Some simple tips

Some simple tips

Following the conservation I had with a friend on Facebook. I wanted to dedicate this blog for inspiring bloggers out there or maybe for those who want to make a fresh start of blogging again.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of the blog, perhaps you might have drawn up some tips of your own. If you’re happy with how you are writing about your blogs then you have the right to close the tab.

blogging tips for beginners

Here are some tips that you may know already, but thought I should mention:

  • My first tip is to never disclose any personal information that is unique to you publicly. Ok, most of the people who are interested in your blog may appear genuine but doesn’t mean everyone is. On one particular, I subscribed to a blog and right away they left their street address which for me would sound alarming. It probably isn’t alarming to everyone but I would not disclose it on public view.
  • Make sure the users writing comments are genuine. It can be a simple error of judgement because when you get your first post published, you want to attract users. I made that mistake on my first blog I published called Welcome Induction when it was published in 2013, I got an email about two individual comments that needed approving.

The thing that gave it away was the username, it didn’t have a name of a person in their username. The comment wrote: I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this web page is in fact fastidious.’. Well I knew I only published one blog so how can it claim to be a regular reader? It didn’t appear specific when it mentioned web page.

  • Just to elaborate on the last point. Click on the username to check where it leads to. On that one particular blog it led to entirely different website about CISCO which looked like it was written in Polish. If I was to look at a blog, and that comment was on their and I wanted to find out about that username, it would send the wrong impression, so think carefully about which comments to approve.
  • Build a network. Just because you took your time and energy in writing an advert about yourself, that’s only half of it, the next step is to let people know about it. Go and get yourself noticed by participating in discussions, letting people know about your blog through social networking sites.  On my LinkedIn account for instance,  I am connecting with as many people who work in a specified organisation. I’m not sure on the idea but I want to be approachable and I want to engage with people to show that I am employable. Altogether from last week and this week I have connected with 65 followers and received 39 views which I don’t think is enough up until now. Although my popular site to share blogs is on Facebook, even if I get a small minority of people who knew about it from Twitter and LinkedIn, I think it is worth trying.
  • Have a clear sensible design. I’m not saying to stick to one design theme. Before you introduce yourself to the blogging world, it’s always important to have a fiddle with the layout and colour scheme because that is the first thing a user will capture before reading your writing. Feel free to change the colour scheme and background overtime but remember to keep the format visible.
  • Do efficient planning. For myself, I found this quite useful, when I am typing up, I didn’t want to publish it or want to be left in a hurry. It is best to jot ideas when it comes into your head rather than say “I will start writing an hour later’, probably by that time all the thoughts and ideas you had in mine would have been gone so I do suggest to brainstorm ideas, it is better to jot down all your thoughts rather than none at all because it gives you something to work with.
  • The last and important point I want to mention is to proofread and review your blogs before it gets published. For my sake, I use the ABC checker that displays all the words underlined, it may shock you of how many words you get underlined in the first place. After I made those corrections, I preview my blog at least two or three times over to check all the paragraphs are lined up properly, if you used any pictures or videos, make sure they are in a size which doesn’t overlap and keeps the flow to the end. Always make sure the hyperlinks work. Basic things, if readers click on a hyperlink which exits out from the blog to go on a YouTube video or a news article then the blog might be irrelevant. It is a long boring process but it is something that needs to be carried out.

I hope all the advice I have given you has helped. Good luck on your blogging quest.


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