Why Europe?

Why Europe?

On one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I was watching the UFC event on TV. I was so geared up for that because of the fight between Anderson Silva and Michael Lisping. It was a mind blowing experience watching the fight itself and the hype going towards the fight itself. I was watching this Saturday that gone by between Diaz and McGregor and that was off the charts. This is a great time to be a UFC fan just by how successful it has been getting lately. I would think about MMA at some point, practising my kicks and punches half naked some day, bearing in mind I probably get my face bruised after each fight I encounter.

Dear Everyone,


In today’s world, I wonder myself Why Europe?.

I mean everything these days that comes across is about Europe. It is a controversial topic I will be discussing in this blog. Let me know how you feel about Europe in the comments box below.

I showed my Mum a show called HardTalk on BBC iPlayer which was about the European Union.

Here are some facts that I have come across from personal experience:

  • The new FIFA President who is Gianni Infantino comes from Italy.
  • The person(s) that I brought a Mocha Latte from in Costa were Spanish and Italian.
  • I just read on WikiPedia that only Australia is smaller to Europe in surface area.

Right now, I’m listening to Loreen’s winning song at Eurovision called Euphoria. And when I think of Eurovision successes I think of Abba. I was watching a BBC Four documentary the other night about the success of ABBA and just reflecting on them as a group, they were something different and their music is appreciated by all kinds of different age groups, because they wrote GREAT music and will be the first group that comes to mind when I think of Sweden. I’m not a guy in my 50’s writing this, this is ME writing this at 25.

When I go round Europe this is what I associate countries and famous people:

  • Serbia – Novak Djokovic
  • Holland – Van Gogh
  • Switzerland – Roger Federer
  • France – Zidane
  • Portugal – Luis Figo
  • Croatia – Goran Ivanisevic
  • Austria – Mozart

And so on ………………………

So why am I mentioning Europe?

Well Europe is a popular topic politically with all these refugee camps that are taking place in central Europe. It is also a popular topic in the United Kingdom as there is going to be a referendum taking place later this year. I have mixed views about the idea of Britain leaving the EU. I haven’t looked into what it would mean if Britain did leave the EU but it would reduce the support we receive from Europe, but Boris Johnson said leaving the EU would be a prisoner escaping jail. To me Britain or the UK has been an island nation in Western Europe that has been influenced by Central Europe. Some of the historic houses and museums I have visited or derived or inspired from ancient worlds of Rome and Greece.

We have transport links by boat and rail going towards France and Belgium. What would it mean then if Britain decided to leave the EU? Would those links be used as frequently?

I don’t know any particular oversees companies founded in Europe that have their offices in London, but would that mean they still want to be located there? I’m assuming it still will be.

The UK has set upon being a entity away from Europe. Famously when Henry VIII separated himself from the Roman Catholic Church, he made himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. To me, that emphasises my point that they don’t want to be reliant or dependable of Europe.

On the other side, I do like the idea of being interested in what happens in Europe on an informal basis. I do LOVE Eurovision. I brought the Eurovision 2015 album and I still eager to listen to it and I think it is a great way to get countries in Europe united.  I said in one of my past blogs that I want to learn French, German and Italian. Those three just stand out for me because they are important languages to learn and it feels very cultural.

Bearing in mind. In Italy you have the Coliseum, Sistine Chapel  and in France you have the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre. In Germany, it is one of the biggest countries in Europe. It is about AMBITION and football lol.





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