Found and Lost

Found and Lost

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my usual regular blog where I’m going to be writing for long hours during the night.

So where to start? I don’t really know where to start.

I’m just wanted to bring up the theme of popular music.

The theme of popular music has intrigued me these past few days.

I would like to bring up two music songwriters who have been inspiring in different ways.

The first songwriter I want to bring up is the wonderful Christine and the Queens. I found this artist just by seeing a 10 or 15 second sample of the song “Tilted” while waiting for a music video to load on YouTube. This was just a few days ago. Now, I’m just listening to it at least five times today. While on YouTube, I have learnt various things about her. On a short interview she gave to Channel 4, she fled France to come to London and stay with some drag queens. To be honest I’m not focused on commenting about people’s sexuality. I don’t really think of Elton John, George Michael or Ricky Martin. I just care about the music that is produced. I listened to both Tilted and Christine and I loved the song.The music video is something else. When I first heard it, it sounded like HAIM were performing it. I was blown away from listening to her. The music video consists of fascinating and intelligent choreography behind the song.

It is crazy, by far she is the most recognisable music artist from France right now. It is rare to see that because when I think of French artists, I only think of Daft Punk and artists who represented France from Eurovision. I think it’s given France a sense of pride that they have a success story to talk about. She reminds me a bit of Lorde. Her real name is Heloïse Letissier, she performed on Jools Holland and the Graham Norton show. I seen both of these videos and I just think wow, I have tremendous respect for the bands and artists who perform on Jools Holland. If only I just watched Jools Holland earlier in the year, I may have got an earlier glimpse of her talent.

The next artist I want to share with you is Christina Grimmie. I have no words to describe how wonderful she was. It was a TRAGEDY. I just knew by listening to one of her songs that she was going to be a STAR. I found her through my YouTube page on newly released videos. I didn’t know who she was but I saw she had a lots of views on her video so I listened to the song. When listening to that particular song called Deception (I’m glad I did), I felt the sorrows of the song, it reminds me of myself of what I’m going through. I doubt myself a few times. Weird thing was, I was imagining her playing the song ‘Deception’ on The Voice UK and I would push the button and everybody giving a standing ovation. I mean WOW. There isn’t too many who can do that. I’m very sad she’s gone from our lives but I hope she lives in my memory. I hope she is in heaven, she has a voice of an angel.





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