Hey everyone!

This a blog I wanted to publish in June but never got to it. Hope you guys and girls like it.

Interesting day, sun is shining, and various of things have happened. Some of them mostly negative, I just have to live with it sometimes. What is the point of talking about negatives? It just makes matters worse. Various topics I would like to cover …..

First thing, I want to say, if you are reading this in the UK, you got to check out Radio 1’s Big Weekend on BBC iPlayer or if you are out of the UK, you might be able to find most common ones on Youtube. There were some amazing artists that performed there. I’m not a festival or concert goer myself but I was so jealous. I seen Jess Glynne and Rita Ora and they looked superb. The one I enjoyed myself was Rudimental. I brought their album over a year and a half ago and who needs Ella Eyre, John Newman, Alex Clare to perform with them live. Rudimental have a great buzz about them, similar to Clean Bandit in the respect that they aren’t known for their vocals. I wonder if this is the future of music where we will see more dance/electro music these days? The other bands I would want to listen to are Taylor Swift, Clean Bandit, Olly Murs, Charli XCX, George Ezra and maybe Muse as well.

Moving on …. I’m not much interested into political stuff but I was glad that Sepp Blatter resigned. He just reminds me old “Gramps” who needs to retire. To be honest I have no problems with Russia hosting the World Cup, I think Russia can host a great world cup. However I don’t feel Qatar would be ideal hosts to be honest. I don’t like the idea of having a World Cup being held during the winter. If I did want to give the world cup to someone, it would be to Australia because with Russia, it brings excitement and it would benefit the Australian economy. They have an established A-League so I think its claim is legitimate.


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