Right on the Money

Right on the Money

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about money in general. Feel free to comment below.

I am aware of one person I know (who I won’t mention) has limited money. Don’t We All

I watched a show on BBC1 called Right On Your Money earlier.

I thought it was an interesting show, Quite random for me to talk about money. I thought that Denise Lewis was a random choice for being a presenter on the show. I think members of the public need to be aware of how serious money is these days. Maybe we all take money for granted and not thought about what we got out of it. I spent about £56 on train travel alone. To me that’s expensive but train travel for me is preferred because I know I don’t travel regularly so to me it needs to feel special. At the same time, while I was in Oxford, I didn’t know what to do in Oxford or know realistically of how long I was going to be there, simple reason was that I had a job interview near Didcot which was what I was mainly thinking about. which is about 30 or 40 minutes away from Oxford city centre. I will talk about my time in Oxford in a later blog.

While Right On Your Money was going along, I was drafting a letter to Right On Your Money. I just want to highlight my perspective on money.

Exclusively, I can reveal the open letter in this link.

You may have seen it already before reading this blog. Overall message to warn people how to look after their money. I think we all take money for granted, Ok, if we got £100 left, why don’t we got an expensive chair or go get £100 gift card from Harrods.

Common occurrences like Cowboy Builders doing bodge jobs can be difficult to replace in a short space of time money wise, buying a house can be considered expensive, car insurance is most likely to be expensive so we can’t be limited.

Ok, I most likely to buy more and more music even if it is built up. Most people can’t live without music.

To all those people struggling with money, my message is, love your money like loving a family member. Don’t abuse your money and keep control of it and not money be in control of you.

That is me done and off to bed. Hope you enjoyed my blog. See you next time.



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