Hey everyone. Pleased to hear that hellaturnup is starting an internship next week. Talking about jobs.

Some good news …………………………………….

I’ve started my first paid role about the start of last week, the day after Easter bank holiday. It’s splendid that I am getting paid for once. I’m not trying to talk negatively but to be realistic it is going to last till August and then I will be on the unemployment line again.

The work I am doing is just a full term job of what I’ve done in volunteering in the short-term if that makes sense. But I there are some good points to take from this experience which will help my job prospects.

  1. Since I am working on most of the weekdays. I can observe the people who come and go. Although I felt embarrassed yesterday. Funny story. I answered the door, two people came in dressed up. I told the senior manager “there are two people here to see you”. I didn’t realise who they were at the time but I later found out that they were more senior than those working in the office. So I did feel guilty of not recognising higher authority. It would be like if I was working for HP or Directline and not recognising the managers of different departments.
  2. Since I’m a paid employee. I get to work alone in the office. Some of the time, especially last week. I took messages for the staff when they were out which was good because I want to be felt that I am trusted to keep the reputation of the organisation.
  3. I am currently doing an informal course in Microsoft Excel, since I am working on an Excel spreadsheet, I can take a few things that I have learnt and apply it to my work.

Moving on, since I’m getting paid (even though it is on a minimum wage), I’m spending some money on music to keep me motivated. I brought around five albums from Amazon and three from iTunes ranging from Pop, Rock, and Instrumental music. One of the notable albums I brought was That’s What I Call Music 90. The main reason I brought the album was because I listen to most of the songs on YouTube. Having played them many times, I said to myself “Why not buy it”. To be honest, I would forget to listen to the songs or not have those songs in mind. To be honest, I haven’t brought a That’s What I Call Music album in a long time, mainly because all the album wasn’t as strong or enjoyable to listen to overall and I brought some of the songs beforehand from artists individual albums.

album cover

But just seeing the songs on the album like Uptown Funk which will be one single that will be most remembered in the end of 2015, I could name most of the tracks on this blog but that would take too long. So really I couldn’t resist buying the album. After listening to all the tracks, the album is the best purchase I have made so far and I don’t think that particular album will come again anytime soon.

I also brought Now That’s What I Call Music 2002 and 2003 albums. I wrote a blog discussing my favourite eras when it was a good time to be listening to great music.. Around the early 2000s which was when I enjoyed great music. I listened to the 2002 album and it brought back a load of memories. I do admit that some of the songs on that album I brought previously, most of the tracks I gathered from file sharing website a few years ago but I have lost interest in doing that. I listened to the album yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed listening to every one, it didn’t appear to have one weak song which was a basic element or foundation of purchasing an album.

Till Next Time!


Emmm, better get my brain in gear

Emmm, better get my brain in gear

Hello folks, Welcome to my blog.

Just want to say thank you to hellaturnup for those positive comments you gave me on her blog.

Since I have been feeling depressed or unhappy about life lately.

I came up with some home truths or some motivations to cheer people up.

Watch or listen to something that will make you laugh

Well, I recently purchased Mr Bean series 1 on iTunes. I watched the first episode and I thought where he is sitting an exam, why would someone bring so many pens?

If you have internet or WiFi access, go and visit YouTube. One of my favourites is Iron Sheik on Howard Stern and Balls of Steel, they are hilarious and equally insulting.

Listen to sad music

Ok, I may not like admitting this but I do advise it. Well what I mean by sad music is that I dot mean you to listen to the Cheeky Girls or the Fast Food Rockers song about McDonald’s. But I suggest listen to ballads or balladish songs from this list:

  • Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
  • Remember When – Avril Lavigne
  • Stay with Me – Sam Smith
  • Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
  • Everytime – Britney Spears
  • Happy – Leona Lewis
  • Everybody Hurts – The Corrs
  • Man On A Wire – The Script

Yeah, it’s not brilliant listen to them, well maybe some of those (without mentioning them) are probably more appropriate for romantic break ups but it helps me to get that anxiety or emotional stress off over and done with. I wouldn’t bother mentioning these songs if there wasn’t a meaning or purpose behind it. If you got your own music playlist of favourites then that’s brilliant.

Go for exercise

Although, I haven’t tried this, the thought of jogging and walking just lets people forget about the emotions and quickly move on.

Cool Down

The best thing to do is to close down Facebook and maybe a few blogging websites before you let people know how you are feeling. I learnt from posting “down in the dumps” on my Facebook page. I didn’t get much sympathy from the crowd and I got the impression and probably still now that they are reluctant to talk to me.

Treat Yourself

Well I meant spoil yourself with a meal out or cook something meaningful. I was supposed to have a curry on Wednesday night but there was none of them in the house.

Listen to music that is uplifting

For this section, it’s more about what music suits you. (I don’t know what sort of music your interesting in) so I’m going to keep this general.

Here is some advice, if you have access to YouTube or Spotify then it would be easier to do this. In the time when you get upset I want you to write down as many songs as you can think off your top of your head. It is also best to listen to the songs you were thinking off just so that you can think of those songs in that variety or in the genre. That’s just my advice.

I will give you one song to go by.

Just this one:

Hall of Fame – The Script

Thanks for reading my blog !!!!



Just listening to Mirrors by JT at the start of the blog. Which reminds me of how singers can hold their breath for singing non stop for nearly 5 minutes, I found that idea crazy.

Anyways, I have had a somewhat of a busy week.

On Monday, I hadn’t done very much apart from job seeking.

Tuesday I can vaguely remember what I did apart from going out for a meal with fellow volunteers in Hampstead.

Wednesday, I went over to Watford to see a recruitment agency.

Thursday, Went for an informal interview at an estate agents and done volunteering.

Friday, Went to church and went food shopping afterwards.

When I came home from Hampstead on Tuesday night, I missed the Italy England game but I was randomly browsing through the tv channels on the freeview television and some shows called Teens on Channel 4+1, First Dates on Channel 4 came up with some gruesome looking movie about some address starring Richard Attenborough on BBC Four were on.

It’s kind of sad going through shows on Channel 4 because it felt like I was nosing around people’s private life. There was some girl on there that reminds me of myself who hasn’t been passionately kissed or doesn’t think of three letters. I’m quite happy or feel settled being single because I’m not particularly interested or bothered in romance these days, not that I want to live without regret but maybe I’m not ready to have a heartbroken, not that it is relevant or anything.

Sometimes I want to meet girls who I’ve chatted through Instant messaging or texting, (I’m quite kind of afraid or going out alone to pubs by myself to meet people etc) for an amount of time but then once myself or the other person don’t write or text back on an app for a long time then that makes me feel agitated because the person is either too busy or don’t have the thought of missing me so it is quite of annoying texting “Hi, How are you” two times without a response. What should I do then if that person doesn’t reply, I just forgot that person for good? It kind of sucks when that happens. I want to tend to move on from that pretty quickly. NEXT PERSON PLEASE.


Good job to those couples of people in relationships who can keep conservations or keep contact through phone, email and face to face.

As Eurovision anniversary show is on tonight, I can’t be asked to watch it anyway, my favourite Eurovision act of all time would be hard to say. After I listened to Loreen, I brought her album ‘Heal’ on Amazon which I listen too if it picks it randomly on my iPod nano. I may watch Eurovision semi and grand finals this year but I’m not that interested in the ‘favouritism’ contest this year. I know the UK won’t win, I know that much.