My Internship experience Part II

My Internship experience Part II

Hello. This is part two of my internship. If you hadn’t read Part 1 already then this would be the best time to go and read it.

So before I can continue with telling my story, already you know that:

  • My first week was mixed
  • I had arranged to go Ireland the following week
  • I was partly alone on my second day.

The day I came back into work, I don’t remember much on what happened but I wanted to forget the previous week I was there and I was itching to go and WORK and make a fresh start.

When I arrived, my supervisor wasn’t there, there was just two people in the office. I assumed that the two people would act as a messenger and give me tasks to do. The person I reported to knew that I was away for a full week in Ireland. I own up to not telling the supervisor that I had completed the work (although I did email and attach my work over to him), it seemed like he had not arranged or prepared any work for me to do while he was away but he knew that I was coming in on the day so it really puzzles me why he wants me to come in when it isn’t needed. One of the guys said “You will get set work later on”, on two occasions which I took as a load of bull because I didn’t believe that was the case. I’m not the sort of person that doesn’t want to be standing around doing nothing.

Throughout the internship, I had wasted over £20 on travel expenses, I couldn’t claim those expenses unless I stayed another two weeks which I wasn’t prepared to do I took it as damage limitation.

On the day before I resigned, I wanted to forget everything that happened on the day before, someone put me on the phone to my supervisor and he told me the tasks to do over the phone so I was kept busy for most of the day. To be honest, the day was a joke to be honest because the computer I was working on kept crashing because the computers were left on all night so I had to wait a while till I could do the work properly. On instinct, I removed records of me working for the agency on my LinkedIn profile so I can just pretend that the work was void.

I had serious concerns and suspicions going forward on what the owner’s intentions were, I mean, I don’t think it was taken as seriously as I thought, the owners were away frequently from the office or rarely there so I didn’t see much commitment from both of the owners towards the business in terms of managing work in the office. I understood that at the time that there whole business was meeting up with potential clients and picking potential deals.  But felt that I wasn’t going to get much direction where it is most important, it felt a no win situation for me.

One particular thing that eluded me was there was a salesman coming in frequently working in our office who wasn’t part of the company. It wasn’t my say to question why he was there but I felt he didn’t have much right to be in the office. I don’t believe the company is legit if it is allowing people from different companies to work in our office, what message does it send to people like myself? It would be like someone from Vodafone working at Sony, it just doesn’t make much sense. I want to also question also why the organisation has taking so long to create a website? What has the company done in the last two years? I say that because it specialises in online marketing and so a website should be established before you go out to market your business.

To be honest, I should have paid more attention to the last question before I accepted the internship.

For most of the days I was there, I didn’t do the full duration because of the work that was set meant that I could finish earlier than usual so I didn’t believe that I was tested much which is good because it reduces my travel expenses. When I was undertaking the tasks, I quickly became miserable because I wasn’t enjoying what marketing is like in 2015, to be honest I wasn’t BOTHERED. I wasn’t enjoying the whole concept of how marketing techniques worked, researching a government in Africa which I felt wasn’t anything to do with the organisation I was working for and researching contacts didn’t really interest me.

On the last day I was there, I was miserable heading into work, I was mentally ill and stressed out. When I was in the office, I was close to tears, I just hid my emotions. After the tasks that were given, I just lost all enjoyment and I felt I couldn’t take anymore of the work. When I was told of the tasks that I had to do, it felt like listening to a 20 minute seminar.

I just couldn’t cope anymore then I left the office knowing I wasn’t going to come back, it was at the right time as the owners of the company just left myself and another intern to look after the office for the time being, as in the lyrics of a famous song by Will Young “I think I better leave right now, feeling weaker and weaker”.

Picture showing a person feeling miserable
Miserable feeling

On going forward, I know that I have made the right decision in resigning because I clearly wasn’t enjoying the work, mentality I was ill and stressed out. I knew that I wanted to resign, on two days before I resigned, I removed the job that I put on my LinkedIn profile and I didn’t feel guilty of deleting it. I don’t have to regret this decision. Realistically, for the first weeks I need to ask myself:

  • Is this what I want to pursue?
  • Is it something I enjoy and passion about?
  • Do I see myself fulfilling my potential?

For me personally, I was told in an interview for an internship at one time, if you aren’t enjoying the work then its best to let them know as soon as possible.

I have learnt a few things from this valuable experience, the experience has not gone all vain, I have learnt now that working in a  marketing agency is not the next career move for me. I need to be careful about the companies I am approach, I would in hindsight prefer to work for an established company or organisation that knows what it takes to be successful and isn’t frighten of hard work.

On Thursday that went past, I started my first day of volunteering at Churches Conservation Trust, (I might have mentioned it earlier). To be honest, despite people thinking churches isn’t really interesting, I was interested in learning about the Trust and Churches in general. I was blown away that they have an IT system which is used by Harrods, ITV, Sports Direct, just to name a few. For once I had been given work that was challenging which kept me busy and one of the staff were willing  to sort my expenses. That to me shows that they care and made sure that I was satisfied 🙂

Logo of Churches Conservation Trust

Hope you enjoyed Part Two of my story.

A person reading a book

To reflect on this experience, the truth is that I don’t ever regret accepting the internship because it is a learning experience and I look forward to what the future holds for me.

Who goes through their working history knowing it to be perfect?

Like travelling, I have visited likes of Cheltenham and Oxford in the past twelve months and I have learnt that Cheltenham was an enjoyable experience whereas Oxford was not.

Speaking of travelling, I’m off to Windsor Castle tomorrow. I’m very excited about that because it is on my to do list. Just exploring the castle will be a fantastic experience.


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