Being Single… Living Single….

Being Single… Living Single….

In this edition I want to comment on a blog I found on my Facebook page.

In this topic, I’m just gonna share my personal feelings on love, marriage prospoals and how I stand on relationships.


Once an upon time ago, there is a boy who fell in love with a girl. The boy displayed his affections to the girl, written a handwritten love poem and in return the girl left the boy a note. After reading the letter, the boy burned it and forgotten it for the rest of his life. THE END

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me that I am single. REALLY IT DOESN’T. I’m quite happy to be single for common reasons like the PRESSURE it brings and the EXPECTATIONS it gives in being in the relationship so sometimes it can work out alright or it doesn’t. I don’t know how to interpret that because I never been in a true relationship itself so I would’t have a clue.



When managing to pressure or expectations in life, I don’t take things too seriously. I don’t expect any guarantees. The only thing I would like to manage the whole time is to keep the relationship between myself and my partner.

Speaking of well hooking up or asking a person on a date, I found it hilarious when Chris Gayle on AIR asked the host if she would go out with him, I have waited or wanted someone to do that, that was just so amusing that someone would do that but yeah that was unprofessional tho. I applaud and support Mel McLaughlin tho, I would rather be talking about CRICKET then my personal life on camera.

Thinking about, throughout my entire life it didn’t come across my mind about being SINGLE completely. There were girls I liked (past tense) during high school. Strangely enough tho, I really never felt in love with anyone personally since I joined and left uni.

I’m not scared of being in LOVE but for me I need to believe it has to be in the right place, with the right person at the right time.

The SCAREY thing is, I don’t know when or where I am going to meet that person whether it is someone from work, someone that just walked past me, a fellow blogger, someone from the outside world. I just don’t know where it is going to come from.

Talking about the PRESSURE it brings, Celebrities (not naming names) should be already happy because there famous and getting money. Doesn’t that bring happiness?  Sadly I don’t feel that is true that getting married would bring much more happiness. Sometimes I feel Marriage is a WORD STEALER and kind of gets overused for people who have been married more than twice. I do feel part of the problem is that people are impatient with marriage prospoals.  I know that no one will 100% reading my blog will agree with me but I’m not shying away from my thought process about PRESSURE. I’m not saying that a quick proposal is the right or wrong decision it can work both in the short and long term, the main thing is that they need to be ready. I here the term “DIVORCE” used more times than “MARRIED” which is disappointing

It’s funny in marriage. It can either breakdown or make yourself a better person.

Most people I know from work and friends in general are in relationships so sometimes I do feel like Charles from Four Weds in the respect of that he doesn’t know where to turn to next and has to go about thinking to himself what he has gone wrong.

Moving on … I do want to make the most of opportunities. One of the things that I want to do this year in 2016 (if possible) is go and explore new places where I can have a bit of an adventure in my life. If anyone feels alone in that respect, I would welcome YOU in open arms 🙂

I don’t even think about what a relationship would feel or be like. It would just be a normal conservation that I have with friends. I would not be interested in the woman I meet if there first words from there mouth were “ARE YOU SINGLE”. I’m glad no one has done that already. To me it is the stupidest thing to say because it would say that your interested in the front in how attractive they look rather than the personality.

To be honest tho, I do at times find it tricky to interact when first meeting people regardless if it is men or woman, so knowing what to say and how to interpret myself in those awkward or quiet moments can just simply sum it up the relationship really so I tend to let myself down in that respect.

I try and take each week as it comes and make the most of the time of life particualrly with the colleagues I share with while volunteering and I’m truly grateful for that because it is a new experience  and plus it makes me understand that there is more than meets the eye.

Just want to finish up my blog with a cover of “What Do You Mean” by Churches.







Movin on from 2015

Movin on from 2015

Hey folks!

Hope you had a great New Year.

This is my first blog of 2016, hope you guys enjoy it.

Reflecting on 2015, it is safe to say that I have had a mixed year. While listening to ‘Man On A Wire’ by The Script, that probably sums up my life. “I am counting on high hopes……”

I am making strides to securing a job BUT it isn’t getting much easier with each day falling.

Ok so, I really can’t actually remember what I was doing back in January 2015. Two months before that in November, I was in Cheltenham for the first time and fell in love with the idea of my own adventures so one of my ambitions was to explore new places. I feel proud that I have actually fulfilled that to a certain degree. In July this year, I went for a job interview  in Didcot in Oxfordshire. (Crazy idea), I later noted that I wasn’t suitable for the job. After the interview, I had a spree around Oxford, to me Oxford didn’t stand out for me, there wasn’t any worthy places to go and visit. I did go into Christ Church (which was open to the public), I paid around £15 but it wasn’t worth the money in the end, they were doing up the dining hall so I couldn’t go in there, there was a picture gallery but you had to pay another £4 or so just to access that as well which to me seems ridiculous. The only place I got to visit in Christ Church was the cathedral but as I went in the summer months, I got some bright pictures, the whole area is really nice (as you can see from the photos below).

Back in March, I went for a job interview for an internship at Hampton Court, (by that time I narrowly missed out on the recruitment day for Historic Royal Palaces just over an month earlier). At that time I really wanted to work for Historic Royal Palaces if it meant taking two hours travelling each way which didn’t bother me because I don’t mind life being an hectic schedule. But I had such a great time there because it was the first time since I was a little toddler that I had been back there, I loved the place and I am fascinated by the history of the Palace, the Tudor and Hanoverian dynasty.

apartments of william and mary
William and Mary’s apartments

My highlights this year in terms of job searching, is that my interviews were varied with different sizes and locations around London. I had interviews in places such as Canary Wharf, Hampstead, Angel, Borough, Charing Cross, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Greenwich. Apart from Harrow-on-the-Hill, most of the interviews were based in London so I should advise to apply for jobs inside London because that is where most of the jobs are based. Unfortunately, interviews have never been my strong point which is an area I need to work on.

I am currently in the process of this month to be taking on volunteering six days a week. I know that must sound crazy but I feel I am making the right decision in that respect. So where will I be volunteering?

So there mostly around London (apart from Harrow) around Kings Cross, Farringdon, Holborn and Greenwich.  Of course there are downsides and limitations with this approach.

I won’t be claiming benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance but I’m not deterred by that, I had been signed up with them for more than a year and I didn’t feel it benefited me in the process of getting a job. I learnt from my experience at an interview in Barnados that it wasn’t successful but there were a few things I took away such as volunteering in an organisation and wait for a vacancy to open up.

At a place I volunteer in near Farringdon, one person had been a volunteer for a year and half ago but now is working for one of the top organisations in that sector so the way forward for me is to volunteer at as many sizeable organisations as possible till a vacancy opens up that I would be good at. At two organisations, I receive newsletters that are specified to volunteers which is great because I can be informed about upcoming events and future projects. The whole point is that I should have thought about doing that months ago but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

At two of the places, it has been successful with internal vacancies already one the past month, I even had an interview just a few days ago so yeah. At one organisation particularly, I believe I have been the most influential volunteer of its lifetime but I don’t feel that it has gotten the full recognition it deserves so that to me feels frustrating. One organisation, I went for a Christmas lunch announced to everyone my contributions to their projects which I didn’t expect but it felt fantastic because it shows it values contribution from all across the board and at the end of the day it is a team effort and that it is the type of organisation that I want to slot into.

Moving away from employment aspects ………

In terms of music in 2015, although I haven’t been to any gigs, on YouTube and TV, there has been stands outs. For me the biggest one was BBC Radio 1’s big weekend in Norwich which I must have covered on earlier this year. There were bands and artists like Charli XCX, Rita Ora, Olly Murs, Circa Waves and Jess Glynne just the names on top of my head. One of the bands that had the most effect for me is Rudimental. There just produce phenomenal music and a huge following, but then I didn’t realise they were GOOD or who any of them were. I wasn’t too impressed with Glastonbury, although I did watch Rudimental (which I didn’t know when they were on) which must have been around 12 at night and I had the volume next to MAX and I also watched Kanye West on the Saturday night which was different but entertaining.


As some of you know I do watch EUROVISION (yes, I’m not ashamed about that). For the first time, I brought the Eurovision 2015 album and I’m delighted to have brought the album, there have been some songs that were dull but there were certain songs that stood out like A Million Voices, In The Name of Love, Unbroken, Goodbye to Yesterday and De La Capat. Thanks to Eurovision, I discovered Mans Zelmerlow and I brought released his album called Perfectly Damaged which is 5* and worth a listen.

If you don’t know already, I’m a fond lover of going to museums, historic houses, art galleries etc. These are all of the places I have been to this year so if you are like me, you should go visit these places if you are ever visiting London:

  • Keats House
  • Windsor Castle
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Old Royal Naval College
  • John Soane’s Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Science Museum
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Museum of the Order of St John
  • Drapers Hall


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Things I’m looking forward to in 2016.

One of cousins is getting married so I’m very much looking forward to going to the wedding (I’m not big on wedding receptions tho), I have my own tastes on what a wedding reception would be like, I would try to cater it to different tastes but songs I would definitely choose would be Beautiful Rage (Alex Sonata Remix), Current Emotions by Rudimental feat MNek and Go Far by Rudimental feat Will Heard, If I lose myself (Dash Berlin remix) to get the party going.

I’m looking forward to continue to write blogs, I’ve been doing this now for my third straight year (it is amazing how time flies these days) and I’m always excited to write for you guys.

The last thing I want to write before I go away is that I can’t believe that HAPPY BIRTHDAY is the richest song of all time. Although thinking about it, it does make sense. But the debate of the richest songs should be discussed in an upcoming blog.