Living Reality

Living Reality

Hey guys!!!

Welcome to my new blog.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my insight into Hampton Court.

Moving on, this week I will be discussing a variety of things, the Cricket World Cup and Eurovision.

I’m quite stunned by the UK’s Eurovision entry this year, My first thought was reading the reviews on BBC and YouTube before I listened to the song.

Looking at the song, it is so based on the 1920s, 40s swing period so the song is kind of outdated. I think anything on a certain period should only be used in wedding receptions.

I don’t mind the song but I’m pretty certain it won’t win. First of all the lyrics don’t really much sense or in other words it isn’t catchy.

I do believe the UK has no desire to win this competition anymore. I was behind Molly last year because there was a buzz and excitement that us brits would take it seriously, I certainly thought the song would reach the top 5 but I think this year we have gone to the opposite direction. I think the UK take on it is that we don’t wish to humiliate our british talent in Europe because we are dominating music scene over the world. I mean if we took likes of Ella Henderson, Tom O’Dell, Charli XCX, George Ezra or a James Bay who won the Brit’s Critic Awards and hadn’t won the contest, then that would scar and damage their music career or down there prospects in the music industry forever because it would be in the history books for people to see and I think they can’t take people who have those contracts with record producers. I think with our song this year, I may take Eurovision less seriously this year. I don’t particularly it is a fair contest anymore. I mean, the UK is not landlocked with other countries so already we are disadvantaged, apart from Malta, we don’t have any country that would vote for us because most of the countries are either landlocked or in Central Europe. I haven’t heard any of the other entries but if I was a betting myself, I would predict that the UK would finish last place with less than 10 points.

At the end of the day I’m only going to remember the winners of Eurovision and not the people who participated in it unless I searched it on YouTube or Wikipedia. I would be happy to say that my favourite Eurovision song of all time would be Euphoria by Loreen or Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves, I would be happy with either of those. My favourite Eurovision song contest was back in 2010 when Lena won it, ironically the UK came last with nul points which shows I’m not biased if the UK wins or not. Eurovision to me is about three minutes of fame, sense of fun and enjoyment. I can relate this to the Ukraine entry back in 2007. To be fair to Scooch, the UK is flying the flag for Europe in music sense.

Yeah, I’m quite guttered that England didn’t get through to the Quarter Finals, I’m not that surprised but I’m quite embarrassed that I predicted England would get through. I watched the last part of the match against Bangladesh when Buttler and Woakes were batting, after Buttler got out then I just sensed that it would be all over. England should have won the match comfortably. I didn’t bother watching the Afghanistan game because it didn’t serve any purpose.

What England have to do is go back in the drawing board. I don’t hold any managerial qualifications but I would drop Broad because he is expensive in terms of how many runs he concedes. Although Bell was the highest run scorer I would drop him as well because he scores runs too slowly, he leaves about 40 balls or so, that would be like having 8 maidens. But I would keep James Anderson because he has the most experience and can get wickets but I would only have playing a handful of ODIs, not very much, but I would have Broad, Bell and Anderson in my test team because it is more suited for them. The problem I have with England is that there ODI squad and Test Squad is similar so that would be a cause of concern. I would keep Root, Taylor, Jordan, Woakes, Finn on merit. When I look at Taylor he sort of reminds of Jonathan Trott, he isn’t a batting power player but is consistant. I would be happy to see Jonathan Trott back if he is selected to go on the West Indies tour, Cook will have a break from cricket so I think he needs to step up. I do think having KP in your side can change games so I hope he gets to play county cricket, if he gets in form then why not play him?

I would have Hales and Moeen Ali as the opening pair then have James Taylor coming at number 3 then Buttler, then Morgan and Ballance come in, that would be my top 5. When England face Ireland in a ODI friendly, they should play some debutants who have the opportunity to prove themselves like Jason Roy, James Vince, Michael Carberry and let them play their own game. I watched a Sky Sports video on their website and Michael Carberry said that England go by statistics which I think is poor preparation because statistics can be flawed. I would just let the players play their own game to be honest.

I quite like some of the 50’s music of rock and roll, not all of it. It started catching on when I went to Frankie and Benny’s occasionally during university, the music was part of the atmosphere, yeah the music is quite outdated but it’s still fun. Some of the songs I like are Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson, Take good care of my baby by Bobby Vee, He’s So Fine by The Cliffton and Let’s Twist Again (I thought it was an Elvis song). Most of them are in The Best of Dreamcoats and Petticoats album. My overall impression from that era is that must have been an enjoyable time in music, it was very youthful and fun at the same time, it’s a pity it isn’t remastered but the music is very original. When people look back in music, people think of The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna but I think the 50s music is underrated as I don’t think it is the first thing that comes into people’s minds. I grew up in the 90s, when I was in childhood, I don’t remember what I was listening to, I don’t think I was listening to much music because there wasn’t any YouTube, Spotify,  no talent show contests like The Voice so I wouldn’t have a clue how to discover music apart from the main tv channels that were going on around that time. During the 2000s, I remember hearing about Fame Academy, it was like a version of The Voice where the unsung artists get to emerge on the big stage, it wasn’t very memorable show sadly, it lasted about two series but that was about the time reality shows were beginning to go up. That was one of the reasons why I would be watching Pop Idol then on to X Factor in the early years. As well as the 50s I think the early part of 2000s (2000,2001,2002,2003) are underrated as well because usually there would be artists where they released one big hits then just disappear or just come and gone. I miss Top Of The Pops.  We don’t hear as much of them now on the radio, maybe there just not familiar to us, I’m not sure, but I enjoyed it and it was a good time listening to music.

I left some tracks below.














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