Museum Of The Order of St John blog

Museum Of The Order of St John blog

In this blog, I’m going to be discussing my two-week experience working in Priory Affairs at the Order of St John.

I found that the role was posted on the University of Leicester, I said to myself, this is an opportunity not to be missed so I went in and declared an interest and got a successful response. If your reading this and wanting to get a career in museums, that is a good place to find jobs and work experience.

So firstly, going into it, I briefly recapped myself on the job description the weekend before, I didn’t feel it was a big deal memorising the whole description.

After the first day, I knew the work was going to be very repetitive and so I was used to the whole routine from the get go. Ok, repetitive work doesn’t fit for everyone but I find it motivating. When I’m working, I like listening to music because it takes out interference from everyone and so I am able to focus solely on the job. My favourite music to listen to at the moment was the album ‘Everything This Way’ by Walking On Cars and I Cry When I Laugh by Jess Glynne. I wish it could happen for all the jobs I go for but it isn’t essential that I need to listen to music.

Originally it was scheduled that I was going to do the work for ten days but due to the bank holidays, I was able to do eight days. Even on the last day, I was just drained out of energy so I was glad the whole experience was over. However, I have gone back to continue the work because I did enjoy the work and the fellow volunteers who were involved with the project as well so I wanted to continue working and give up my time out of my schedule to do so.

In general terms, this experience has been rewarding and valuable, it’s taught me about understanding what’s it like travelling most of the week on the tube and understanding of the intensity of work and taught me how well we worked together as a team.

I have gone on to be nominated for Team of the Year in the London Museum Volunteer Awards 2016 at the Museum of London.

I have written a blog on this event and will be uploaded shortly.




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