My internship experience Part 1

My internship experience Part 1

Hey guys, welcome to Part 1.

As always, you are welcome to leave feedback in my comments beneath this blog so let your keyboard do the talking.

In this blog I’m just going to be discussing my first week of my internship.

So to start off at the beginning, I wanted to find a job opportunity urgently because I didn’t have any desire to go to Ireland and so I wanted to come up with a reasonable explanation or excuse of not going there. I don’t want to make out that I am taking it upon Irish people but I knew that the house I was going to do was not going to be an enjoyable experience.

At a family get together, I got some motivation and inspiration that I should look at internships so after that I got the idea in my head to approach start up companies for internships so I typed in “internships at start ups” or something similar. I then found a site called workinstartups . I looked carefully at some jobs and applied for a few that were based in London. I then got contacted by email to come in for an interview, I can’t remember the date exactly. On the same day before I had my interview, I was visiting the Church Conservation Trust office.

In the other interview itself when I was seeing the start up company, beforehand I was wondering around London for about 20 minutes looking for the office (it is the usual thing I do in London when going to interviews). I finally found the place, it was a bit disorganised funny enough, I went to the reception desk and the receptionist was not that unhelpful or didn’t look happy, I asked to see the guy I was meant to see and he wasn’t in the office so I texted him to let him know I was here, soon he arrived to greet me. We went up in the lift together, it was kind of weird, we were starting the interview in the lift lol. Then we went up to the office, when I went in there, it was just like going into a classroom, there was about five people in there, I don’t remember what I was doing at that point but all I remember was that some of the girls were asking me what my background was and that sort of thing I went out of the room with the interviewer somewhere else, he told me that I needed to be comfortable so we had continued the conservation while we were walking to Tesco so he could get his lunch, it seemed to be uncomfortable or something. We then got back to the office, I then sat down and I then don’t remember what I was asked but I do remember that one of the owners asked “Why Should I Hire You”, before I was about to answer that, he told me, this is the most important question of your life and I give you some time to think about it so I just gave myself around three to four minutes to think about it. I then just said my speech and that was it. I then left to go home. I didn’t believe that I felt I happy or sad about it, I just felt neutral.

After two days, on a Sunday afternoon, I got an email saying I was offered the internship, I was happy that I was offered the internship but I felt my dad was trying to stir up my mother saying that someone else refused it which I felt was out of line. I felt they were disappointed about it because they already booked to go to Ireland about a day or two days before so I then wrote on Facebook that I got offered it. At that point, I just said straight away that I was going to accept it with no hesitation or just not thinking too much about it. On the email, it said I would start straight away on the Wednesday next so I had about three days to wait for it.

The thing was, I didn’t honestly know much about the background of the company because the company hadn’t got a website at that point or it was just in the developing stages, I just relied on external sources to go on. I remember going on their LinkedIn profile the day before I went their and it just didn’t look professional, I could see some basic and simple mistakes being made such as development and design was spelt wrong on the cover page. I thought then it was very misleading, I mean if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t look professional then freelancers or clients on behalf of organisations won’t revisit again, it’s just as simple as that really. The first thing I said to my supervisor (the one who interviewed me) on my first day was saying that you need to fix these corrections on your LinkedIn page, he smiled or something. It just looked liked at that situation that he was testing me but  I took the matter seriously because the company relies heavily on how there social media pages looks like because all the big brands have Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Overall, I did enjoy my first day, I had no problems with it and I made a positive impression towards the rest of the people who were there. One criticism I would make throughout the internship was that some of the people were swearing in front of me, to me that it is just a slap in the face because it is disrespectful and just out of line. I had never heard swearing at work ever beforehand, I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen but I expect those to have self-respect and respect for people around them.

On my second day, that was when the tables turned for me in terms of what was required. In the morning, I arrived and I opened the premises at around 10.30, I thought some of the people were going to be in before me but I was the first one there.  I felt that it seemed weird that a person who was doing their second day was opening the office? It felt weird. What felt weirder was that no one came in till after 12 so I was by myself for an hour and a half. I was joking with the people who arrived at 12 saying I’m going to put opening the office in my CV.

During the mean time, I was just finished off the work I did the day beforehand which didn’t take me that long to complete. I then sat idle for the rest of the day because I had not get set any other work, I admit that I wasn’t very forthcoming about saying I completed work to my supervisor but at the end of the day I had no contact from my supervisor and on the day no tasks had been set for me to do so on the day I was quite miserable and just frustrated that I wasted the day there. When people go to work, they have a job to do, its simple as that, what I don’t understand is why I wasn’t set any other work? Surely in insight, I expect from the first day they would have planned work for me in advance but it just looked like a chill out day in my point of view.

There is a quote I want to share.

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom”

which was said by Vincent Van Gogh.

I look up to Vincent Van Gogh because he himself was a passionate entrepreneur. Although he may have sold one painting in his lifetime but interestingly he said that his paintings would be more valuable than the value of paints in his picture. According to online sources, he produced nearly 900 works which does sound like a staggering number, I don’t think I would get to publish 900 blogs, we will wait and see but it tells me he was not afraid of hard work. I would liked to have met Vincent and possibly asked him to draw a portrait of me, that would have been sweet.

quote from Vincent Van Gogh

To me, that reflects my whole experience throughout the internship. I thrived at working hard in my previous volunteer work and that was my point I wanted to make about “never-ending”. I felt insulted that on the second day that I didn’t get set any work. At the moment in time, I was raising questions of what is the sake of continuing a business if you aren’t going to devote much time into it. To me I thought a small business would thrive at hard work, shouldn’t it be hard work and challenging?

Before the interview, I read the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile and I discovered he was doing four jobs at one time, I originally thought it was a good thing, but reality wise I seen it from my eyes that you can’t do four things at once.

The next day, my supervisor was in the office in that morning, I explained to him that I was miserable because I hadn’t been given much to do which pained me at the time.

Whenever I gone volunteering, I had been given “never-ending” jobs which is fantastic because I’m at least learning something and not been bored at work. On the day, I was given about five tasks to do which I managed to complete effectively. I enjoyed that part because it was a challenge for me to prosper.

I then took a holiday a week after because my dad had booked a vacation to go to Ireland for a week, I wouldn’t want to say too much because I will write my thoughts on the trip for another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of my internship experience.

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7 thoughts on “My internship experience Part 1

  1. What an experience! Thank you for sharing it and in such grave detail, too! So what is the start up exactly? I’m sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t EXACTLY what you wanted but that you enjoyed it. Having to open up the office when you’re so, that’s a huge responsibility! Way to handle it like a champ though! I love your quotes about Van Gogh also! Good work Joe!

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