Should we be equal?

Should we be equal?

Hey everyone.

I’ve gone over my disappointment a few weeks back concerning a love interest but her face pops up in my mind now and again so it’s not really gotten over.

The whole point of this discussion is whether men and female are getting equal opportunities. The idea was inspired by what Novak said about women being paid less than men at ranking tournaments and I’m also watching a movie about the Suffragettes which was about women in Britain not having the right to vote in the first half of the 20th century.

I don’t know where to start with this conversation because I know nothing about what rights men have over women or the other way round in a political sense.

I would be open to have women in sports having the same TV exposure as men do. I think its great in likes of football and cricket that women are getting TV time so I feel its great in that respect. I think the UFC are the best example of that, it’s a male dominated sport for quite some time but women are taking over and making a name of themselves in the Bantamweight and Strawweight division. I remember one of the first UFC events I watched was back in UFC 193 in Melbourne. The reason why I watched it was because I wanted to watch Ronda vs Holm, to me it was BOX OFFICE and an attraction. I didn’t base those views to do with gender so it had nothing to do with it.

I think the divas over in the WWE are getting the tv time they deserve. Two matches on the card will be with divas on the card so I’m pleased with that. Having said that, I would have wanted to book this year’s WrestleMania to have Sasha Banks vs Charlotte as the last match or the formal name of a main event (informally it is a main event) because both of them are exciting to watch and they both remind me of a Rock vs Austin feud. The divas I take interest in are Bayley, Paige, Camella, Alexa Bliss and Emma.

However, my professional experience would question my view of women in employment. I spent about two years volunteering in a museum, there was between four to five members of staff that were all women.It doesn’t annoy me that they were employed, but it did affect me because I was young at the time and when I got to know the people in the office, I didn’t feel as tho I had any common interests with them. It didn’t matter to me that they were all female, I needed to cope with that scenario but it didn’t affect my work ethic or attitude to work.

My ideal scenario is to work in an environment where I am working with both genders. Even at school growing up, I’ve always been used to going to mix of male and females genders so I had no problem with that at all. At two of the organisations that I am helping out in are probably the most enjoyable times right now because I feel we have an good balance of experience and a good balance of male and females working in the offices. When I was writing up my internship experience back in September, I was working in a male dominated environment and so I quickly learnt that it took some getting used to, it wasn’t the main reason why I had left but it was one of things I couldn’t adjust to straight away, it was a very different atmosphere.

What do your opinions on the issues I’ve discussed.






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