Phill’s World of YouTube

Phill’s World of YouTube

Dear Reader,

Hope all of you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine for the last few days if your reading this from the UK.

In this blog, I am going to be completely random, I haven’t really thought what to write specifically.

The songs I have underneath are not my most favourite songs but they are songs that I presently follow (I’m talking in 28th September 2015 terms). The main purpose is to look at different genres and how the music videos are presented. I didn’t want to include YouTube plugins because it slows the blog when loading this page.

Rita Ora – Body on Me

I like either listening to the song or the music video, it doesn’t really matter which version I listen to (they both sound the same). In the music video, I like how Rita is patriotic about the UK 🙂 (I’m proud to be British people just like Jack Grealish). Rita reminds me of both Beyonce and Rihanna for some reason. For example, when I am listening to the track ‘Young, Single & Sexy’ from her debut album that sounds like a song Beyonce would sing.

Chvrches – Leave A Trace

Well I believe good or bad publicity is still PUBLICITY. I think the lot of criticism on the internet towards Lauren Mayberry is very unfair. To be honest, people get away with writing anything on the internet these days. I hadn’t had any issues with the music video itself, I thought it was an awesome video!! People can dress how they want don’t they? I give a lot of credit to Lauren and to the two other group members for not letting the criticism affect them.

Gareth Emery – Concrete Angel

I only discovered this just a few weeks ago. It turned out to be released three years ago, quite sad :(. It is best to watch the music video in the dark, the lighting in the video looks amazing. It is a great dance track to warm you up on a night out. I can’t say enough of how good Gareth Emery is as a DJ and a music producer, he is certainly underrated in my view.

Bring Me To The Horizon – Throne

I genuinely never heard of the band till about two weeks ago. The funny thing was that I thought they were American lol (turned out to come from Sheffield). Probably the main reason why I haven’t heard of them is because I don’t look in the UK charts (the whole UK charts is made up of pop or a mixture of pop and dance tracks). I don’t see them on 4Music when I am flicking through the channels on Freeview and there not on the first page of iTunes Store.

Tonight Alive – Breakdown

This is a random song choice for me. I don’t remember exactly how I found this band but I found them as a suggestion on the right hand bar on YouTube. This song reminds me of a classic pop punk song that evolves from the 2000s, the song doesn’t stand out in my opinion, I’m not saying I’m reacting negatively, it doesn’t need to be taken mainstream, it just needs to be remembered by those diehard fans who follow that music genre (similar to Bring Me To The Horizon). Throughout the song, the energy is average, it gets uplifted when I hear Benji Madden (from Good Charlotte) come into the song around 2:25 and then the song is pretty cool.

That finishes my reviews, if you have any music videos you want me to review then feel free to submit them in the comments box.

Just want to finish up my blog on just that I am delighted that Leona Lewis got to be on the same stage as Taylor Swift in Nashville, I respect Taylor for inviting her and also for inviting Mick Jagger and Avril Lavigne on other tours as well. It was a shame to hear that Avril split up with Chad a few weeks ago, I was more shocked than disappointed about the news.

If your reading this Avril, I wish you all the best, I was sorry to hear that you had Lyme disease, your music has been an inspiration in my life and I hope you can continue producing great music.

Talking about Avril, I want to respond to the top ten billboard hits of Avril Lavigne

My ten songs in no particular order are:

  1. Girlfriend
  2. When I’m Gone
  3. What The Hell
  4. The Best Damn Thing
  5. I’m With You
  6. Complicated
  7. Losing Grip
  8. Knockin on Heaven’s Door
  9. Darlin
  10. Wish You Were Here

To be honest, I could have done a top 20 list or just said all of her songs from the first four albums were great.

If you think you have a better list than me then please share your comments below.

Thank you for reading the whole way through again.

TILL NEXT TIME …………………………………………………………………………….



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