Week 1 of temping in Whitechapel

Week 1 of temping in Whitechapel

So if you haven’t read my Facebook account. I did my first tempting role a few weeks back.

I just want to show people that although I may not be doing enough to find employment, I don’t have any excuses and to be honest I want to prove people wrong in the sense that I’m employable.

So let me tell you how I got into this position, I got an email from a recruitment agency who I was recently registered with about an opportunity to work on a database project in Microsoft Access at a leading university in London. I said to myself, “I’m up for that” because I have used Microsoft Access in the past. Then I submitted my interest (not knowing what to expect) and it just gone from there, a click of a button.

So then after I registered my interest on Monday evening, I got asked to come in for a sit down interview on Wednesday morning with the manager and line manager. I was around half an hour late for the interview anyway because my knowledge of Whitechapel and East London was terrible. To be honest, I didn’t know what my overall impression was but I did say I have a computer background and have experience in Microsoft Access. I was told that I would hear back in a few hours time.  After my interview, I usually do voluntary work in Farringdon so I went there for a few hours. As I was connected to WiFi, I checked my emails, and I GOT HIRED. I was happy but NERVOUS HAPPY. I didn’t really know what I was thinking of in taking the opportunity. That was the truth. I hadn’t used Microsoft Access since I left school which was like five years ago so I was doubting myself a bit. At the same time, I didn’t care what I was paid for, I’m just grateful for an opportunity to get paid.

When I was doing this temping. I wanted to write a diary to give yourself and myself a true reflection of this experience. I written my diary on a notes app on my phone while I was travelling on the train from Aldgate to my hometown in Harrow.


Day 1

Felt completely miserable, I was stepping into a world which I knew nothing about which is medicine or medical profession.

I just wish that this work I’m doing would end as soon as possible.

Day 2

It’s been challenging to say the least although the work has been straight forward. I just think it’s challenging because the tasks relate to the additional things I had to put on my code while doing programming in my degree so to be honest it’s not been an enjoyable experience. That is why I want to avoid programming related jobs.

It’s always good to be challenged but I find it sometimes that it’s difficult to overcome.

It’s only my second day and I’ve not been assigned a computer so I haven’t been able to do much or very little performing.

I was writing this blog while I was in the office. Without anything to do or been set much, it’s just not been motivating. I would very much be happy if time just flown by because I don’t have a desire to be there unless I wasn’t getting paid.

This experience has been a harsh lesson or what you would expect when you don’t enjoy something and let it turn out to be like what you dislike so it’s been just de motivating. It reminds me why I didn’t enjoy my internship last year and the significance of a job that I would enjoy.

Day 3

I was thinking of what I wrote about Day 2. The whole point is, I am confident in ignoring jobs in undertaking developing software applications.

Day 4

Just did a few things on mail merge. Reflecting on this week, there have been some high points and low points. I don’t feel that I could 100% full heartily want to accept or need to accept the position if they had offered it to me.  Ok people will be slamming me for not taking it. I’m not convinced that I would be able to work in that environment or atmosphere. I’m wanting to pursue my dream and my dream is work in museums, historic homes and charitable organisations.

From the experience on Friday. Me and another person were working on a database project. The person then took it a clinic or practice to have it fully functional. If the system didn’t work then the go would have the records paper based. It turned out that the mail merge didn’t work at the practice so the database was worthless so the work is last minute. I want to ideally like to avoid working in high pressured situations especially in working in the medical institution.

Full credit tho. I didn’t design or develop the database but it looks professional and legit. I don’t think I would have come up creativity.

In my mind this week, this experience hasn’t been a joy or fascinating for me. Reminds me of my internship experience where I haven’t been assigned much tasks earlier on in the day. In an ideal world, I arrived to work to work and not to sit around. The travelling hasn’t been ideal either, I travel from Harrow to Whitechapel which takes around an hour and a quarter. Then when I leave, I walk towards Aldgate and get a direct train from there. Traveling wouldn’t be an issue if working was enjoyable but it hasn’t. I used to take a long route when going to Hampstead for volunteering but I wasn’t bothered by it or even going to Greenwich because I wasn’t doing it on a regular basis.

The work has been demotivating so my motivation is just count the remaining days I’ve got left which is about 10 more days so I’m going to count down each day. This time next Friday, I hope to be listening to Ain’t Far to Go by Jess Glynne. I want to be able to fulfill my obligations but I found out how tough work is. The important thing is to keep holding on, I just want to prove that I’m not going to quit even though it’s not been motivating.

Just 2 weeks and it will be over




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