What a few weeks

What a few weeks

I wrote this blog a few weeks ago, The mind just flows away with a few memories of the past two weeks. It probably sounds a little bit crazy. Just sometime in the last month or so I wrote something on Facebook that attached to me. To be honest it is pressurising when sitting here things don’t go the way planned. Sometimes in life, we go through Hard times when we just make those choices we don’t like but think is best for the person/business which we aren’t afraid of and just start again. There’s one person that personifies how I feel in the song ‘Pressure’ because I am better off without that person in my life right now. I’m not wanting to sound Taylor Swifitie because I’m not jealous of anyone, I’m not saying that person isn’t my friend because that isn’t true, what is true is that I need to move on. I just want to find those people who care and appreciate me by my side. To me and hopefully to everyone reading would agree, we all want to find true friends in life that helps people when they are down and those who can help when you feel like when you won the lottery. That’s what true friends are for I suppose.

paramore all we know is falling album cover

Just to say, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Ireland beat West Indies, unfortunately I’m not able to watch the full matches of the Cricket World Cup because it would seem like night shift work which I would be keen on I suppose. Having said that I doubt that England would only go as far as the Quarter Finals, I don’t see it happening unless they wake up. As I said before in a blog I did, I think Australia will make the final, I predict New Zealand Australia final or semi final I suppose. I think Ireland will be happy for themselves if they reach the Quarter final.

image of the cricket world cup

This is what I predict in this order dated 12/02/15
Pool A: Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England
Pool B: South Africa, India, Pakistan, Ireland

If it was to come out like that, England would either face India or South Africa, it would be durable but it is less likely on the day that they could beat India in that atmosphere or chase a score over 300 runs when you have Steyn, Morkel, Philander bowling, those pitches would suit them and Tahir with the spin option from South Africa. I picked Ireland over the West Indies because I think West Indies are going through a bad phrase at the moment with money disputes. The thing that has made no sense to me is why Jason Holder, a 23 or 22-year-old is captaining the West Indies. I find it surprising because of his age and lack of experience in the field, my natural captain would have been Darren Sammy, I just not understood why they don’t pick him. What I like about Ireland is there no fear attitude, they have successfully chased down 300 par scores three times in the past which is like over 6 in an over.


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