Take A Chance

Take A Chance

Hey everyone.

Welcome to my usual blog entry.

I’ve had a busy start of the week so far.

As I mentioned last week, in case you missed it, I went to the London Museum Awards ceremony. Fond times.

If you haven’t seen my LinkedIn page yet, I think it is worth checking out. I’ve updated it a bit, if any employers are reading this and think “Oh I need that sort of person” then don’t hesitate to contact me because sometime soon someone will take a chance. I might as well put on a classic hit “Take A Chance On Me” by ABBA below if you change your mind.

Being unemployed is bothering me a bit, when I was at an interview in the Museum of London, it did bother me because I go for jobs that I don’t have 100% of the skills/experience that they are looking for. There isn’t much I can do about it. When I apply for jobs such as this, I don’t think twice when writing the application or sitting down in the interview. I don’t hold it as a regret, I’m just trying to get my foot in the door and challenge myself. But having said that, even though it is not the total fit am I supposed to ignore the opportunity? Absolutely not. What can I do tho if the right job doesn’t come along? If I take a job that will get me miserable like the one I wrote about last year, then the job will control me and I don’t want that. Let’s just see what happens ……….

I have been at the Order of St John for nearly a year which is surprising and unthinkable. Has it been a year already? I wouldn’t have thought that.

If I do continue to go unemployed then it will affect me positively and negatively. In a negative sense, I won’t be earning money, not earning money means I can’t impress any girls and I my conversations on social visits will be low-key. Having said that, I am keeping busy with various volunteer opportunities to improve the skills/experience I am lacking. I am going to be starting a project very soon which will enable to get project experience as well as organising two major events (I didn’t think I would be looking at a path of managing events). I am wanting to look at broadening my experience at English Heritage and IWM. Whatever happens, even if I get offered a five-day job, I will be looking at keeping my Saturday shift at V&A.

On a side note, I was watching the UFC 203 the past weekend. I was sad about Joanne Calderwood losing, although she is Scottish, I root for people who come from the British Isles just like I cheer on Andy Murray, I don’t see there being a problem of an English gentleman rooting for Scots? I have total respect for Mickey Gall. He has got me glued to his theme song “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil. But he just dominated the fight against CM Punk, I wanted to watch the fight because Mickey was getting a lot of attention because I was watching the Looking for a Fight series on the UFC’s YouTube page. I follow the WWE so I could not watch Punk make his debut, I totally respect Punk for having the guts to pursue a different career path, if anyone was offered that opportunity, I doubt many would turn it down. Since I’ve been following UFC for a number of months now, I like, respect and admire Fabricio Werdum because he is heavyweight that has a great ground submission game, he conducts himself greatly both in and out of the octagon. I will be looking forward to his rematch against Stipie, should be a cracker. I didn’t respect Alastair Overeem that much at the end of the fight, he claimed Stipie tapped out at the end of the bout and there wasn’t any evidence to prove that, it caught me off guard and it was clear Overeem didn’t take the result well.

I will be looking forward to watching the main event of UFC 204 between Bisping and Hendo. Should be a great match, there is a massive story and history there. I seen the last UFC that Bisping won the title against Luke Rockhold. I was ecstatic on the night and proud of Bisping representing the Brits. At the same night, Hendo won against Victor Lombard with a vicious elbow. I hope Bisping does Britain proud on the night and wins, Bisping is a great ambassador for Britain in MMA and I am exceptionally proud because he reminds me of Andy Murray in the sense that he is carrying the sport on his own back. My prediction would be that Bisping won’t KO Hendo but I think he will stick to his strengths and will go five rounds just like he did against the Anderson Silva fight.

Got two interviews coming up later this week so I’m preparing for that.

Laters guys.


London Volunteers Museum Awards 2016

London Volunteers Museum Awards 2016

I had a lovely time at the London Museum Volunteer Awards 2016 last night. I didn’t expect to be nominated for an award but it’s nice to see that individual efforts have been acknowledged.

It is very humbling to be a volunteer and being recognised for my efforts.

I was nominated in the Team of the Year category. I believe we worked well as a team. It shows how far the team has come. If I can speak for myself, I truly proud of the success of the museum, the members that were nominated and also the individuals of the Museum. The important term is that I want to use WE and instead of I. We were 1 and not just a group of individuals. I can’t say enough of the work that we as a team did, we all bonded so brilliantly, we were all engaged in the task and putting in the time and effort is always important. As a team, undoubtedly this has been the best experience I’ve had both in a museum perspective and overall throughout my volunteer work.



For me, my target aims now are to reach the big time. I got the opportunity to meet various people from my future employers.

I was just surprised that V&A recognised me and took time out to talk to me during the event. I wasn’t expecting them to come over and say Hi. I thought that it was a nice gesture. I did my induction in the V&A the day before. I didn’t really bring it up that I was going to the ceremony, I didn’t really want to spoil the surprise, more importantly I just think it’s a welcome introduction of both myself and V&A on the night. I got to see notable success on the night. However I did spoil the surprise of telling the IWM that I was going lol. I have high praise for IWM, particularly because I am wanting to volunteer at IWM very soon if I have no luck on the job front.

I understand through working in IWM and V&A won’t be easy by any means. From working at both of these organisations, I want to earn the respect from my peers and take the same approach like in the Order of St John where I can get on well with everyone. When I say that I have a lot to learn, that is definitely an under statement. I’m not sure what I am going to encounter at V&A or IWM but I will give it my best shot. This will be a new chapter which I am very much looking forward to embracing.

While I was the Museum of London, I was able to view the Great Fire of London exhibition, it was very interesting, finding the culprit of who was responsible for the fire in the first place was like finding the identify of Jack The Ripper.


For me, this was more like a social network event than an awards ceremony.

I truly owe the honour of attending this event and the evening to the Museum of the Order of St John. They do a fantastic job and it has been lovely volunteering there. They are the reason why I was in the event in the first place. It is a small museum but we think and aim BIG. The Museum has been nominated three years in a row and it shows we can complete with the big names like V&A, HRP, IWM. Royal Academy of Arts and Museum of London.

For anyone who wants to volunteer or visits museums around London, I truly recommend the Order of St John. It is a pleasure working with them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


Museum Of The Order of St John blog

Museum Of The Order of St John blog

In this blog, I’m going to be discussing my two-week experience working in Priory Affairs at the Order of St John.

I found that the role was posted on the University of Leicester, I said to myself, this is an opportunity not to be missed so I went in and declared an interest and got a successful response. If your reading this and wanting to get a career in museums, that is a good place to find jobs and work experience.

So firstly, going into it, I briefly recapped myself on the job description the weekend before, I didn’t feel it was a big deal memorising the whole description.

After the first day, I knew the work was going to be very repetitive and so I was used to the whole routine from the get go. Ok, repetitive work doesn’t fit for everyone but I find it motivating. When I’m working, I like listening to music because it takes out interference from everyone and so I am able to focus solely on the job. My favourite music to listen to at the moment was the album ‘Everything This Way’ by Walking On Cars and I Cry When I Laugh by Jess Glynne. I wish it could happen for all the jobs I go for but it isn’t essential that I need to listen to music.

Originally it was scheduled that I was going to do the work for ten days but due to the bank holidays, I was able to do eight days. Even on the last day, I was just drained out of energy so I was glad the whole experience was over. However, I have gone back to continue the work because I did enjoy the work and the fellow volunteers who were involved with the project as well so I wanted to continue working and give up my time out of my schedule to do so.

In general terms, this experience has been rewarding and valuable, it’s taught me about understanding what’s it like travelling most of the week on the tube and understanding of the intensity of work and taught me how well we worked together as a team.

I have gone on to be nominated for Team of the Year in the London Museum Volunteer Awards 2016 at the Museum of London.

I have written a blog on this event and will be uploaded shortly.



Found and Lost

Found and Lost

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my usual regular blog where I’m going to be writing for long hours during the night.

So where to start? I don’t really know where to start.

I’m just wanted to bring up the theme of popular music.

The theme of popular music has intrigued me these past few days.

I would like to bring up two music songwriters who have been inspiring in different ways.

The first songwriter I want to bring up is the wonderful Christine and the Queens. I found this artist just by seeing a 10 or 15 second sample of the song “Tilted” while waiting for a music video to load on YouTube. This was just a few days ago. Now, I’m just listening to it at least five times today. While on YouTube, I have learnt various things about her. On a short interview she gave to Channel 4, she fled France to come to London and stay with some drag queens. To be honest I’m not focused on commenting about people’s sexuality. I don’t really think of Elton John, George Michael or Ricky Martin. I just care about the music that is produced. I listened to both Tilted and Christine and I loved the song.The music video is something else. When I first heard it, it sounded like HAIM were performing it. I was blown away from listening to her. The music video consists of fascinating and intelligent choreography behind the song.

It is crazy, by far she is the most recognisable music artist from France right now. It is rare to see that because when I think of French artists, I only think of Daft Punk and artists who represented France from Eurovision. I think it’s given France a sense of pride that they have a success story to talk about. She reminds me a bit of Lorde. Her real name is Heloïse Letissier, she performed on Jools Holland and the Graham Norton show. I seen both of these videos and I just think wow, I have tremendous respect for the bands and artists who perform on Jools Holland. If only I just watched Jools Holland earlier in the year, I may have got an earlier glimpse of her talent.

The next artist I want to share with you is Christina Grimmie. I have no words to describe how wonderful she was. It was a TRAGEDY. I just knew by listening to one of her songs that she was going to be a STAR. I found her through my YouTube page on newly released videos. I didn’t know who she was but I saw she had a lots of views on her video so I listened to the song. When listening to that particular song called Deception (I’m glad I did), I felt the sorrows of the song, it reminds me of myself of what I’m going through. I doubt myself a few times. Weird thing was, I was imagining her playing the song ‘Deception’ on The Voice UK and I would push the button and everybody giving a standing ovation. I mean WOW. There isn’t too many who can do that. I’m very sad she’s gone from our lives but I hope she lives in my memory. I hope she is in heaven, she has a voice of an angel.