Phill’s World of YouTube

Phill’s World of YouTube

Dear Reader,

Hope all of you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine for the last few days if your reading this from the UK.

In this blog, I am going to be completely random, I haven’t really thought what to write specifically.

The songs I have underneath are not my most favourite songs but they are songs that I presently follow (I’m talking in 28th September 2015 terms). The main purpose is to look at different genres and how the music videos are presented. I didn’t want to include YouTube plugins because it slows the blog when loading this page.

Rita Ora – Body on Me

I like either listening to the song or the music video, it doesn’t really matter which version I listen to (they both sound the same). In the music video, I like how Rita is patriotic about the UK 🙂 (I’m proud to be British people just like Jack Grealish). Rita reminds me of both Beyonce and Rihanna for some reason. For example, when I am listening to the track ‘Young, Single & Sexy’ from her debut album that sounds like a song Beyonce would sing.

Chvrches – Leave A Trace

Well I believe good or bad publicity is still PUBLICITY. I think the lot of criticism on the internet towards Lauren Mayberry is very unfair. To be honest, people get away with writing anything on the internet these days. I hadn’t had any issues with the music video itself, I thought it was an awesome video!! People can dress how they want don’t they? I give a lot of credit to Lauren and to the two other group members for not letting the criticism affect them.

Gareth Emery – Concrete Angel

I only discovered this just a few weeks ago. It turned out to be released three years ago, quite sad :(. It is best to watch the music video in the dark, the lighting in the video looks amazing. It is a great dance track to warm you up on a night out. I can’t say enough of how good Gareth Emery is as a DJ and a music producer, he is certainly underrated in my view.

Bring Me To The Horizon – Throne

I genuinely never heard of the band till about two weeks ago. The funny thing was that I thought they were American lol (turned out to come from Sheffield). Probably the main reason why I haven’t heard of them is because I don’t look in the UK charts (the whole UK charts is made up of pop or a mixture of pop and dance tracks). I don’t see them on 4Music when I am flicking through the channels on Freeview and there not on the first page of iTunes Store.

Tonight Alive – Breakdown

This is a random song choice for me. I don’t remember exactly how I found this band but I found them as a suggestion on the right hand bar on YouTube. This song reminds me of a classic pop punk song that evolves from the 2000s, the song doesn’t stand out in my opinion, I’m not saying I’m reacting negatively, it doesn’t need to be taken mainstream, it just needs to be remembered by those diehard fans who follow that music genre (similar to Bring Me To The Horizon). Throughout the song, the energy is average, it gets uplifted when I hear Benji Madden (from Good Charlotte) come into the song around 2:25 and then the song is pretty cool.

That finishes my reviews, if you have any music videos you want me to review then feel free to submit them in the comments box.

Just want to finish up my blog on just that I am delighted that Leona Lewis got to be on the same stage as Taylor Swift in Nashville, I respect Taylor for inviting her and also for inviting Mick Jagger and Avril Lavigne on other tours as well. It was a shame to hear that Avril split up with Chad a few weeks ago, I was more shocked than disappointed about the news.

If your reading this Avril, I wish you all the best, I was sorry to hear that you had Lyme disease, your music has been an inspiration in my life and I hope you can continue producing great music.

Talking about Avril, I want to respond to the top ten billboard hits of Avril Lavigne

My ten songs in no particular order are:

  1. Girlfriend
  2. When I’m Gone
  3. What The Hell
  4. The Best Damn Thing
  5. I’m With You
  6. Complicated
  7. Losing Grip
  8. Knockin on Heaven’s Door
  9. Darlin
  10. Wish You Were Here

To be honest, I could have done a top 20 list or just said all of her songs from the first four albums were great.

If you think you have a better list than me then please share your comments below.

Thank you for reading the whole way through again.

TILL NEXT TIME …………………………………………………………………………….


My Internship experience Part II

My Internship experience Part II

Hello. This is part two of my internship. If you hadn’t read Part 1 already then this would be the best time to go and read it.

So before I can continue with telling my story, already you know that:

  • My first week was mixed
  • I had arranged to go Ireland the following week
  • I was partly alone on my second day.

The day I came back into work, I don’t remember much on what happened but I wanted to forget the previous week I was there and I was itching to go and WORK and make a fresh start.

When I arrived, my supervisor wasn’t there, there was just two people in the office. I assumed that the two people would act as a messenger and give me tasks to do. The person I reported to knew that I was away for a full week in Ireland. I own up to not telling the supervisor that I had completed the work (although I did email and attach my work over to him), it seemed like he had not arranged or prepared any work for me to do while he was away but he knew that I was coming in on the day so it really puzzles me why he wants me to come in when it isn’t needed. One of the guys said “You will get set work later on”, on two occasions which I took as a load of bull because I didn’t believe that was the case. I’m not the sort of person that doesn’t want to be standing around doing nothing.

Throughout the internship, I had wasted over £20 on travel expenses, I couldn’t claim those expenses unless I stayed another two weeks which I wasn’t prepared to do I took it as damage limitation.

On the day before I resigned, I wanted to forget everything that happened on the day before, someone put me on the phone to my supervisor and he told me the tasks to do over the phone so I was kept busy for most of the day. To be honest, the day was a joke to be honest because the computer I was working on kept crashing because the computers were left on all night so I had to wait a while till I could do the work properly. On instinct, I removed records of me working for the agency on my LinkedIn profile so I can just pretend that the work was void.

I had serious concerns and suspicions going forward on what the owner’s intentions were, I mean, I don’t think it was taken as seriously as I thought, the owners were away frequently from the office or rarely there so I didn’t see much commitment from both of the owners towards the business in terms of managing work in the office. I understood that at the time that there whole business was meeting up with potential clients and picking potential deals.  But felt that I wasn’t going to get much direction where it is most important, it felt a no win situation for me.

One particular thing that eluded me was there was a salesman coming in frequently working in our office who wasn’t part of the company. It wasn’t my say to question why he was there but I felt he didn’t have much right to be in the office. I don’t believe the company is legit if it is allowing people from different companies to work in our office, what message does it send to people like myself? It would be like someone from Vodafone working at Sony, it just doesn’t make much sense. I want to also question also why the organisation has taking so long to create a website? What has the company done in the last two years? I say that because it specialises in online marketing and so a website should be established before you go out to market your business.

To be honest, I should have paid more attention to the last question before I accepted the internship.

For most of the days I was there, I didn’t do the full duration because of the work that was set meant that I could finish earlier than usual so I didn’t believe that I was tested much which is good because it reduces my travel expenses. When I was undertaking the tasks, I quickly became miserable because I wasn’t enjoying what marketing is like in 2015, to be honest I wasn’t BOTHERED. I wasn’t enjoying the whole concept of how marketing techniques worked, researching a government in Africa which I felt wasn’t anything to do with the organisation I was working for and researching contacts didn’t really interest me.

On the last day I was there, I was miserable heading into work, I was mentally ill and stressed out. When I was in the office, I was close to tears, I just hid my emotions. After the tasks that were given, I just lost all enjoyment and I felt I couldn’t take anymore of the work. When I was told of the tasks that I had to do, it felt like listening to a 20 minute seminar.

I just couldn’t cope anymore then I left the office knowing I wasn’t going to come back, it was at the right time as the owners of the company just left myself and another intern to look after the office for the time being, as in the lyrics of a famous song by Will Young “I think I better leave right now, feeling weaker and weaker”.

Picture showing a person feeling miserable
Miserable feeling

On going forward, I know that I have made the right decision in resigning because I clearly wasn’t enjoying the work, mentality I was ill and stressed out. I knew that I wanted to resign, on two days before I resigned, I removed the job that I put on my LinkedIn profile and I didn’t feel guilty of deleting it. I don’t have to regret this decision. Realistically, for the first weeks I need to ask myself:

  • Is this what I want to pursue?
  • Is it something I enjoy and passion about?
  • Do I see myself fulfilling my potential?

For me personally, I was told in an interview for an internship at one time, if you aren’t enjoying the work then its best to let them know as soon as possible.

I have learnt a few things from this valuable experience, the experience has not gone all vain, I have learnt now that working in a  marketing agency is not the next career move for me. I need to be careful about the companies I am approach, I would in hindsight prefer to work for an established company or organisation that knows what it takes to be successful and isn’t frighten of hard work.

On Thursday that went past, I started my first day of volunteering at Churches Conservation Trust, (I might have mentioned it earlier). To be honest, despite people thinking churches isn’t really interesting, I was interested in learning about the Trust and Churches in general. I was blown away that they have an IT system which is used by Harrods, ITV, Sports Direct, just to name a few. For once I had been given work that was challenging which kept me busy and one of the staff were willing  to sort my expenses. That to me shows that they care and made sure that I was satisfied 🙂

Logo of Churches Conservation Trust

Hope you enjoyed Part Two of my story.

A person reading a book

To reflect on this experience, the truth is that I don’t ever regret accepting the internship because it is a learning experience and I look forward to what the future holds for me.

Who goes through their working history knowing it to be perfect?

Like travelling, I have visited likes of Cheltenham and Oxford in the past twelve months and I have learnt that Cheltenham was an enjoyable experience whereas Oxford was not.

Speaking of travelling, I’m off to Windsor Castle tomorrow. I’m very excited about that because it is on my to do list. Just exploring the castle will be a fantastic experience.

My internship experience Part 1

My internship experience Part 1

Hey guys, welcome to Part 1.

As always, you are welcome to leave feedback in my comments beneath this blog so let your keyboard do the talking.

In this blog I’m just going to be discussing my first week of my internship.

So to start off at the beginning, I wanted to find a job opportunity urgently because I didn’t have any desire to go to Ireland and so I wanted to come up with a reasonable explanation or excuse of not going there. I don’t want to make out that I am taking it upon Irish people but I knew that the house I was going to do was not going to be an enjoyable experience.

At a family get together, I got some motivation and inspiration that I should look at internships so after that I got the idea in my head to approach start up companies for internships so I typed in “internships at start ups” or something similar. I then found a site called workinstartups . I looked carefully at some jobs and applied for a few that were based in London. I then got contacted by email to come in for an interview, I can’t remember the date exactly. On the same day before I had my interview, I was visiting the Church Conservation Trust office.

In the other interview itself when I was seeing the start up company, beforehand I was wondering around London for about 20 minutes looking for the office (it is the usual thing I do in London when going to interviews). I finally found the place, it was a bit disorganised funny enough, I went to the reception desk and the receptionist was not that unhelpful or didn’t look happy, I asked to see the guy I was meant to see and he wasn’t in the office so I texted him to let him know I was here, soon he arrived to greet me. We went up in the lift together, it was kind of weird, we were starting the interview in the lift lol. Then we went up to the office, when I went in there, it was just like going into a classroom, there was about five people in there, I don’t remember what I was doing at that point but all I remember was that some of the girls were asking me what my background was and that sort of thing I went out of the room with the interviewer somewhere else, he told me that I needed to be comfortable so we had continued the conservation while we were walking to Tesco so he could get his lunch, it seemed to be uncomfortable or something. We then got back to the office, I then sat down and I then don’t remember what I was asked but I do remember that one of the owners asked “Why Should I Hire You”, before I was about to answer that, he told me, this is the most important question of your life and I give you some time to think about it so I just gave myself around three to four minutes to think about it. I then just said my speech and that was it. I then left to go home. I didn’t believe that I felt I happy or sad about it, I just felt neutral.

After two days, on a Sunday afternoon, I got an email saying I was offered the internship, I was happy that I was offered the internship but I felt my dad was trying to stir up my mother saying that someone else refused it which I felt was out of line. I felt they were disappointed about it because they already booked to go to Ireland about a day or two days before so I then wrote on Facebook that I got offered it. At that point, I just said straight away that I was going to accept it with no hesitation or just not thinking too much about it. On the email, it said I would start straight away on the Wednesday next so I had about three days to wait for it.

The thing was, I didn’t honestly know much about the background of the company because the company hadn’t got a website at that point or it was just in the developing stages, I just relied on external sources to go on. I remember going on their LinkedIn profile the day before I went their and it just didn’t look professional, I could see some basic and simple mistakes being made such as development and design was spelt wrong on the cover page. I thought then it was very misleading, I mean if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t look professional then freelancers or clients on behalf of organisations won’t revisit again, it’s just as simple as that really. The first thing I said to my supervisor (the one who interviewed me) on my first day was saying that you need to fix these corrections on your LinkedIn page, he smiled or something. It just looked liked at that situation that he was testing me but  I took the matter seriously because the company relies heavily on how there social media pages looks like because all the big brands have Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Overall, I did enjoy my first day, I had no problems with it and I made a positive impression towards the rest of the people who were there. One criticism I would make throughout the internship was that some of the people were swearing in front of me, to me that it is just a slap in the face because it is disrespectful and just out of line. I had never heard swearing at work ever beforehand, I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen but I expect those to have self-respect and respect for people around them.

On my second day, that was when the tables turned for me in terms of what was required. In the morning, I arrived and I opened the premises at around 10.30, I thought some of the people were going to be in before me but I was the first one there.  I felt that it seemed weird that a person who was doing their second day was opening the office? It felt weird. What felt weirder was that no one came in till after 12 so I was by myself for an hour and a half. I was joking with the people who arrived at 12 saying I’m going to put opening the office in my CV.

During the mean time, I was just finished off the work I did the day beforehand which didn’t take me that long to complete. I then sat idle for the rest of the day because I had not get set any other work, I admit that I wasn’t very forthcoming about saying I completed work to my supervisor but at the end of the day I had no contact from my supervisor and on the day no tasks had been set for me to do so on the day I was quite miserable and just frustrated that I wasted the day there. When people go to work, they have a job to do, its simple as that, what I don’t understand is why I wasn’t set any other work? Surely in insight, I expect from the first day they would have planned work for me in advance but it just looked like a chill out day in my point of view.

There is a quote I want to share.

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom”

which was said by Vincent Van Gogh.

I look up to Vincent Van Gogh because he himself was a passionate entrepreneur. Although he may have sold one painting in his lifetime but interestingly he said that his paintings would be more valuable than the value of paints in his picture. According to online sources, he produced nearly 900 works which does sound like a staggering number, I don’t think I would get to publish 900 blogs, we will wait and see but it tells me he was not afraid of hard work. I would liked to have met Vincent and possibly asked him to draw a portrait of me, that would have been sweet.

quote from Vincent Van Gogh

To me, that reflects my whole experience throughout the internship. I thrived at working hard in my previous volunteer work and that was my point I wanted to make about “never-ending”. I felt insulted that on the second day that I didn’t get set any work. At the moment in time, I was raising questions of what is the sake of continuing a business if you aren’t going to devote much time into it. To me I thought a small business would thrive at hard work, shouldn’t it be hard work and challenging?

Before the interview, I read the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile and I discovered he was doing four jobs at one time, I originally thought it was a good thing, but reality wise I seen it from my eyes that you can’t do four things at once.

The next day, my supervisor was in the office in that morning, I explained to him that I was miserable because I hadn’t been given much to do which pained me at the time.

Whenever I gone volunteering, I had been given “never-ending” jobs which is fantastic because I’m at least learning something and not been bored at work. On the day, I was given about five tasks to do which I managed to complete effectively. I enjoyed that part because it was a challenge for me to prosper.

I then took a holiday a week after because my dad had booked a vacation to go to Ireland for a week, I wouldn’t want to say too much because I will write my thoughts on the trip for another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of my internship experience.

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