Hey everyone.

This blogging topic focuses on Versailles.

There is a historical drama called Versailles that is centred on Versailles being built under Louis XIV.

Strangely enough, I have not actually watched any of the episodes yet so it probably seems shocking that I am even mentioning it.

As Versailles (the TV series) is a trending topic, I am going to be providing my opinions and understanding of Versailles.

I first knew or heard the name of Versailles through secondary school. I learnt about it in history lesson (but not in the way you may think). All of the people in my class were learning about post World War 1 and what lead to causes of World War II. Funny enough, we stumbled across learning about an important peace treaty called The Treaty of Versailles. The reason why I use important was because the allied countries that took part in World War I were represented by their rulers. So that was my introduction of the name alone.

Several years later, the name Versailles occurred to me because I often hear questions on TV quizzes related to Louis XIV. I have to confess that I don’t know much about Louis XIV because I’ve only been concerning on learning about British Kings and Queens. Just recently, I was watching a documentary called The Real Versailles presented by Lucy Worsley and Helen Castor, it was fascinating and interesting to hear and learn about the legacy of Versailles and hear why the palace was vital to Louis XIV reign. I would recommend watching it if you’re a history lover or want to know about the tales from the television series.



If I ever stop by Paris, I would definitely want to visit the Palace of Versailles. To me, I don’t know very much but the name is iconic and the pictures are just stunning, it is a mixture of the Old Royal Naval College, Hampton Court Palace and Red Square combined. The views are definitely breathtaking. The picture below is the Gardens of Versailles that I fetched from WikiPedia.






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