Ways to live life. Live Better

Ways to live life. Live Better

Just giving an full honest reflection on myself. I don’t mind opinions either way.

My main purpose is just taking a self evaluation and suggesting ideas of self improvement.

Feel free to do this.

This is how I made mine up:

  • Think about your life at this point
  • Look at where you are currently
  • While your thinking, jot notes down on a piece of paper or add a post and name your title “SELF REFLECTION 2016”
  • Once you jot down everything you need. SAVE it and leave your notes in a secure place.
  • The next day, check over your notes and edit the post to look more informative.
  • DONE
blank list of resolutions on blackboard
list of resolutions on blackboard with three blank, numbered sticky notes


These are things I want to use as my resolutions or guides to self improvement. How I’m going to achieve them is up to me, I’m only stating WHAT I’m going to start doing.

Learn a small few of foreign languages

In no particular order:

  • Swedish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

After listening to Should’ve Gone Home by Mans Zelmerlow (one of my favourite tunes) and Lush Life by Zara Larsson, I would maybe fancy myself visiting Sweden in the near future, (I guess it is a beautiful country). If I like going to one part of scandinavia, then I would be eager to explore more.

Limit the amount of Coca Cola I consume

Its not that I consume a daily dose of Coca Cola or fizzy drinks, I have it between once to three times a week, I need to limit the amount I consume or just suck it from a straw.

Work on Dental Hygiene

From the point I made above. Coca Cola and Luzocade causes the most harm to my teeth. I went to see the dentist and still feel the bloody taste I have in my mouth. One part of my family has a history of gum disease so I don’t want to enter the same torrid path. I’m setting myself a daily routine of doing a thorough clean with my electric toothbrush Oral B Pro 4000 on my teeth twice a day. I’m going to try some DIY techniques to whiten my teeth, all of the dental hygiene training part isn’t going to be easy.

Taking a serious attitude and having the mindset for driving

Right now, my main ambition is to get a paid job. Once I get a paid job, then I can start thinking about wasting money on lessons. That was my mindset 24 months ago. Things may change as I’m not permantely employed. My sister is taking driving lessons for the first time in two years, but this hasn’t influenced me to go driving.

Having confidence in myself that I can get out there and find potential

What I mean is by the top heading is that I don’t have much confidence in myself dating wise or social wise to go to out and meet people, to me it is like going on one of those events where you have a limited time to pitch yourself with other people, that atmosphere  it isn’t ideal for me but I would give it a shot if anyone wanted to go with me?

To illustrate that point, I was at an awards ceremony a short time ago, I did find it a struggle to talk to people within small groups who I hadn’t met before, that was probably because I came on my own and I didn’t think of anything that would have been meaningful. Overall, I am not comfortable in a group environment and I am quite hesitant saying anything really. Other than the time I was in Hampstead with a group of co colleagues, I don’t particularly enjoy being there.

Wanting to explore the world

It refers back to learning languages. Someone was telling me while I was volunteering that in London we take our rail network for granted. My point is, I don’t want to settle on just speaking English. (Maybe if I was travelling to India, I would take English for granted). I’m 25 but I’ve only gone as far as Ireland and Isle of Wright lol so it would be nice to go travelling. I recently watched the first episode of The Real Marigold Hotel on BBC iPlayer and I quite enjoyed it, it was about British people accommodating themselves in India. It would be a good experience to learn the culture and about myself while exploring the world.

Making Lifestyle changes

I would put “Going to the Gym” and “Balance my calories” also but that is reflected in the above heading. Whenever it has been at university or volunteering, I have been prone to going with fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King and Subway. (I’m assuming Subway is healthy right?) I don’t know any real ideal shops around the area which do healthly food for less than £5 so what I may have to do is buy a prepared lunch from Sainsburys. I like pasta salad so that will probably do for the time being. What would you recommend?

What did you think of my suggestions?

Share your comments below.



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