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football calendar

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Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite football team in the world which is Manchester United. Some exciting times ahead.

Manchester United logo

I’m very happy that Man U are signing Memphis Depay. Sounds an exciting footballer. He reminds me a little flare of Cristiano Ronaldo. If I was the manager, I would give Depay the no 7 shirt because he is going to be a long-term prospect. I agree with Gary Neville that Man U have truly known for their wingers. Over the past decades Manchester United have developed great wing players such as likes of George Best, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Nani, Cristiano Ronaldo. It is no surprise to me that Manchester United brought Depay for that reason.

Of having the opportunity to watch a lot of European Football across the German, Italian and French leagues, there are a few people who I would shortlist.

This would be my shortlist of players that I would have at United.

I do believe that United need to strengthen in their defenders. They need a right back that can play regularly so I have gone for Clyne from Southampton. In central defense, they need to look the next Ferdinand and Vidic partnership. If you look at Juventus partnership in Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci  they are very imposing figures on the pitch so I would want to have someone experienced like Hummels to come in. I don’t think United need young defenders if I’m honest in the first team side.

It is clear from the midfielders point of view, yes Herrera and Fellaini have shined in attacking midfielder. It is clear to me that either Carrick or Blind would play a defensive midfielder role but then again blind has being playing mostly as a left back this season because likes of Luke Shaw is getting injuries. I do think Man U need to get a defensive midfielder. So I would have gone with experienced midfielders such as:

Charlie Adam, Ilkay Gundogan, Paul Pogba, Morgan Schneiderlin, Sami Khedria or Yohan Cabaye.

As for attackers, I do believe Falco and Van Persie will be gone from United. I do have a list of replacements that I would like to see at United. A name like Thomas Muller from Bayern would be mind-blowing to say the least. However I want to see Javier Hernandez return to United. I would have Hernandez play with Rooney in most of the games. If I’m looking for someone who can score goals then Lacazette would be my pick. I have been impressed with Lacazette, he is still a young player at 23 so why not snap him. I may also look at Danny Ings but he may probably get more playing time at Liverpool.

I would take back what I said about LVG, nearly a year to this day actually (doesn’t time go quickly). Louie has done a fantastic job of buying some quality signings and getting the players morale back up.

A few examples like: Ander Herrara who has flourished, Fellani returned to good form at an important time Ashley Young who is playing first team football which is good to see Daley Blind and David De Gea who has turned into a world-class player who is still young at the age of 24. I did fear tho when De Gea first joined United that he would be the successor to Iker Casillas. I would do anything I could to keep hold of De Gea to sign a new contract to stay at United. If David De Gea goes, I don’t expect United to sign another goalkeeper, I don’t it is worth it to be honest. Valdes would be the ideal replacement, he reminds me of Van De Sar in that respect. When Van De Sar came to Man U after playing for Fulham, he played for some great sides like Ajax and Juventus, from there he won trophies like the Champions League so he had good deal of experience behind him. I just think buying Lloris or Begovic is a waste of money, I would like see other goalkeepers like Ben Amos, Anders Lindegaard or Sam Johnstone stepping up for next season.

I believe in giving the reserves or under 21’s opportunities for players like Adnan Januzaj, James Wilson, Nick Powell, Andreas Pereira and Jessie Lingard a chance to play in the first team.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you next time.

Review of England’s Test side

Review of England’s Test side

Good day everyone, hope you had a good bank holiday and a good weekend.

Time for my blog.

In this blog I’m just going to chat mostly about cricket, if it bores then better close the window.

picture of england cap

So where do I start with England.

I stress that England were favourites to win the test series against the West Indies because of the experience and talent they had in the dressing room. I wouldn’t call West Indies medicare at the start of the test series because West Indies are a strong side. I thought Chanderpaul would deliver as he was the main guy for them for a number of years. I wouldn’t have taken them lightly because obviously they have players like Taylor, Bravo, Samuels who served as a warning to England. I respect the West Indies very much because the senior players like Holder, Ramdin, Samuels could have easily snubbed the test series to play in the IPL, but I’m glad for them that test cricket came first. Overall the West Indies would take a draw, I am pleased for them that they did.

From an England perspective, there have been some notable performances from various players. I was happy that Cook got a century in the third test in Barbados, it will mean a lot to him for his confidence coming up to the test series against New Zealand. In the third test, Jordan took some unbelievable slip catches against spin and pace bowling. I was also proud of Joe Root of getting his first test century oversees, he totally deserves that century. Also for Gary Ballance, he has been able to establish himself as a number three batsman. I was sad to hear that Jonathan Trott is retiring from international cricket. He hasn’t been able to adapt himself to being an opening batsman. I thought Trott had a miserable time, only getting one 50 and three ducks isn’t very memorable. I was impressed by Jimmy Anderson. I thought he was the man of the series as well. He got a brilliant 5 wicket haul in one innings which I will remember well. I was also proud that he overtook Botham as the highest wicket taker for England. I see Anderson playing for another few years because he keeps himself healthy and stays in shape.

Where do England go from here?

I think there should be enquiries made by Graves to the England Cricket Board. I did feel it was a wasted opportunity for Trott. I may have swapped Trott at number 5 to replace Moreen. If Trott had scored a 50 then maybe I would have kept him on but it wasn’t to be. I would have probably given my first cap to Lyth as opening the batting does come naturally to him. To me, the test line up reminds me of an ODI XI because the top nine can all bat. It is kind of frustrating to see that. It isn’t because they can all bat, it is just that England have taken the option that they need to score plenty of runs instead of having bowling variations. What I mean by that is Broad, Jordan and Woakes do bowl fast medium or medium fast pace so for the opposition point of view they will know who they are facing because there isn’t much difference. I would have liked to seen two spinners, probably Tredwell and Rashid if the pitch was going to turn by Day 3 or Day 4. I don’t understand what England’s long-term goal is for Moreen Ali, do they want him to convert to a bowling all-rounder or a batting all-rounder. Reminds me of Jadeja of India where he is a middle order batsman that can bowl spin.

For the next test series against New Zealand in England. My first priority would be to get an opening partner for Cook so Adam Lyth would be the first option, although I would consider Nick Compton and Sam Robson because they should have a second chance to shine. Dependent on the pitch, I would like to play Tredwell and Rashid or only one of those spinners. I would also think carefully about the amount of bowling all rounders there are. I am a bit concerned about having Jordan, Woakes and Broad in the lineup where they all do the same seam bowling. I would probably drop Woakes and put a fast bowler in that lineup and recall someone like Finn or Tremlett. I would   keep Buttler as the wicket keeper, he hasn’t been doing too much wrong, he is developing his cricket to the test arena. I would keep the rest such as Cook, Ballance, Root and Anderson as they are.

Thank you for those cricket fans who have tuned in to my blog.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, my name is Joe and I’m not really sure what I should be discussing today. At the end of the day, it’s just a spur of thoughts ….

Work is going okish. I’m not falling ill because of the work but Is that meant to be say I’m enjoying life to my full potential? I would say probably not at this moment in time. There are variety of reasons.


Yes I am getting paid, which is on the national minimum wage. I don’t have a problem with that but it does sound like, “You’re going to earn the least in the company” which is frustrating because it is under serving.

I’m not sure if the managers, colleagues or other people in the workplace would truly acknowledge or understand  the amount of effort I am putting in day in and day out. Ok maybe I can get recognition once a year. I’m not pissed off or anything but I don’t want to see my work just thrown aside or undervalued. Maybe I am jealous of my own success. It is laughable idea tho to be honest. I would just do things differently, if I saw a person doing a great job I would pat an employee for putting the work in put in a good word, maybe if I am evaluating myself I am probably not doing enough to impress people which probably is frustrating.

I probably should work for a company in the future that offers those psychological consultants, the psychologists would probably have a field day of gathering my thoughts and anxiety issues which is great because I would be able to express and open up about stress or morale.

There are various things I would want to change about my life in general. I would want to change for the better so it feels like doing a New Year Resolutions list.

Last year I did join a local cricket club but this year I don’t have the same desire, fire, eagerness I had to practice cricket. To be honest I didn’t give it much thought to be honest, I hadn’t turned up for net practice for the winter or registering this year, the thing is that I don’t feel guilty of that. When the last practice finished last year, I did realise then I didn’t want to play cricket because these people are way too better and more deserving opportunity.  While I was batting, I had a fast seamer bowling to me and just enjoying hitting the stumps in front of me. What a load of fun that was. I was quite disrespected when I was bowled bouncers but I knew one day it was coming, If you ever heard of the term of Body-line, you probably know what I mean. I felt it was a lack of sportsmanship and tough love in that Bodyline series.

The things I wanted to achieve by the end of last season was to make long term or life long friends, enjoy my performance in fielding, bowling and batting. It didn’t work out that way unfortunately. It obviously hurts when I try something and it doesn’t succeed in the way I wanted to and to admit that nothing is going to make it possible. It is not the club’s fault because I feel that way in general. I felt the same way about basketball, I once went for a tryout at university and I didn’t enjoy playing basketball either because I wasn’t going to be good enough at it or I just seemed that I don’t exist in social circles.

Yes, Life is tough in many ways when feeling isolated about it. Enough said. If you do feel that way then let me know.