Self review

Self review

Hey everyone! Welcome to my individual blog. Last week it has been busy time for me. I went for two interviews on Tuesday and on Friday I did volunteering during the day and left later in the evening to travel to Westfield. If you want to share your views and opinions of any of my blogs, please message them in the comments box below.

For this particular blog, I have decided to evaluate my performance or self-evaluation in previous blogs. In doing so, I’m going to highlight areas of what I have achieved and what I need to do to improve.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 01.46.12

Before I bring it up feel free to add feedback on the comments section at the very bottom.

So what are the Yes points up to 21st of March 2015.

NO points

  • Dwelling on the PAST reflecting on my next point.
  • NOT keeping my blogs concise.
  • Maybe loading up YouTube files and pictures that aren’t required.
  • Everything representing those three above points with the long blogs that you can view: Living Reality  Catch Up  Year Reflection
  • Is that a bad thing of doing a blog over 1100 words?
  • Or is it a bad thing to embed YouTube videos on a blog? I see nothing wrong with that because I didn’t put them on there with the intention of making my blog appealing but I want to save readers the hassle of looking up those songs.
  • I haven’t probably encouraged people to write feedback on my blog each week.

I don’t see myself as a professional blogger, I probably settle as an amateur blogger. I’m not going to achieve top views but everyone that are bloggers will sympathise that we have to evolve. I think last year I lost my fire power in writing blogs which clearly showed in terms of how many blogs I wrote but I’m not going remise about that. What I will say is that if I lost my passion in something, then that fire is out already and I lose interest.  I have probably lost fire power in different things not just in blogging. The reason why I did so little blogs last year because it was my second year and sometimes it is hard to keep focus and have the same enthusiasm, expectation all the time but I’m going to make up for last year by keeping consistent.

But at the same time I am listening to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, the lyrics sit perfectly about my situation. “It takes some time” … “Everything will be alright, alright”.

If your reading this blog the whole way through, that says to me that I am doing at least something right, I don’t have many followers, I’m not concerned about that. I care about you guys who invest your time to look at my blog and navigate around my site. I’m thankful for that.


3 thoughts on “Self review

  1. Good blog Joe, self assessment is a great way to improve at something. Just thought this would be a good opportunity to let you know that I read your read your blog regularly and that it has definitely improved over time. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Good song choice!

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