Just thought I write a blog of all the things that is in my mind right now.

I’ve just been applying for about six jobs so far on LinkedIn today and 30+ applications to do. (Talk about a load).

I spent around over an hour just writing answers to three IMPORTANT questions for an internship in a tech company so that’s my approach to writing applications. Always take your time on answering IMPORTANT questions.


So I’m using this time as a break to reflect on what my aspirations are.

Some people who know me will know that I’ve done a degree in Computer Science, people who don’t know what that is, it’s basically studying computers for three years.

So, when I started job hunting, I wanted to consider applying for IT Graduate schemes and Web Developer jobs because I basically didn’t wish to do volunteering throughout my degree as I wanted to focus 100% on education but things didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to go which is a shame. I misread everything in that sense at university but hey hindsight is a wonderful thing. I just had major obstacles in my way and I just about got to the finish line in a nick of time. People will say they are fully capable and confident of going to university and just take it as walk in a park.  It’s NOT by any means. University is intense and I wouldn’t consider it again unless Museums devoted their allowance to pay me to undertake some museum courses.

Well I achieved 2.2 overall in my degree, if a Dean or University Lecturer or a mentor would have offered me to walk out with a 2.2, I would have gladly taken it because academically I wasn’t bright at school or be intellectual. (I really should do an IQ test at some point).

When I talked about meeting an Irish girl who I fell in love with in my previous blogs, I did look at IT jobs in Dublin, an IT company said in their job description they would have offered accommodation and that. But having said that, it wasn’t something that would seriously interest me or want to end up doing (unless it could be used as a job trial). It is a good thing I didn’t consider it because I would be feeling miserable anyway leaving everything behind, it wouldn’t be worth the bother.

When I was writing up my job application, it was an internship role for a company that has offices around the world and right here in London. It didn’t specify that the internship was but they had roles in various areas, so why not dismiss the opportunity.

When I had a look around their LinkedIn page, it was very intimidating to say the least. This is a company that felt like an SME, use the internet as their main business. The reason why it felt intimidating to me is because I had a negative experience in a company that relies on technology and marketing to excel, I even wrote a blog on this experience so I knew it wasn’t for me.

When I go into an start-up or an internet business, I would feel like being a contestant on The Apprentice, it would be a concern to me because it might seem like a group of individuals or meeting random personalities. I think in that sort of environment, it would be all about BUSINESS and everything from the office will have supremely high expectations so it is highly pressuring and so retaining a serious expression throughout the days and weeks while in the office is not an ideal environment. So that is why I don’t feel comfortable or confident in working in that sector or environment to begin with. I hope I get a response from the company, I’ll just see what happens.

Talking about ideal environments, I feel my ideal environment is sectors that have low expectations or a low pressured environments so charities and museums would be a good place to start. Ever since I began working in a museum from October 2013, to this day in April 2016, I have thoroughly enjoyed it, the staff I have worked with are pretty good to work with and the work has been satisfying, valuable experience for me and rewarding to the organisations I’ve been volunteering for. I do the work that I enjoy so that is what motivates me in life doing work that I enjoy for a meaningful purpose. I want to feel going into the workplace thinking it’s going to be the best day of my life as described by American Authors.

Knowing and saying all this, I want to walk into any job at any company/organisation that brings a smile to my face, brings fresh challenges and has an IT factor.

Thanks again for reading my blog.