Just listening to Mirrors by JT at the start of the blog. Which reminds me of how singers can hold their breath for singing non stop for nearly 5 minutes, I found that idea crazy.

Anyways, I have had a somewhat of a busy week.

On Monday, I hadn’t done very much apart from job seeking.

Tuesday I can vaguely remember what I did apart from going out for a meal with fellow volunteers in Hampstead.

Wednesday, I went over to Watford to see a recruitment agency.

Thursday, Went for an informal interview at an estate agents and done volunteering.

Friday, Went to church and went food shopping afterwards.

When I came home from Hampstead on Tuesday night, I missed the Italy England game but I was randomly browsing through the tv channels on the freeview television and some shows called Teens on Channel 4+1, First Dates on Channel 4 came up with some gruesome looking movie about some address starring Richard Attenborough on BBC Four were on.

It’s kind of sad going through shows on Channel 4 because it felt like I was nosing around people’s private life. There was some girl on there that reminds me of myself who hasn’t been passionately kissed or doesn’t think of three letters. I’m quite happy or feel settled being single because I’m not particularly interested or bothered in romance these days, not that I want to live without regret but maybe I’m not ready to have a heartbroken, not that it is relevant or anything.

Sometimes I want to meet girls who I’ve chatted through Instant messaging or texting, (I’m quite kind of afraid or going out alone to pubs by myself to meet people etc) for an amount of time but then once myself or the other person don’t write or text back on an app for a long time then that makes me feel agitated because the person is either too busy or don’t have the thought of missing me so it is quite of annoying texting “Hi, How are you” two times without a response. What should I do then if that person doesn’t reply, I just forgot that person for good? It kind of sucks when that happens. I want to tend to move on from that pretty quickly. NEXT PERSON PLEASE.


Good job to those couples of people in relationships who can keep conservations or keep contact through phone, email and face to face.

As Eurovision anniversary show is on tonight, I can’t be asked to watch it anyway, my favourite Eurovision act of all time would be hard to say. After I listened to Loreen, I brought her album ‘Heal’ on Amazon which I listen too if it picks it randomly on my iPod nano. I may watch Eurovision semi and grand finals this year but I’m not that interested in the ‘favouritism’ contest this year. I know the UK won’t win, I know that much.





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