Tributes to Legendary performers on stage

Tributes to Legendary performers on stage

Just to start off. I want to make a tribute to performers who turned out to be greats.

Dusty Rhodes

picture of Dusty Rhodes

Just wanted to start off by making a tribute to Dusty Rhodes. To all americans he was the American Dream. As a fan, he was probably the greatest in doing promos. His “Hard Times” segment is up there as one of the most    memorable. Even though Dusty was around before I was born, once I got into wrestling, his name would come up and be mentioned. The great thing that Dusty had to anyone else was his soul. He could tell a great story  both in his promos and in his matches “I’m the hit maker, record breaker”. When I first heard he passed, I thought it was a joke but once I read it was confirmed by the WWE then I was in shock. I revisited his some of his highlights, I watched the hard times speech, his match against Randy Orton,  his Hall of Fame speech and the match between Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs The Shield. I loved the tribute video that WWE did of his career and the bit at the start of Money in the Bank PPV where all the WWE staff and superstars came out for a 10 times gong, I thought that was great show of respect.

Christopher Lee

picture of Christopher Lee

While I was watching a time shift programme about the face Sherlock Holmes. Christopher Lee was on the programme, he spoke about his admiration he had for Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes which I agree with. Funny enough, my only memory of him was when he hosted a documentary called The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes. It was a strange story of how I found that. I basically brought a box set of Sherlock Holmes dvds starring Basil Rathbone. The documentary came in one of the discs, I watched it and I quite enjoyed it. It is a shame that I don’t expect that many publications would be out there. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan and want to know about the history of Sherlock then I would recommend you watch it, it is on YouTube.

Bob Monkhouse

picture of Bob Monkhouse

I regard Bob Monkhouse as a legend. I wanted to say this because I’m watching a documentary of his life on Gold. My memory of him was a game show on Wipeout during the daytime. When I was 10 or 11, I would watch this show, I liked the game but the presenter was just flawless and he made the show tick, it seemed like he was bigger than the show.  I didn’t know he was a comedian at the time but whenever he put off a joke, I started laughing. I’ve only remembered this, Wipeout aired around 2001 so yeah … If he was alive now, I would visit one of his stand up shows, he just seemed professional and I just admire that. May he rest in peace.