireworks display or something.

A local band from Watford which I haven’t listened to properly yet called The Staves are a band to look out for. Haven’t really say I heard them up to now, just as I am writing this, I am listening to one of their songs called Blood I Bred. There ok I guess.

I tend to find job searching quite frustrating, I’m not going to moan about it but to understand something like that you have to live through it yourself.

Hope you enjoy your New Year, my resolutions will probably be to finally get the job I wanted and to secure it forever. Maybe find a safe group of mates who I can go travelling with, I don’t like the idea of getting wasted in Ibiza, (sorry not my thing). I actually like the random idea of going to many museums around the country or visiting many cathedrals and palaces, something that’s interested me although I felt that it’s mostly old or retired people who are interested in that sort of things, I’m wrong to assume that. I purchased a book called The Royal Palaces of London by David Souden because now I’m fascinated by the history of British Kings and Queens that have ascended to the throne as well as palaces because that’s what I really been interested in. I taped some shows on Yesterday channel, it showed the castle or estate place where they filmed Downtown Abbey. I have even subscribed on podcasts on iTunes U, great source of information there for those who are interested in British History.

image of Highclere castle

I may have to visit France sometime because I saw a documentary presented by Dr Janina Ramirez about Chivarly and Betrayal on BBC Four HD and it had some lovely views overseeing cathedrals and stuff.

image of a person in Berkeley castle

If there are young people like myself I can share this with, that would be great. Maybe travel to countries like Germany or Italy and watch a football match there would be great. Even travelling to South Africa to watch a test match there would be great as well but they only do these around this time and around Feb/March time. I’ve been following the Test Cricket recently, even if it’s not England playing a test match or watching the full test match. If I had Sky Sports on me I would probably record the part of the day that I’ve missed, it gets me glued to watching it. The reason why I get excited about Test Cricket in general is because it’s a test of many different things. It is meaningful because as a spectator you can see the battle between the batsman and the bowler, it’s based on a battle lasting for four to five days so it doesn’t feel that its rushed or hurried because generally on One Day Internationals, I find that it is always rushed and forgotten about which is why I’m not really interested in watching the Big Bash because it just matters on the last five overs whether a team wins or not. Whether you agree with this statement or not, I think that T20’s are being played too much, it does help the batsman if they can score quickly. It’s like how many runs can you make in 120 balls, (BIG DEAL).

GOODBYE AND SEE YOU AGAIN IN 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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