London Volunteers Museum Awards 2016

London Volunteers Museum Awards 2016

I had a lovely time at the London Museum Volunteer Awards 2016 last night. I didn’t expect to be nominated for an award but it’s nice to see that individual efforts have been acknowledged.

It is very humbling to be a volunteer and being recognised for my efforts.

I was nominated in the Team of the Year category. I believe we worked well as a team. It shows how far the team has come. If I can speak for myself, I truly proud of the success of the museum, the members that were nominated and also the individuals of the Museum. The important term is that I want to use WE and instead of I. We were 1 and not just a group of individuals. I can’t say enough of the work that we as a team did, we all bonded so brilliantly, we were all engaged in the task and putting in the time and effort is always important. As a team, undoubtedly this has been the best experience I’ve had both in a museum perspective and overall throughout my volunteer work.



For me, my target aims now are to reach the big time. I got the opportunity to meet various people from my future employers.

I was just surprised that V&A recognised me and took time out to talk to me during the event. I wasn’t expecting them to come over and say Hi. I thought that it was a nice gesture. I did my induction in the V&A the day before. I didn’t really bring it up that I was going to the ceremony, I didn’t really want to spoil the surprise, more importantly I just think it’s a welcome introduction of both myself and V&A on the night. I got to see notable success on the night. However I did spoil the surprise of telling the IWM that I was going lol. I have high praise for IWM, particularly because I am wanting to volunteer at IWM very soon if I have no luck on the job front.

I understand through working in IWM and V&A won’t be easy by any means. From working at both of these organisations, I want to earn the respect from my peers and take the same approach like in the Order of St John where I can get on well with everyone. When I say that I have a lot to learn, that is definitely an under statement. I’m not sure what I am going to encounter at V&A or IWM but I will give it my best shot. This will be a new chapter which I am very much looking forward to embracing.

While I was the Museum of London, I was able to view the Great Fire of London exhibition, it was very interesting, finding the culprit of who was responsible for the fire in the first place was like finding the identify of Jack The Ripper.


For me, this was more like a social network event than an awards ceremony.

I truly owe the honour of attending this event and the evening to the Museum of the Order of St John. They do a fantastic job and it has been lovely volunteering there. They are the reason why I was in the event in the first place. It is a small museum but we think and aim BIG. The Museum has been nominated three years in a row and it shows we can complete with the big names like V&A, HRP, IWM. Royal Academy of Arts and Museum of London.

For anyone who wants to volunteer or visits museums around London, I truly recommend the Order of St John. It is a pleasure working with them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.



2 thoughts on “London Volunteers Museum Awards 2016

  1. I am happy we connected. I read this post and I enjoyed it very much 🙂
    I will come back again to read more. I like the soft and mild of your writing style, so positive and humble. I envy you, I wish I was more like you.
    Yeah I will definitely come back again.

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