Catch up

Catch up

Hey everyone! Sorry for not keeping up to date the past few weeks. I hadn’t much to talk about in my last blog. I’m looking forward to writing this blog as I got loads to talk about such as the Brits and some excitement.

Just wanted to start off by mentioning the Cricket World Cup. I just posted a previous blog saying who would go through and their placings. I want to start with discussing disappointing England. I couldn’t watch the match obviously. If people are reading my Facebook, I was chatting to myself lol. The frustrating things about England is that batting wise they don’t score many runs and I don’t agree with the batting lineup. If it was my lineup, I would go with Moeen Ali, Hales, Taylor, Root, Morgan, Ballance, Buttler, Woakes, Broad, Finn, Anderson. To be honest, I would want KP back in the England team as soon as possible because they are missing that firepower in the top of the order. I think England are capable of winning the next two games but it is never a certainly. In the 20/20 world cup they lost to the Netherlands so I can never be sure. It would be embarrassing if they do lose both games where I think Moores will be sacked if they don’t reach the quarter finals.

I watched a few of the games at the World Cup. I watched an exciting anxious game between UAE and Ireland, I was delighted by Ireland winning that game, considering I’m half irish I will be routing for Ireland as well. I didn’t watch the full game tho, I only watched the post analysis on Sky Sports around 11 in the morning and then I watched the match highlights on ITV4 catch up.

I watched the first half of Australia New Zealand match. I couldn’t believe what I seen to be honest. I wouldn’t have thought that Australia would crumble to a score of around 120 or so (can’t remember the total score). It is probably a glimpse of maybe what would happen in the final but nothing is for certain. I didn’t watch the second half but it ended up being a close game but overall New Zealand were overall winners.

The South Africa West Indies turned out to be exciting, again I didn’t watch the full match. when I heard the score on BBC Sport website, I had to watch it. I turned out that South Africa put on 400 which I never ever seen in recent memory. For any cricket fan, it was a must see game, the match was in total chaos. I didn’t think it was that bad bowling by the West Indies, it was one of those days where South Africa was just in fire mode.

Interestingly, I watched part of the Scotland Afghanistan match,not that I am a fan of the lower ranked nations but I am interested in World Cricket. Same with Football, I don’t just follow Manchester United but I follow teams in Ligue 1,  Bundesliga and Serie A. My favourite team in the French league is Lyon. I don’t follow them on a regular basis but I’m proud that they are doing well, i like the striker Lacazette. He reminds me of someone Louie Van Gaal was referring too when he mentioned a 20 goalscorer. I don’t want to see Lacazette leaving Lyon tho. My favourite teams to watch in Germany is Wolfsburg and Bayern. They both have exciting teams , I’m certain they will qualify in the Champions League next season. I like Wolfsburg because they have Kevin De Bruyne who has gone to be a better player than he was at Chelsea, also they brought Andre Schurrle so I do think it is exciting but I think Bayern will dominate the german league for years to come, with the firepower they have I wouldn’t be surprised. I remember watching recording highlights on BT Sport where Bayern hammered Hamburg 8-0, it’s quite ridiculous result really when thinking about it. My favourite teams in the Italian league are Juventus and AC Milan. I don’t think Juventus are good enough to win the Champions League when comparing them to other teams. I think Real Madrid, Bayern and Chelsea all stand a good chance of winning.

image of lacazette from Lyon

Going off subject from sport. I don’t know what people thought of the Grammy’s and Brit Awards. I didn’t watch the full thing of the Grammy’s but I’m excited about the British success, particularly Sam Smith. The first song I remember listening to of Sam Smith is Latch and from there I knew who Sam Smith was. For me, I think Sam Smith is the hottest singer/songwriter at the moment, Ok maybe Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift might be up there but Sam is just on another level. I heard that his tour in MSG sold in half an hour which is impressive considering he doesn’t come from America. It’s funny that I haven’t brought his album yet. I recently brought a few albums on Amazon, there mostly old ones, well old ones meaning released after 2000s. But I am glued to listening to Love me Like You Do single (nothing to do with liking Twenty Shades) and Doin It by Charli XCX. Its great to hear that some of the Brits are dominating America which I love to see, I’m not against America at all but when songwriters make it on the American charts, you know you done well. Other artists like Rita Ora, Ella Henderson, Ellie Goulding, George Ezra I think appeal to the US.

picture of ellie gouldingimage of ella hendersonpicture of rita ora

brit awards logo

I had a mixed opinion of the Brit Awards this year. I thought the best bits were Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift winning awards. I enjoyed listening to their performances, I thought they sung well live. I was disappointed with a few things, particularly Kanye West, I felt disappointed because I don’t particularly enjoy swearing. I thought ITV was right to mute it, if kids were watching, I don’t like the performance either, I had no idea what he was singing, all I saw was pyro flames and a group of people dressed in black clothing, seemed like watching one of those religious ceremonies taken from Midsomer Murders or from Father Brown, I didn’t particularly like it. I was disappointed that a number of american artists didn’t show to accept their awards. Especially the Foo Fighters, not that I’m into the Foo Fighters but it is like the second time I seen them not appearing at the Brits. I respect Pharrell because he was at the Brits last year so I don’t deny him for that. I respect Taylor Swift and like her because she happened to show up and had a good time. I didn’t enjoy Jimmy Carr’s sarcasm and Ant and Dec making jokes of Kanye, I did find them a bit disrespectful to be honest.

Picture of Sam Smith Brit Awards 2015

image of Kayne West performance at the Brit Awards 2015

Moving on to the exciting news of the week. I’ve been called out for an interview at Hampton Court. Very excited about it because that is where I would love to work or my dream job location. Some people looking at this blog might think it is dull and boring but people are all different and have their own favourable places to work. I will talk about my experience  in my next blog.

Picture of Hampton Court

Thanks very much for reading my blog !!!!!!!


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