Some simple tips

Some simple tips

Following the conservation I had with a friend on Facebook. I wanted to dedicate this blog for inspiring bloggers out there or maybe for those who want to make a fresh start of blogging again.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of the blog, perhaps you might have drawn up some tips of your own. If you’re happy with how you are writing about your blogs then you have the right to close the tab.

blogging tips for beginners

Here are some tips that you may know already, but thought I should mention:

  • My first tip is to never disclose any personal information that is unique to you publicly. Ok, most of the people who are interested in your blog may appear genuine but doesn’t mean everyone is. On one particular, I subscribed to a blog and right away they left their street address which for me would sound alarming. It probably isn’t alarming to everyone but I would not disclose it on public view.
  • Make sure the users writing comments are genuine. It can be a simple error of judgement because when you get your first post published, you want to attract users. I made that mistake on my first blog I published called Welcome Induction when it was published in 2013, I got an email about two individual comments that needed approving.

The thing that gave it away was the username, it didn’t have a name of a person in their username. The comment wrote: I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this web page is in fact fastidious.’. Well I knew I only published one blog so how can it claim to be a regular reader? It didn’t appear specific when it mentioned web page.

  • Just to elaborate on the last point. Click on the username to check where it leads to. On that one particular blog it led to entirely different website about CISCO which looked like it was written in Polish. If I was to look at a blog, and that comment was on their and I wanted to find out about that username, it would send the wrong impression, so think carefully about which comments to approve.
  • Build a network. Just because you took your time and energy in writing an advert about yourself, that’s only half of it, the next step is to let people know about it. Go and get yourself noticed by participating in discussions, letting people know about your blog through social networking sites.  On my LinkedIn account for instance,  I am connecting with as many people who work in a specified organisation. I’m not sure on the idea but I want to be approachable and I want to engage with people to show that I am employable. Altogether from last week and this week I have connected with 65 followers and received 39 views which I don’t think is enough up until now. Although my popular site to share blogs is on Facebook, even if I get a small minority of people who knew about it from Twitter and LinkedIn, I think it is worth trying.
  • Have a clear sensible design. I’m not saying to stick to one design theme. Before you introduce yourself to the blogging world, it’s always important to have a fiddle with the layout and colour scheme because that is the first thing a user will capture before reading your writing. Feel free to change the colour scheme and background overtime but remember to keep the format visible.
  • Do efficient planning. For myself, I found this quite useful, when I am typing up, I didn’t want to publish it or want to be left in a hurry. It is best to jot ideas when it comes into your head rather than say “I will start writing an hour later’, probably by that time all the thoughts and ideas you had in mine would have been gone so I do suggest to brainstorm ideas, it is better to jot down all your thoughts rather than none at all because it gives you something to work with.
  • The last and important point I want to mention is to proofread and review your blogs before it gets published. For my sake, I use the ABC checker that displays all the words underlined, it may shock you of how many words you get underlined in the first place. After I made those corrections, I preview my blog at least two or three times over to check all the paragraphs are lined up properly, if you used any pictures or videos, make sure they are in a size which doesn’t overlap and keeps the flow to the end. Always make sure the hyperlinks work. Basic things, if readers click on a hyperlink which exits out from the blog to go on a YouTube video or a news article then the blog might be irrelevant. It is a long boring process but it is something that needs to be carried out.

I hope all the advice I have given you has helped. Good luck on your blogging quest.

Self review

Self review

Hey everyone! Welcome to my individual blog. Last week it has been busy time for me. I went for two interviews on Tuesday and on Friday I did volunteering during the day and left later in the evening to travel to Westfield. If you want to share your views and opinions of any of my blogs, please message them in the comments box below.

For this particular blog, I have decided to evaluate my performance or self-evaluation in previous blogs. In doing so, I’m going to highlight areas of what I have achieved and what I need to do to improve.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 01.46.12

Before I bring it up feel free to add feedback on the comments section at the very bottom.

So what are the Yes points up to 21st of March 2015.

NO points

  • Dwelling on the PAST reflecting on my next point.
  • NOT keeping my blogs concise.
  • Maybe loading up YouTube files and pictures that aren’t required.
  • Everything representing those three above points with the long blogs that you can view: Living Reality  Catch Up  Year Reflection
  • Is that a bad thing of doing a blog over 1100 words?
  • Or is it a bad thing to embed YouTube videos on a blog? I see nothing wrong with that because I didn’t put them on there with the intention of making my blog appealing but I want to save readers the hassle of looking up those songs.
  • I haven’t probably encouraged people to write feedback on my blog each week.

I don’t see myself as a professional blogger, I probably settle as an amateur blogger. I’m not going to achieve top views but everyone that are bloggers will sympathise that we have to evolve. I think last year I lost my fire power in writing blogs which clearly showed in terms of how many blogs I wrote but I’m not going remise about that. What I will say is that if I lost my passion in something, then that fire is out already and I lose interest.  I have probably lost fire power in different things not just in blogging. The reason why I did so little blogs last year because it was my second year and sometimes it is hard to keep focus and have the same enthusiasm, expectation all the time but I’m going to make up for last year by keeping consistent.

But at the same time I am listening to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, the lyrics sit perfectly about my situation. “It takes some time” … “Everything will be alright, alright”.

If your reading this blog the whole way through, that says to me that I am doing at least something right, I don’t have many followers, I’m not concerned about that. I care about you guys who invest your time to look at my blog and navigate around my site. I’m thankful for that.

Liebster Award !!!

Liebster Award !!!

Hello guys!

Welcome to my special blog.

For those wondering Joe is off his head LOL

What the heck is Liebster?

In Joe’s own words, Liebster is award that is passed on through the online writing community created by bloggers and given out to bloggers. It is passed on from person to person as a chain to discover upcoming bloggers out there.

I wish to thank sherinaspeaks for nominating me for this award.This is my first blogging award I have been nominating for so I’m chuffed.

Here are the rules:

  1. Link the person who nominated you to your blog post and let them know you answered their questions.
  2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
  6. I’m adding the rule to display the picture on your blog! I found the picture above just from searching “liebster award” on Google images; pick any coloured one that you like!


Here are my responses to Sherina’s questions.

1.  Do you prefer to type, or write on pen and paper? Why?

I quite enjoy writing on pen and paper because it helps me gather my thoughts and it is easier to understand why I wrote the notes. It is probably more formal to type.

2.  What is your favourite quote? Why? There was one quote I enjoyed while reading Mary Tudor going home on the train. “She was a King’s daughter, she was a King’s sister, she was a King’s wife. She was a Queen, and by the same title a King also…”

3.  Cats or dogs? Funny I should be asked that, that was discussed as part of a group debate which happened on Thursday. Even though I don’t own any pets, It’s fair to say Dogs because they are a man’s best friend.

4.  What is the first thing you grab at a buffet? First thing I would grab is probably cocktail sausages.

5.   What is your favourite thing about blogging? One of my favourite things about blogging is that it has given me a chance to express my opinions and reflect on things as it is gone on. I just want people to know I feel and inspire people to write blogs.

6.  What are you an expert on? Well, I like to claim to be an expert on most things that I write but I know that is not true. I see myself an expert in solving word puzzles like Codewords and probably word searches as well.

7.  What made you smile today? It was probably visiting my best mate in Westfield. In truth, I don’t have that many friends anyway 😦 so it’s nice to see people you know and trust these days 🙂

8.  What is your dream vacation? Dream Vacation, Hmmm ……. There is many. I would love to Los Angeles, Lovely weather, a  handful of rich celebrities like Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams live there, even had its own cricket club at one time. Why wouldn’t anyone not go there.

9.  What is your ultimate goal in life? My ultimate goal is to take everyday as it comes. I could put a long answer but to keep it simple, I just want to be staying active and just at least DOING something rather than NOTHING at all.

10. Can money buy happiness? To a certain extend, money can fulfil happiness if it is used in the right way.

My questions are the following:

  1. Facebook or Twitter?
  2. Who do you consider your inspirations or role models that you look up to and why?
  3. Do you always stick to your New Year Resolutions?
  4. What book are you reading at the moment?
  5. If you could play a music album on iTunes without skipping a track, which album would it be?
  6. Do you believe in ghosts?
  7. Name one favourite thing you can’t live without?
  8. If you had to choose of living either in London or in New York, which would you choose?
  9. What advice would you give for bloggers that are starting out?
  10. What have you learnt today?
  11. What is your favourite dessert?

The people who I have nominated below are deserving for this award. Please do check them out


Carrie Cariello

Living Reality

Living Reality

Hey guys!!!

Welcome to my new blog.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my insight into Hampton Court.

Moving on, this week I will be discussing a variety of things, the Cricket World Cup and Eurovision.

I’m quite stunned by the UK’s Eurovision entry this year, My first thought was reading the reviews on BBC and YouTube before I listened to the song.

Looking at the song, it is so based on the 1920s, 40s swing period so the song is kind of outdated. I think anything on a certain period should only be used in wedding receptions.

I don’t mind the song but I’m pretty certain it won’t win. First of all the lyrics don’t really much sense or in other words it isn’t catchy.

I do believe the UK has no desire to win this competition anymore. I was behind Molly last year because there was a buzz and excitement that us brits would take it seriously, I certainly thought the song would reach the top 5 but I think this year we have gone to the opposite direction. I think the UK take on it is that we don’t wish to humiliate our british talent in Europe because we are dominating music scene over the world. I mean if we took likes of Ella Henderson, Tom O’Dell, Charli XCX, George Ezra or a James Bay who won the Brit’s Critic Awards and hadn’t won the contest, then that would scar and damage their music career or down there prospects in the music industry forever because it would be in the history books for people to see and I think they can’t take people who have those contracts with record producers. I think with our song this year, I may take Eurovision less seriously this year. I don’t particularly it is a fair contest anymore. I mean, the UK is not landlocked with other countries so already we are disadvantaged, apart from Malta, we don’t have any country that would vote for us because most of the countries are either landlocked or in Central Europe. I haven’t heard any of the other entries but if I was a betting myself, I would predict that the UK would finish last place with less than 10 points.

At the end of the day I’m only going to remember the winners of Eurovision and not the people who participated in it unless I searched it on YouTube or Wikipedia. I would be happy to say that my favourite Eurovision song of all time would be Euphoria by Loreen or Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves, I would be happy with either of those. My favourite Eurovision song contest was back in 2010 when Lena won it, ironically the UK came last with nul points which shows I’m not biased if the UK wins or not. Eurovision to me is about three minutes of fame, sense of fun and enjoyment. I can relate this to the Ukraine entry back in 2007. To be fair to Scooch, the UK is flying the flag for Europe in music sense.

Yeah, I’m quite guttered that England didn’t get through to the Quarter Finals, I’m not that surprised but I’m quite embarrassed that I predicted England would get through. I watched the last part of the match against Bangladesh when Buttler and Woakes were batting, after Buttler got out then I just sensed that it would be all over. England should have won the match comfortably. I didn’t bother watching the Afghanistan game because it didn’t serve any purpose.

What England have to do is go back in the drawing board. I don’t hold any managerial qualifications but I would drop Broad because he is expensive in terms of how many runs he concedes. Although Bell was the highest run scorer I would drop him as well because he scores runs too slowly, he leaves about 40 balls or so, that would be like having 8 maidens. But I would keep James Anderson because he has the most experience and can get wickets but I would only have playing a handful of ODIs, not very much, but I would have Broad, Bell and Anderson in my test team because it is more suited for them. The problem I have with England is that there ODI squad and Test Squad is similar so that would be a cause of concern. I would keep Root, Taylor, Jordan, Woakes, Finn on merit. When I look at Taylor he sort of reminds of Jonathan Trott, he isn’t a batting power player but is consistant. I would be happy to see Jonathan Trott back if he is selected to go on the West Indies tour, Cook will have a break from cricket so I think he needs to step up. I do think having KP in your side can change games so I hope he gets to play county cricket, if he gets in form then why not play him?

I would have Hales and Moeen Ali as the opening pair then have James Taylor coming at number 3 then Buttler, then Morgan and Ballance come in, that would be my top 5. When England face Ireland in a ODI friendly, they should play some debutants who have the opportunity to prove themselves like Jason Roy, James Vince, Michael Carberry and let them play their own game. I watched a Sky Sports video on their website and Michael Carberry said that England go by statistics which I think is poor preparation because statistics can be flawed. I would just let the players play their own game to be honest.

I quite like some of the 50’s music of rock and roll, not all of it. It started catching on when I went to Frankie and Benny’s occasionally during university, the music was part of the atmosphere, yeah the music is quite outdated but it’s still fun. Some of the songs I like are Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson, Take good care of my baby by Bobby Vee, He’s So Fine by The Cliffton and Let’s Twist Again (I thought it was an Elvis song). Most of them are in The Best of Dreamcoats and Petticoats album. My overall impression from that era is that must have been an enjoyable time in music, it was very youthful and fun at the same time, it’s a pity it isn’t remastered but the music is very original. When people look back in music, people think of The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna but I think the 50s music is underrated as I don’t think it is the first thing that comes into people’s minds. I grew up in the 90s, when I was in childhood, I don’t remember what I was listening to, I don’t think I was listening to much music because there wasn’t any YouTube, Spotify,  no talent show contests like The Voice so I wouldn’t have a clue how to discover music apart from the main tv channels that were going on around that time. During the 2000s, I remember hearing about Fame Academy, it was like a version of The Voice where the unsung artists get to emerge on the big stage, it wasn’t very memorable show sadly, it lasted about two series but that was about the time reality shows were beginning to go up. That was one of the reasons why I would be watching Pop Idol then on to X Factor in the early years. As well as the 50s I think the early part of 2000s (2000,2001,2002,2003) are underrated as well because usually there would be artists where they released one big hits then just disappear or just come and gone. I miss Top Of The Pops.  We don’t hear as much of them now on the radio, maybe there just not familiar to us, I’m not sure, but I enjoyed it and it was a good time listening to music.

I left some tracks below.













Some tears

Some tears

Hey everybody! Welcome to my blog. I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings reflecting on this week.

Obviously, if you may have noticed on my title, there are tears that are raining over on me. It’s kind of hard to put that in terminology. It’s difficult to know when I be able to get a real job. I may have to wait two years or so I don’t know, if there were more jobs out there and less competition then I may stand a chance.

I want to thank Historic Royal Palaces for inviting me for an interview. I have no hard feelings about not getting a position. I knew beforehand that it was always going to be tough because of competition that is out there. I haven’t lost any of my passion or enthusiasm for working for that charity because I’m passionate that nothing will come in the way of that, it is what it is so I’m not worried.

Someday I know I will work there.

Image of Never Lose Hope in text
Never Lose Hope

I I just wish that I would get a trial of some sort where I want to prove myself to people who I can graft or any employer reading this I AM ON THE LOOK OUT FOR JOBS.

But what made Historic Royal Palaces special to me is that I have a burst of enthusiasm working there. The bit I’m worried about now is someone may steal my lines from this blog, unless you message me personally.

What did hurt me was when I was volunteering on Friday, that people were going through interviews while I was working. The sad thing was that I wasn’t at the interview so that was disappointing.

Ok, I later found it was a manager job which doesn’t fit in my skills/experience. I realised that despite the organisation you work for, the skills or experience that you have, employers these days want to find the so-called ‘best candidate’.

I don’t think that is a fair assumption. So like, if i give you an example. Let’s say I was volunteering as a Warehouse Packer for more than 16 months for a company that specialises in books and there was a job advertised called Membership Administrator which was paid and full-time. Let’s say I would be interested in the job where it would say on the description that experience in doing more than two years of administrative work was desirable but I would only have knowledge of Admin. So the advantages I have would be that I know the mission of the company and the staff inside out but I don’t have enough experience in Admin to qualify meeting all the selection criteria. I may get invited for a job interview but the fact remains they would look at candidates who are better qualified so there are doubts there. It would be devastating because it would only be one time opportunity that I would never get again. So it’s probably better if I make the most of life.

Despite those negative thoughts, thought I would highlight the good points. On Thursday when I had that job interview, I had a fantastic time at Hampton Court, there are very few similarities with this trip and the trip to Cheltenham. The first one being that the train stations were the last stations on different lines. It was obvious that they were business trips but I would love to go there again but just a trip for pleasure where I can look at everything in my own pace. I still miss Cheltenham tho 😦

When I arrived at Hampton Court, I had about an hour and half to spare, I didn’t have an original plan where I was going beforehand but I thought of a plan while I was there to go to the furthest away from the main entrance and work backwards if that makes sense. So the first place I went was inside the East Front which had a fountain in the middle of it.

picture of william and mary's  courtyard

When I went in the entrance in William III’s apartments, it felt like I was going through a magical arty journey where it had the painted ceiling. It so made me dizzy when I was looking up. It’s quite uncomfortable because I remember being at the back of the lecture halls at university and sometimes if I looked up above my head level that would be the shivers. It did feel like entering through the first point of the Palace though, all I remember was that it featured Greek myth art, it’s like the Sistine Chapel almost.

apartments of william and mary
William and Mary’s apartments

There was a genuine stairs made of rock, looked like it’s survived and there was a massive painting on the right hand side but the entrance was breath-taking. I did feel like a ghostly presence when I went upstairs and opened a door because it felt silent like nobody’s here. I later remember this was in William and Mary’s part of the palace. I remember walking through a stone surface floor where it had statues of roman and greek myth, the whole experience was incredible and I just got to admire the work that got into it because it was very unique. All I remember is that there were paintings on the wall as I came in, one of them was of Charles I and one of Princess Sophia. It was like stepping into Lucy Worsley’s documentary called Harlots, Housewives episode 1 because I was passing through random rooms such as a study, king’s  bedchamber, two rooms where it had one of those king and queen’s chair on it, it is hard to describe it unless you see the documentaries yourself. But I remember that each room showed how much access people would have when the King and Queen reigned, as I was passing through the end of the hallway, this was what Lucy Worsley was talking about, the King’s secret passages where he could take his mistresses and his royal delegates into rooms where very little people had access to. That wasn’t on my mind at that time but I had a glimpse of what that was about.

Then the next part of my tour around the Palace was going through the Tudor bits, iI did stuff in the wrong order, I did Henry VIII’s apartments which I vaguely remember, there was a painting of Henry VIII with his father, mother and wife Jane Seymour in the “Dynasty Portrait”, that was my highlight of the trip because I remember seeing that in a documentary on Channel 4 by David Starkey about monarchy, that picture depicts the legacy of the Tudors. I visited the Great Hall, the ceiling was beautiful and the tapestries were really good as well. I didn’t understand why people would go to the trouble to put tapestries in the room, it must be like lifting a carpet. I did have a view of upstairs in the Chapel Royal, it was very brief tho. I had a quick look at the Georgian part, would like to have had more time, it’s the same with TV coverage, when doing stuff live, talking can only be brief when it is limited and go to schedule. It is about showing up on time for an interview.

Clock Tower at Hampton Court
Clock Tower

When I finished my tour on the palace, I got my business brain in gear, I was there 10 to 12 minutes early so I gave myself enough time. When I got to the interviewer, I wouldn’t have changed how I planned it. I impressed them with my understanding of what Historic Royal Palaces and my enthusiasm about my love of British history in the context of Monarchs from the Late Medieval period to the Georgians. I wouldn’t see myself at any establishment that can match that to be honest because that is the type of history I am interesting in. What I mean is there are types of museums/historical establishments that suits different people’s of interests. For example, Dr Johnson’s House in London suits people who are interested in dictionaries and influenced by Samuel Johnson’s works, RAF museum for people who are interested in aircraft and aviation history, the Royal Museums Greenwich suit people who are interested in maritime history, London Transport Museum are for people who are influenced by buses and trains, Museum of London which concentrates efforts on the people, working class of London.

For me personally, since I enjoy going on railways, my heart would be in the right place to be interested in learning about railways. I recently found a book from a local Oxfam branch which I volunteer at, it was called ‘Cricket A Way Of Life’  by Christopher Martin Jenkins. It wasn’t a well-known book but I skimmed through the book and it was about the history of the game and I heard of the author which prompted me to buy the book.

cricket a way of life front cover

When I look at books, I look at the subject, the title of the book then the author and look at how credible the author is and the accuracy of the source, particularly in biographies and historical ones. I learnt this from a module I done at university about research techniques. I may do an individual blog about what to look for in books.

I think I learnt more about myself in that interview, sometimes I was issy washy if you know what I mean. I remember it was two people interviewing me, they walked me though the hierarchy of the organisation, (I only knew that Lucy was the chief curator), Asked me questions on the performance framework and the position itself. It would be like so much easier if I imagined a tv on top of the interviewer’s head so it would display the question on so I would actually remember the context and the question itself. I would forgot the question in the middle of the conversation which did put me off sometimes. For next time, I may take a notepad in with me in the interview so I can write down the question and not forget it. I don’t know why but I usually haven’t got a good short-term memory on things. What do you think I should do to remember the question at the interview? Some of the questions I remember from the interview were questions like talk about yourself, since it was a job in the Retail department,  who are Historic Royal Palace’s customers, whats your understanding on what a Retail system should do, when was a time when you given a solution to a problem, demonstrate how you prioritize work. Some of the notes of the interview came out but probably not as it was written in my notes.  I’m just grateful to myself that I am recalling this information now, certainly it will be useful information for you guys and to me.

After the interview, I did a computerised test, wasn’t difficult to be honest, it was just doing calculations on a spreadsheet, checking invoices, making sure information was correct and responding to mistakes on the sheet. I probably spend about 5 minutes more than expected, that why I am probably not equipped with working in a fast pace environment lol. Slow pace would be ideal because I do things slow for some reason. Like in my exams for instance, I would be given extra time, if it was like a 3 hour exam, I would be given 45 minutes because of 15 minutes every hour. I would probably struggle to complete an exam before three hours. I would welcome it if I was staying there for four hours, yes it is crazy.

image of an electronic display displaying extra minutes

After the test, I left the interview, the person who interviewed me greeted me on my way out. Reflecting on the day, The whole day was a positive experience and I wouldn’t change my approach to the interview or how I toured around Hampton Court. I got emailed the next day saying I was unsuccessful on that occasion but this hasn’t affected my passion for working for Historic Royal Palaces. The only possible downside to taking that job is that it would take about two hours each way but I’m ok with that. It would mean the world to me, especially working at Hampton Court, I have the fire, passion and motivation for working there. It’s a shame that there recruitment day had been passed before I had that passion because I would be on fire and blazing mode full of excitement to wanting to work for them. The disappointment I received hasn’t pushed me back, it is just going to serve as motivation and shield for me.

My passion for working at Historic Royal Palaces only kicked off when I went past Tower of London, seeing the poppies outside when I was going the Imperial War Museum open day, then as a treat for myself, I brought ‘Royal Palaces of London’ by David Souden. To be honest, it has remained sealed. It is only because I haven’t found time to look at the book entirely. I brought it as a reference. I mean Sunday gone past, I sat at home watching the Davis Cup, watched a bit of darts then I watched the FA Cup between Liverpool and Blackburn then on the computer I searched for jobs, I found at least 30 to apply for so that is going to keep me busy. See what I mean?

I am continually reading a book called ‘A Very British Murder’ by Lucy Worsley. The thing about that is I’m half way through the book. I don’t read that many books myself but I take a short space of time on a Saturday night after Mass, I sit at home and read a chapter of the book per week, it probably sounds sad but that’s my routine.

front cover to very british murder book

The thing I have with books is that once you read chapters of it is as tho you can’t walk away from it. So I was reading the book continuously up until Chapter 6, then I hadn’t read the book for nearly a month, the chances are is that I would have to read the book again which for me would be a challenge in itself. When I was reading a book about Jack Hobbs, I only have read the first two chapters, the reason for that is that I didn’t feel any urgency of reading the next few chapters yet, the good thing is that I can start again which could be difficult if I was reading halfway and then didn’t sad it for a while, so it probably takes a bit of time revisiting stuff again to jog my memory. Hope you guys enjoyed my blog.

My next blog will be discussing Eurovision and my love of American rock n roll!!!

Something fresh

Something fresh

Hey guys, this isn’t one of my usual blogs. I felt inspired by reading by Liz Kibby so I want to thank her on doing a good job. She has given me inspiration to write this blog.

I’m not a person that wants to stop blogging permanently. Maybe if I don’t write a blog every week doesn’t mean that I’m a bad blogger, it is just that it is not worth spending time concentrating on something, if you have something in your head then just run with it. When I am writing this blog, I have ideas brainstormed in my head of what can come up with. Literally, I think anyone is capable writing a blog. I am writing this at 1 in the morning, crazy time to write a blog, but that’s me. Loads of people will think I’m crazy anyway or a blogaholic.

Probably the main reason why I’m not a good blogger is probably because I don’t have people posting comments, is it because people keep their things to themselves or people don’t care like ok whatever or is it generally because the amount of views. Well I think it is all these things. Although I get one or two pieces of feedback, that isn’t enough to convince me to say where I am position wise in the blogging world.

The problem is, I have been writing blogs since my graduation. If there was a song that describes how I am feeling, it’s the song called ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ by Paloma Faith. Ok I’m not good at marketing or promoting blogs either. I think marketing is very difficult skill for most blog writers like myself who ideally want to be out there on the ‘Who You May Like’ column. Like Liz, I am proud of what I have achieved, so far I have written over 20 blogs which may seem low but if you written 2 pages over 20 times, trust me that would be tiring. All that matters to me is getting my story across. I’m not thinking of any of this right now but this is what I set out to achieve in the long-term.

    • Having my own domain name
    • Getting one of those mail things where people can fetch my blog through email (I don’t know how to do it)
    • Changing my layout
    • Being followed by hundreds or thousands would be a big statement

What do you think I should do to make my blogs attractive and attractable? Send your thoughts in the comments box ….. Just to finish up. I want to finish up with a song called Walking in Memphis. How can no one like that song?

Catch up

Catch up

Hey everyone! Sorry for not keeping up to date the past few weeks. I hadn’t much to talk about in my last blog. I’m looking forward to writing this blog as I got loads to talk about such as the Brits and some excitement.

Just wanted to start off by mentioning the Cricket World Cup. I just posted a previous blog saying who would go through and their placings. I want to start with discussing disappointing England. I couldn’t watch the match obviously. If people are reading my Facebook, I was chatting to myself lol. The frustrating things about England is that batting wise they don’t score many runs and I don’t agree with the batting lineup. If it was my lineup, I would go with Moeen Ali, Hales, Taylor, Root, Morgan, Ballance, Buttler, Woakes, Broad, Finn, Anderson. To be honest, I would want KP back in the England team as soon as possible because they are missing that firepower in the top of the order. I think England are capable of winning the next two games but it is never a certainly. In the 20/20 world cup they lost to the Netherlands so I can never be sure. It would be embarrassing if they do lose both games where I think Moores will be sacked if they don’t reach the quarter finals.

I watched a few of the games at the World Cup. I watched an exciting anxious game between UAE and Ireland, I was delighted by Ireland winning that game, considering I’m half irish I will be routing for Ireland as well. I didn’t watch the full game tho, I only watched the post analysis on Sky Sports around 11 in the morning and then I watched the match highlights on ITV4 catch up.

I watched the first half of Australia New Zealand match. I couldn’t believe what I seen to be honest. I wouldn’t have thought that Australia would crumble to a score of around 120 or so (can’t remember the total score). It is probably a glimpse of maybe what would happen in the final but nothing is for certain. I didn’t watch the second half but it ended up being a close game but overall New Zealand were overall winners.

The South Africa West Indies turned out to be exciting, again I didn’t watch the full match. when I heard the score on BBC Sport website, I had to watch it. I turned out that South Africa put on 400 which I never ever seen in recent memory. For any cricket fan, it was a must see game, the match was in total chaos. I didn’t think it was that bad bowling by the West Indies, it was one of those days where South Africa was just in fire mode.

Interestingly, I watched part of the Scotland Afghanistan match,not that I am a fan of the lower ranked nations but I am interested in World Cricket. Same with Football, I don’t just follow Manchester United but I follow teams in Ligue 1,  Bundesliga and Serie A. My favourite team in the French league is Lyon. I don’t follow them on a regular basis but I’m proud that they are doing well, i like the striker Lacazette. He reminds me of someone Louie Van Gaal was referring too when he mentioned a 20 goalscorer. I don’t want to see Lacazette leaving Lyon tho. My favourite teams to watch in Germany is Wolfsburg and Bayern. They both have exciting teams , I’m certain they will qualify in the Champions League next season. I like Wolfsburg because they have Kevin De Bruyne who has gone to be a better player than he was at Chelsea, also they brought Andre Schurrle so I do think it is exciting but I think Bayern will dominate the german league for years to come, with the firepower they have I wouldn’t be surprised. I remember watching recording highlights on BT Sport where Bayern hammered Hamburg 8-0, it’s quite ridiculous result really when thinking about it. My favourite teams in the Italian league are Juventus and AC Milan. I don’t think Juventus are good enough to win the Champions League when comparing them to other teams. I think Real Madrid, Bayern and Chelsea all stand a good chance of winning.

image of lacazette from Lyon

Going off subject from sport. I don’t know what people thought of the Grammy’s and Brit Awards. I didn’t watch the full thing of the Grammy’s but I’m excited about the British success, particularly Sam Smith. The first song I remember listening to of Sam Smith is Latch and from there I knew who Sam Smith was. For me, I think Sam Smith is the hottest singer/songwriter at the moment, Ok maybe Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift might be up there but Sam is just on another level. I heard that his tour in MSG sold in half an hour which is impressive considering he doesn’t come from America. It’s funny that I haven’t brought his album yet. I recently brought a few albums on Amazon, there mostly old ones, well old ones meaning released after 2000s. But I am glued to listening to Love me Like You Do single (nothing to do with liking Twenty Shades) and Doin It by Charli XCX. Its great to hear that some of the Brits are dominating America which I love to see, I’m not against America at all but when songwriters make it on the American charts, you know you done well. Other artists like Rita Ora, Ella Henderson, Ellie Goulding, George Ezra I think appeal to the US.

picture of ellie gouldingimage of ella hendersonpicture of rita ora

brit awards logo

I had a mixed opinion of the Brit Awards this year. I thought the best bits were Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift winning awards. I enjoyed listening to their performances, I thought they sung well live. I was disappointed with a few things, particularly Kanye West, I felt disappointed because I don’t particularly enjoy swearing. I thought ITV was right to mute it, if kids were watching, I don’t like the performance either, I had no idea what he was singing, all I saw was pyro flames and a group of people dressed in black clothing, seemed like watching one of those religious ceremonies taken from Midsomer Murders or from Father Brown, I didn’t particularly like it. I was disappointed that a number of american artists didn’t show to accept their awards. Especially the Foo Fighters, not that I’m into the Foo Fighters but it is like the second time I seen them not appearing at the Brits. I respect Pharrell because he was at the Brits last year so I don’t deny him for that. I respect Taylor Swift and like her because she happened to show up and had a good time. I didn’t enjoy Jimmy Carr’s sarcasm and Ant and Dec making jokes of Kanye, I did find them a bit disrespectful to be honest.

Picture of Sam Smith Brit Awards 2015

image of Kayne West performance at the Brit Awards 2015

Moving on to the exciting news of the week. I’ve been called out for an interview at Hampton Court. Very excited about it because that is where I would love to work or my dream job location. Some people looking at this blog might think it is dull and boring but people are all different and have their own favourable places to work. I will talk about my experience  in my next blog.

Picture of Hampton Court

Thanks very much for reading my blog !!!!!!!