General Review of Eurovision 2016

General Review of Eurovision 2016

Hey everyone.

I’ve been wanting to do a General Review of Eurovision 2016.

Now here it is.


Surprisingly, I didn’t pay much attention to the entries that were going to be played at Eurovision (apart from the UK’s entry).

People especially in the UK don’t take Eurovision so seriously which is fine.

I think the disadvantage of the UK having an entry in Eurovision is that Europe has some dilemma with the UK for some reason or another and because the UK are producing high organic calibre artists that the UK doesn’t want to tarnish their reputation (to be honest I don’t blame them). So right now, I don’t pay attention to the UK charts but I’m assuming Ellie Goulding, Adele, Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Tinie Tempah, Jess Glynne are pretty hot right now which is why I want to illustrate the point that the UK are pretty much too good to send there best artists for Eurovision.

These entries below were my favourite that were played in this year’s Eurovision contest. Let me know what your favourite entries by commenting on the bottom of the page.

Made of Stars – Hovi Star (Israel)

Soldiers of Love – Lighthouse X (Denmark)

Midnight Gold – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolita

J’ai Cherche – Amir (France)

Miracle – Samra (Azerbaijan) 

If I Were Sorry – Frans (Sweden) [One of my personal favourites]

Heartbeat – Justs (Latvia)

You are the Only One – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

Say Yay – Barei (Spain)

Loin D’ici – Zoe (Austria)

If Love Was A Crime – Poli Genova  [12 POINTS]

No Degree of Seperation – Francesca Michielin

Fire in the Rain – Mans Zelmerlow

I was a bit late of watching Eurovision. I watched the Semi Finals on BBC iPlayer the day after it was televised and I watched the final the week after it aired. It does feel weird.

To be honest, before I watched the Semi Finals, there was a lot of talk of Russia winning the thing (although I hadn’t listened to the song before it aired on the Eurovision stage). I believed and expected the UK to do so much better than recent years. I can’t say I was enthusiastic early on but after a month or so late I did hope Joe and Jake’s entry did well.

By the end of Eurovision, I was inspired by Italy’s and Austria’s entries the most because the songs in which they were spoken in was a breath of fresh air. Italy’s entry was spoken in Italian (with a bit of English) and Austria’s song was spoken in French. While I am writing this blog, I am learning Italian, I’ve listened to the first CD for the first time so at least it is a start.

I was a bit gutted for Joe and Jake, I thought they did an excellent job representing the UK this year.

With respect to the artists that performed in Eurovision. All the acts did a fine job representing their countries.

I wanted Bulgaria to win because overall it was a winner’s song for me. In no way shape or form that I would have thought that Ukraine would have won the whole thing, even when Ukraine were in the semi finals, the song didn’t grab my attention. The song doesn’t make much sense anyway. To be honest, I don’t know how Jamela who represented the Ukraine could win Eurovision after mourning about the dead, I thought everyone in general would just move on and stop reminding people about the past. It must be a crazy world we live in.

To be honest, the most shocking thing that happened in Eurovision this year was probably not seeing Denmark get into the final, they rocked in the second Semi Final and I expected them to go through, it may not have been a winning song in everyone’s eyes but it definitely felt like it.

It was good to hear that the Eurovision song contest this year got international exposure, it was good that it is getting publicity in the US. The idea of having JT on board felt like a big deal, he is an international superstar who is still at his peak now, his songs may just suit the New York crowd, he is a hit everywhere he goes. I saw a stint on YouTube from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it was incredibly funny, I would recommend watching it.

Although Australia were good at Eurovision this year and last year, I’m a European through and through, I believe that only the countries that are situated in Europe should complete. Ok, maybe Eurovision historically allows countries from outside Europe to complete. I only can recall Morocco (1980) being the only country from a different continent to perform in Eurovision before Australia did in 2015. If the UK decide to leave the EU will that mean they will not participate in Eurovision again? Let’s see what happens.

Mans and Petra did a fine job as presenters in Eurovision this year.

If you want to give your reaction to this year’s Eurovision then feel free to comment below.




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