Songs to listen to when heartbroken

Songs to listen to when heartbroken

Hey everyone. Just trying to sober up my hangover of heartbrokenness during the past week. I didn’t really know how to cope with it. It is emotionally draining. If you have any tips you can share with me then that would be great. I’m glad to say I have moved on from that so it is a good thing that I have quickly moved on I guess.

I did a search on Google and this is what I typed in:

 songs you can listen when you’re broken hearted

When I was looking through the results, I went through the results but they gave me such songs as Irreplaceable by Beyonce, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette and Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division but those songs didn’t interest me.

For that reason, I have decided to come up with my own list of songs that I was listening to that would just make me move on and stop being bitter about the whole thing.

Too Little Too Late – JoJo

It doesn’t matter to me that I’m that not in love. I’m just bitter that I put in the best that I could but yet I could self-improve myself so this experience has told me a lot about myself. It is just like coming out of job interviews, their are times when I look back and think of stuff that I could have said but didn’t?

My Love – Jess Glynne (Acoustic)

I picked this song because I want the person who broke my heart to remain friends with me. Happiness can build to make and create better things. I was happy talking to her and I didn’t get the same response but I still want her and I to be friends. Life moves on …. Onto my next adventure.

Losing – Becky Hill

This song just reminds me of being alone and just reminding myself of what the person that I loved said, she didn’t want to be alone either so it is confusing that both of us wanted the same thing but she dejected me? Ok, this totally makes no sense and  I’m getting more questions than answers here.

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart – Alicia Keys

This song just reminds me that I am going to move on without thinking about her, going to forget about ever bothering to contact her every week. As harsh as that sounds, she thinks that it is BEST so I have to agree with those wishes.

All Together Now – The Farm

Ok this isn’t a ballad or a most popular choice when it comes to feeling broken. But I love the song. “All Together Now” reminds me of unity and have that belief that we can be strong enough to let bygones to be by gones and to forget about the past and think about the future. When I listen to the song, it is uplifting and makes me proud to be British.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – The Smiths

To be fair with The Smiths, they did write and produce some depressing sad pieces of music. Various people like it or they don’t but I do like listening to The Smiths. But the song itself just summarised a feeling that people relate to.

Feeling Alive – Alastair Griffin

This is a song that I only discovered lately on the album by the same artist on iTunes. This is a magical song. My point is with this song, it makes me feel alive. I can move on from something with a positive attitude and so I don’t want to reminse about my negative experience. It is a great song and worth a listen.

Just Give Me A Reason – Pink feat Nate Ruess

I would wish that this heartbreak was just a bad dream, sadly it isn’t.

Sirens – Cher Lloyd

My point with this song is that I’m getting tired of being unsuccessful with life. My mental state is getting weaker so I just want to be positive but it is hard to stay positive.

Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith

I don’t need to explain this. It is a great song because I took it for face value.

Hate to see your heart break – Paramore

I think the song speaks for itself. I wasn’t expecting to know that I had my heart broken so early.

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend

Surprising enough, this cheers me up but a slap in a face at the same time when he sang about the “alone” part.

Goodbye to Yesterday – Elina Born & Stig Rasta

Ok, the lyrics in the song is to no relevance but I like how I am staring at the phone the days going forward waiting for the girl in case she changes her mind.Seems ironic though that it feels like I was heartbroken yesterday.

Unbroken – Maria Olafs

This song basically describes about moving forward, going at one step at a time. It would be nice to be out of the darkness pretty quickly and be in living colour.

All Good Things (Comes To An End) – Nelly Furtado

Why do good things come to an end. I ponder the same question.

Broken hearted Girl – Beyonce

This sums up my feelings for my loved one in my last blog Heartbroken.











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