Music originals/covers part 2

Music originals/covers part 2

I had an excellent time visiting the Science Museum, I had a lot of fun and a great time looking at the Information Age exhibition that was on display. I learnt something new that the computer mouse was originally wooden and I seen the neXT computer which Tim Berners Lee used to write the code for the World Wide Web web browser. I could do a blog about the Information Age in the near future and go into better detail about it but there may be luddites reading this blog and feel concerned already.

Thank you to those viewers who read part 1 of my blog series. CHEERS 🙂

I’m so excited to be doing part 2, talking and reviewing originals and cover versions of songs. I like discussing music because it is a general subject that targets various genres out there.

In this discussion, I’m going to be running down a few original and cover songs which I made up myself and choosing which version of the song I prefer. Some of the songs I put on here are not embedded so feel free to look round YouTube.

Picture of cover vs original

If you want to add song titles that I haven’t mentioned then that’s great because if I name every song title, the blog would be boring to read like this one.

Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer/New Found Glory

My Pick: Sixpence None The Richer

P.S spoiler Hayley Williams from Paramore appears in the video of New Found Glory’s version.

Talking about Hayley Williams, that leads to my second choice.

Use Somebody – Kings of Leon/Paramore

My Pick: I have to go with Paramore’s version , Hayley’s voice was phenomenal as I hope you would agree as well.

What Would You Do – City High/Bastille

My Pick: City High .That song for me is the main song I listen to of Hip Hop because it is about LIFE (I don’t mean the film title with Eddie Murphy) and its being truthful and honest.

Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night/Stereophonics and Tom Jones

My Pick:  Stereophonics and Tom Jones

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman/Boyce Avenue feat Kina Grannis

My Pick: TIE!!!

Uptown Girl – Billy Joel/Westlife

My Pick: Westlife

Tragedy – Bee Gees/Steps

My Pick: Easy choice for me and for everyone. I would have to go with the Bee Gees . The Bee Gees original gives me goosebumps. The whole guitar playing combined with Barry Gibb’s voice just makes the song special.

The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles/Will Young and Gareth Gates

My Pick: As I only heard the original once and listened to the modern cover many times, I’m going to be biased and say Will Young and Gareth Gates . NO disrespect to The Beatles.

Too Close – Next/Blue

My Pick: Blue were on a roll during the early 2000s and that song was very memorable to me growing up whereas the original by Next doesn’t stick out.

Freak Like Me – Adina Howard/Sugababes

My Pick: Sugababes . I’ve heard the original by Adina Howard only once so it’s not that fair really. But since Sugababes released it, they made the song their own so I don’t compare it so much. The Sugababes track is good to listen to during Halloween tho.

Eternal Flame – The Bangles/Atomic Kitten

My Pick: I have to go with Atomic Kitten , every time I hear the words of the cover, I can remember the lyrics perfectly. I did a game on Facebook called Lyroke and got a perfect score on that particular song. I grew up listening to Atomic Kitten and it was nice revisiting them on The Big Reunion recently.

Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden/Cascada

My Pick: I prefer the original from Savage Garden . Cascada’s cover is more of dance remix in a strange music video.

Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealer’s Wheels/Louise

My Pick: Stealer’s Wheels

Run – Snow Patrol/Leona Lewis

My Pick: Leona Lewis . When I heard her version, I didn’t make much of it at first but the song grew on me when I brought her debut Spirit (on deluxe) and listened to the album.

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty/Max Milner

My Pick: TUFFIE, I’m blown away by both versions. I’m going with Tom Petty’s original tho.

All Or Nothing – O-Town/Westlife

My Pick: I prefer O-Town’s version, It’s such a lovely ballladly poppy song to listen to, I would turn on the music station and wouldn’t be ashamed to listen to it all the way through the track. Sadly that was only one of two big hits O-Town had.

So that’s my list. If you found my list very random,


If I left out any major original songs and covers I do apologise, feel free to comment below. (There is probably a dozen of them).

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Music originals/covers part 1

Music originals/covers part 1

In this blog, I’m going to be talking about original songs and covers.

I’m not too bothered about how old you are when reading this blog because I want this blog to appeal to EVERYONE.

Throughout the world of music, we have to give the credit and gratitude to the people who produced and written the song itself. If you get a lick of paint on a blank canvas, their job is to create a masterpiece with the tools and resources. That is what I would define a song that is original.

A cover is defined as a new recording of a song that has been released by an artist or a group other than the original artist or composer.

When people perform the covers, my viewpoint is that they have the painting in hand in the studio and love it so much that they tailor it to that individual or band.

I find covers a bit RISKKAY because it can make the original more appealing or the cover song unfavourable, I mean the worst cover I heard was Marcus Collins‘ cover of Seven Nation Army, I immediately thought it was going to be forgotten so it’s a really a hit or miss situation, it can make or forget a star.

The great thing about the revolution of technology of YouTube, covers are a great way for musicians to market themselves and get users around the world to know about them. One particular band I found a few years ago were Boyce Avenue, they specialise in doing acoustic covers. While I am writing this I’m listening to a song called Back for Good (originally sung by Take That). Since I found them on YouTube, I’m a fan of their music and brought a few of their albums.

Sadly, although I have a passion for history, there is no way I can go back in history and find out what the first song was to be covered. But I think the whole idea of song covers first started back over 100 years ago.

My understanding (without visiting a music museum) that some inspirations like Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland in 1939 was one song that must have been divided opinion or tempted to take credit for the cover. Glenn Miller did one apparently in the same year and was charted number one in that year. So that is probably the earliest example. I came across a paper on the history of music covers.

But probably before covers became COVERS, it would have been popular during the 19th century after Mozart and Beethoven died for orchestras to do renditions of composer’s work. The orchestras at that time would probably be optimistic or inspired by the classical pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach (you name it) and that they wanted their music to live on for the future. It must have been tremendous pressure like performing a cover of songs like IMAGINE by John Lennon or Get Here by Oleta Adams. I’m talking a tremendous reputation to live up to.

During the early part of the 20th century when musicians first started doing covers of songs, it probably wasn’t universally accepted because the originator would have been in the minds of the audience.

Of course, in the decades from the 1960s, that was a time when covers were growing in public eye. One of the songs that springs to mind is ‘A Little Help From My Friends’. It was a song that was written by The Beatles and released in 1967 and then Joe Cocker did a cover of it two years later. Although Elvis Presley is a popular and well-known figure in history of rock and roll, I would compare Elvis to Mrs Beeton in that it would appear to be that they would take the majority of the credit for other people’s work. In Elvis’ lifetime, he and Colonel Parker wouldn’t have written that many songs but to his credit he took the songs that were given to him on the plate and made the songs recognisable and marketable.

That is why I find original and cover versions so fascinating, they can be compared all the time and be very subjective to people’s opinions, they is no right or wrong answer. Some of covers that come immediately to my mind is Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Skinny Love by Birdy. It is interesting to note that Valerie’s version by Amy Winehouse have 9 times more views on there vevo name on YouTube than The Zutons do. (That is completely straggling).

What I love about both of those songs is that they sound fresh and produced differently to the originals so it really isn’t about a comparison contest.

The question I want to put to you is:

Would you want to write a masterpiece or take an existing canvas that is already there and make it your own masterpiece?




The band Bring Me to the Horizon have inspired me about what I am going to be writing (SPOILER) about in this blog.

If you listened to Bring Me To The Horizon lately, you would have noticed that the heading of this blog “S-P-I-R-I-T” is the opening line to one of their singles “Happy Song”.

It’s been a great week in my blogging success.

Just want to thank Charde King, John Chon and Emma who are following my blogs.

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Band members from Bring Me The Horizon

I only talked about the band briefly when I was discussing the song Throne when I conducted a music review at the end of September. The most important lyric to the song that resembles me is:

“Every wound will shape me, every scar will build my throne”

When I am writing this blog now, I am excited and passionate about writing because I’m getting noticed by the people I mentioned but also from those people looking in and get a taste of what I am writing. I am thankful to WordPress because without them, my presence online wouldn’t be what I desired it to be.

Although, I’m still unemployed, I’m not entirely frustrated at all, in the week that is coming up is going to be busy doing volunteer work so I’m looking forward to that very much. Like Friday, I just had nothing scheduled all day so I was just catching up on tv programmes that I haven’t got to watch and combine it with doing job searching on a desktop which wasn’t enjoyable to tell you the truth because rest days sounds quite boring when at home. My advice to all those unemployed, is just get off your butt and do something constructive.

There is a quote that I wanted to share while typing “constructive quotes” on the Google search engine.

“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without one hundred percent dedication, you won’t be able to do this”. Willie Mays

What I am implying there is. Well I use myself for an example. I want to work in heritage/museum organisations. I have recently became a member of Museum Association which means I can spend sometime visiting museums, I receive a monthly magazine of the Museum Journal which will inform me of how museum organisations are doing at present. One of the main reasons why I became a member is because it can give me the opportunity to develop and progress my career in museums. When I went for an interview at Windsor Castle, the feedback that was collected was that I needed interview practice, contact museums and take up some museum courses.


All of this is very constructive criticism. To me, visiting Windsor Castle was a dream come true for me and being called up for an interview was not what I expected. I’m not going to stop giving up my dream to pursuing a career in museums. I have arranged to meet up with the curator of The Royal Philatelic Society which I am very excited about because they provided me with the right opportunity for me so I’m eager to get stuck in.

On a final note, my advice in general is to never give up on your dreams but I want to share a quote that I found that was presumably by Taylor Swift:

“You can make a board for all the goals you want in your life with the pictures on it, and that’s great, daydreaming is wonderful, but you can never plan for your future”.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

STAY TUNED for my next blog where I will be reviewing A Very British Romance.

Autumn rains on

Autumn rains on

Hey everyone!

Just want to say “Its October already”, time flies doesn’t it? That was what I was saying to the staff while I was volunteering.

In my first half of my blog, I am going to be discussing everything to with football and I will be talking about the season of autumn later on so if you’re not interested in football but interested in autumn you might as well skip a few paragraphs.

There have been some surprising and unsurprising news in the European leagues.

Last weekend, I watched a fantastic match on BT Sport from Serie A between Inter Milan against Fiorentina where Fiorentina scored three goals in the San Siro in the first 25 minutes of the match which was not what I expected. I predicted before the match that Inter would win 2-0 comfortably and maybe be genuine contenders to the Serie A title. The match finished 4-1 to Fiorentina. I’m surprised about how badly Juventus are performing, they are in 15th place, out of the first six games (its only early days) they only won 1 match, drawn 2 and lost three which felt surprising to me because they have won the title the last four seasons. I wouldn’t know what to put it down to but when you have players like Carlos Tevez, Andrea Pirlo, Artudo Vidial, Fernardo Llorente who were key to Juventus winning the league last season and now have left the club, I feel they have lost some of the spine of the team and will take some time for the players that have come in to mature in the rebuilding process.

Starting with the English Premier League, the club that I followed since I was a child is Manchester United. It’s fair they haven’t played attractive football but they are getting results. The two significant moments that impacted the club was when Martial came to Old Trafford and David De Gea staying at the club. (Good on you De Gea!!). When I first heard that Martial was coming over, I was on a ferry heading back to England so that took me by great surprise. By watching him play, if he plays that way on a consistent basis throughout the season without picking up injuries then he may be a difference maker for United to win the title but its early days yet.

It was disappointing to hear Lyon lost at home against Valencia in the Champions League during the week. Although they weren’t as strong in previous years, I would have liked to see them take a 1-0 win. In terms of Ligue 1, Lyon are in 8th place and eight points behind the league leaders Paris St Germain. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if none of the teams can catch Paris St Germain, I would consider them the Manchester City of France because they play like All-Stars.

I am getting towards the end of my football discussion ………

In terms of the Bundesliga, I mean Bayern were kind of insane, or let me put it in another way, Robert Lewandowski was INSANE in the week before last when he scored five goals when he came on in the second half. To be fair, I didn’t watch much of the German league other than watching highlights of Wolfsburg playing against Hannover 96, it ended up being 1-1. Before I watched the champions league game between Manchester United and Wolfsburg, I was aware that Wolfsburg had some players like Draxler, Dante, Dost, Schurrle, Rodriquez who to me were fantastic players so I knew when United were playing, they weren’t going to have an easy game. I missed the first half but I watched the majority of the second half, I was pleased for United to get the result they wanted.

I’m quite looking forward to this weekend sports wise. The main games I will look forward to is Arsenal vs Manchester United and Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund today. Exciting games in store. The Munich Dortmund match will be good from a neutral perspective and I will be keen to watch Adnan Januzaj if he comes on as a substitute.

As it is heading for autumn already. Around North London, it is lovely and sunny outside. I rather like the autumn weather than summer weather because i prefer not to get sun burnt and not to have large pile of sweat on my back and forehead. The season of autumn reminds me of a song in Eurovision earlier in this year called “Autumn Leaves’ which is ironic because the song is not really about autumn, it is more of a love tragedy than anything.

Picture of a lake

I enjoyed  What inspired me to write this blog in the first place was Rogue Vogue’s autumn blog. It is a great read. I am going to give a Q and A, feel free to add any questions you have on the comments box below.

  • What are you going to look forward to in the autumn season?

Well I haven’t got anything planned as yet. Probably getting stuck in volunteering as I’m not having much luck with job prospects.

  • Do you prefer the Autumn season to the Summer?

Well autumn to me is one of the most favourite seasons in the year because although it is cold, the sun is still shining as we speak. I prefer keeping warm myself. One of the pitfalls of the Summer is that I don’t enjoy getting hydrated during a hot climate.

  • What are you not looking most forward to during the Autumn season?

Definitely Halloween, I’m not a fan of Trick or Treating, pumpkins or horror in general. I don’t like getting scared by likes of the  Bogeyman, Freddie Krueger or Frankenstein’s monster.

That’s the end of my blog.

Feel free to add a comment below.