Emmm, better get my brain in gear

Emmm, better get my brain in gear

Hello folks, Welcome to my blog.

Just want to say thank you to hellaturnup for those positive comments you gave me on her blog.

Since I have been feeling depressed or unhappy about life lately.

I came up with some home truths or some motivations to cheer people up.

Watch or listen to something that will make you laugh

Well, I recently purchased Mr Bean series 1 on iTunes. I watched the first episode and I thought where he is sitting an exam, why would someone bring so many pens?

If you have internet or WiFi access, go and visit YouTube. One of my favourites is Iron Sheik on Howard Stern and Balls of Steel, they are hilarious and equally insulting.

Listen to sad music

Ok, I may not like admitting this but I do advise it. Well what I mean by sad music is that I dot mean you to listen to the Cheeky Girls or the Fast Food Rockers song about McDonald’s. But I suggest listen to ballads or balladish songs from this list:

  • Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
  • Remember When – Avril Lavigne
  • Stay with Me – Sam Smith
  • Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
  • Everytime – Britney Spears
  • Happy – Leona Lewis
  • Everybody Hurts – The Corrs
  • Man On A Wire – The Script

Yeah, it’s not brilliant listen to them, well maybe some of those (without mentioning them) are probably more appropriate for romantic break ups but it helps me to get that anxiety or emotional stress off over and done with. I wouldn’t bother mentioning these songs if there wasn’t a meaning or purpose behind it. If you got your own music playlist of favourites then that’s brilliant.

Go for exercise

Although, I haven’t tried this, the thought of jogging and walking just lets people forget about the emotions and quickly move on.

Cool Down

The best thing to do is to close down Facebook and maybe a few blogging websites before you let people know how you are feeling. I learnt from posting “down in the dumps” on my Facebook page. I didn’t get much sympathy from the crowd and I got the impression and probably still now that they are reluctant to talk to me.

Treat Yourself

Well I meant spoil yourself with a meal out or cook something meaningful. I was supposed to have a curry on Wednesday night but there was none of them in the house.

Listen to music that is uplifting

For this section, it’s more about what music suits you. (I don’t know what sort of music your interesting in) so I’m going to keep this general.

Here is some advice, if you have access to YouTube or Spotify then it would be easier to do this. In the time when you get upset I want you to write down as many songs as you can think off your top of your head. It is also best to listen to the songs you were thinking off just so that you can think of those songs in that variety or in the genre. That’s just my advice.

I will give you one song to go by.

Just this one:

Hall of Fame – The Script

Thanks for reading my blog !!!!


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