New Year Approached. Time for a fresh start

New Year Approached. Time for a fresh start

Hey everyone !!!!

Welcome to my first blog of 2015. I was meant to publish this over the weekend.

It’s time for a fresh start don’t you think?

Well that’s probably what I’m attempting to achieve every so often. Sometimes it can turn out to be a good and bad experience.

Hope that as you are reading this blog that you enjoyed your New Year.

New Year Fresh Start

I didn’t mind the New Year, didn’t really do anything special, just watched the tele overnight. I think around this time last week, I have been staying up way too late, I mean, from the last blog I wrote, I started writing that around 4 or 5 in the morning and then I was doing the same for any other day.

But the good news is that I have changed my routine. I’m now sleeping around 9 in the evening and waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning. It probably surprise a lot of you reading this. I wouldn’t call this an expected New Year’s resolution because I didn’t really plan for it.

Talking about New Year’s Resolutions, I am making some attempt to come to a conclusion of making some. These are what I drafted:

  1. Go out jogging at least 4 times a week and lose over 100 calories
  2. Revisit Microsoft Excel
  3.  Read non fiction books (such as The Royal Palaces of London which is unopened)
  4. Record and watch documentaries of historical interest on BBC Two and BBC Four
  5. Revisit the open course which was done by Yale on the Tudors and the Stuarts
  6. Write at least 26 blogs before the end of 2015

I think this month is one of those enjoyable times that I relish. First of all the Darts has been exceptional. I didn’t watch much of the Taylor Anderson final but I watched it towards the end and thought the game was a thriller. I’m not a follower of PDC because it’s not my thing really, one of the reasons why I watched it in the first place was because I seen what Stephen Bunting did in the BDO and thought why not watch him which I did. I’m thrilled that he is playing in the Premier League. People in the PDC probably look down their noses in the BDO anyway. But I’m thrilled that the darts is back on BBC. Since the first day it was shown, I’ve been following it all the way through and the darts that have been played is just fantastic, I can’t help being ecstatic about it. It’s the thrill you get by cheering someone on that you never met before but want them to win while I’m enjoying a chilled Pepsi or orange juice. There has been a load of memories, the match between Martin Adams and Jan Dekker was driving me off my seat, I predicted that Jan Dekker would win before the match because he beat Adams before a year ago, their were some moments I could hide my face off the tele because I felt the pressure just by sitting at home. I liked the way the international and european qualifiers have expressed themselves for the game. Of course its safe to say that the English and Netherlands have the equivalent of an Ashes cricket series (England vs Australia). For my point of view, the BDO is about established stars of the game, When I saw Peter Sajwani knock out James Wilson, that was one of the talking points of the tournament. The two semi finals were just so different, one being outclassed and the other gone to the wire. The second semi final between Durrant and Adams was completely different to what I had in mind.  It went all the way, it did remind me of Djokovic and Nadal in the Australian Open Final. I didn’t know how long it would be on there but I was glad I recorded an hour more because it just went into overtime or in extra time, excuse my jargon lol. The final was just spectacular, I watched it live (to avoid watching spoilers) and I didn’t predict who would win because it was a bit close to call. I won’t tell you the result between Mitchell and Adams (to avoid spoilers) but if you want to avoid spoilers you can always catch it on iPlayer before it expires or searching it on YouTube is a good place to try. The only thing I can tell you when you watch it for the first time, you’re in for a treat. I’m off to be watching the Snooker Masters shortly after. I’m not much of a follower of the Masters tournament whether its Tennis, Golf, Snooker. To me, it feels like bragging rights to say who is the best of the best, “OK, go and prove it then”.

As well as the Darts, I’ve been following the Test cricket that is been played. I’ve been following South Africa and West Indies. I’m a real lover of test cricket, watching teams like South Africa is a treat for me because over the last two or three years they have been the best test cricketing side in the world. One of my dreams of mine would be to go to Cape Town to watch a test match there, I say that because England are going there at the end of the year to play some tests matches, its nice and sunny that time of year whereas in the UK right now it is quite cold outside. Trouble with visiting South Africa is that I wouldn’t know what to expect, I put that in a negative way because I was typing ‘Is South Africa’ on Google and it did give some strong advice, if anyone does have any experiences then pass your thoughts in the comments box below, I would like to get an understanding from personal experience. Some of my favourite players who I like to watch are Dale Steyn, Hashim Amla, AB De Villiers, Vernon Philander and Morne Morkel.

When I was seeing the Test Rankings, I was quite shocked that England were third in the Test Rankings, in their current state I would have thought they would have been ranked fourth or fifth. England have got to travel to the  West Indies for three test matches in April, from what I’ve seen from the West Indies, I expect some of their best players to be in the IPL so I don’t feel they will have a strong team out so I expect England to field a strong team but I’m not over optimistic, England may get out for 12 again. I don’t want that to happen. In terms of the Cricket World Cup, I think England has an outside chance of winning, they haven’t shown to me that they are the best so who knows, it can be anyones tournament to win but for me Australia are favourites to win, I mean they want to win it for Phil Hughes, that team unity is there, the players on the field just got to show that. They face England and India before the tournament starts so they face stiff competition early on but I think Australia will at least get into the semi finals none the less.


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