Hey everyone.

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog. Doesn’t time pass by in seconds?

If time stayed still for about an hour or so, I would have written about 1500 words but I’m not going to. The whole point is to gather my thoughts on events so far leading up to this point.

I'm turning you down, Vinny!
I’m turning you down, Vinny!

Just want to start off by thanking everyone for viewing my blogs, I take pride and enjoyment in writing effortlessly for you to read.

Right at the moment, there are several things in my mind right now.

Just wanted to start off by saying over the last two weeks I have undertaken temporary work at a leading university in London. While I’ve been on the train, I have written a diary of how and what I’ve been doing each day so that will be released soon.

I watched a television programme about Derren Brown (quite random for me to be mentioning it at this moment in time). It was called ‘Pushed to the Edge’. It was a very interesting show to say the least.

Obviously by the time you read this, Eurovision would have been over and you probably have known that Russia won the contest this year. In my time zone, I am writing this on the May 13th so I have no idea who has won it yet.

I need to catch up on a load of things like the Snooker, online courses, learning languages etc but just haven’t had the time these days.

Speaking of the temporary work, I am wanting to provide an EXCLUSIVE Video Blog of myself (that’s right, MYSELF) where I am going to be providing a video blog on my last day. I don’t know if I should be more excited that’s it my last day or that I am broadcasting myself. What could be sweeter? Who Knows.

Watch out for my next blog which will be released soon.

That’s it folks.



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