Daily Prompt: Volunteer

Daily Prompt: Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

So this is my take on a volunteer:

  • A volunteer is someone who wants to make a difference and inspire others to go the same road.
  • A volunteer is someone who does a great gesture in giving up their time and effort to help the local community.
  • A volunteer is someone who wants to rake all the benefits out of the organisation.
  • A volunteer is someone who can appeal to all ages and to all backgrounds.


Through volunteering, it has allowed me to go to organisations which I wouldn’t have thought of had existed. It has allowed me to get opportunities to gained new skills, build my experience. Right now, I am working on a funded project so I am quite excited about that.

If I can elaborate on the organisations point, I never thought for one second that I would have been accepted as a volunteer in V&A, English Heritage and IWM. Gosh. I feel so speechless to talk about it. It is important for every individual to not dismiss whatever opportunity comes along. Whether it’s just a small business or an organisation that is of international scale. It has certainly helped me be the person that I am today so I don’t everyone that reads this assume that volunteering isn’t boring. It’s truly about enjoyment, getting yourself out the door and use it as a motivation because you never know what those decisions can have or lead to.






Start of October 2016

Start of October 2016

Hello folks.

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve had a busy few weeks, a few things have happened:

(In Bullet Points)

Middlesex have won the County Cricket title for the first time in over 23 years. I wish I could have been at Lords on the day it happened.

AC Milan won in the last weekend 4-3 against Sassuolo. I’m quite happy with them, young and exciting team particularly with Donnarumma and Romagnoli.

Man United haven’t been doing so well, quite disappointed in that respect but United runs in my heart, as Kobe Bryant said in his time with the Lakers, you have to stick through the club through the good and bad times. Important thing for United is to stick together and just believe in themselves. However, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid draw at home as well so stop nip picking at United.

I had job interviews at Westminster Abbey and IWM, although I wasn’t successful with the applications, I was humbled and grateful to be there. I didn’t expect to get the roles although I did say to myself if I was offered both, it would have been pretty hard to choose.

I have been busy volunteering in two tourist attractions in Hyde Park called Wellington Arch and Apsley House.

Even tho it’s a dull time to be carrying this out because the summer season has just gone, I have enjoyed every minute so far but there is a serious side to carrying this out.

I’m carrying out this out for a variety of reasons, I have my sights on working for English Heritage so this is a foot in the door, this work I’m doing will help me prepare me for the Visitor Experience position at V&A (at this moment I’m not sure whether it’s confirmed), I want to show before starting at V&A that I have confidence in visitor interaction. I am also doing it to get a scope of the role of Visitor Assistants, I have learnt myself that the role is challenging. I haven’t found the work easy because I don’t know much about English Heritage nor anything specific about Wellington Arch or Apsley. Before I visited these places, I haven’t been to Hyde Park so I don’t particularly know the area that well so there are a few things to learn. It is a learning process.

I would definitely recommend going to both sites. Wellington Arch used to be a police station at one time and was originally built as the entrance to Buckingham Palace. I do volunteer at Wellington Arch on a morning shift and its so nice because its quiet and you get to enjoy the views of London. What I like or enjoy most about carrying out the work in the morning is that there is a specific ceremony called the “Changing of the Guard” where you get to see the calvary on horseback go through London, it’s pretty nice and that’s why I consider London one of the greatest cities in the world because there is something for everyone. At Wellington Arch, I basically look after the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ exhibition and be a point of contact for visitors.


When I’m doing my volunteering in Apsley House, it is similar but different. I’m based just by the entrance of the House so when visitors come in, I guide them where they need to go to buy tickets. It’s quite challenging role to do because you get visitors coming in and out and I have to set up the audio packs for visitors. It was particularly challenging in the first two shifts, it wasn’t easy by any means. In my first shift, I had to pick up things right away from the previous person, I was alone in the role and spent all the three hours standing upright so I was on my feet the whole time. It was kind of stressful at the beginning because I’m not been used to that environment but with those situations I didn’t encounter any difficult visitors or situations so that was pleasing to get that under my belt.

On my third shift, I got the opportunity to see what it was like as a visitor and explore Apsley House, I had not had the opportunity to actually to look at the whole house at that point of time. I had roughly forty good minutes (which isn’t a lot) to explore the house and so I made the most of it and it’s a good incentive to come back again and learn more about the House itself. I won’t reveal any spoilers but it’s a lovely house to visit in Central London and I only have until the end of this month to work there because they are closing the house for conservation.

I was very humbled to have had the opportunity to go out for a tasteful meal and celebrate uncle’s and aunt’s ruby wedding anniversary. It was a good time to catch up with family and relatives. It’s a tremendous achievement, I don’t know when I will get married, I’ve not had a real relationship so the idea of thinking or planning a wedding right now is laughable. But to be honest I do have personal goals. Ideally it would be nice to get married before the age of 30, if money wasn’t an issue, I would have my wedding in London itself, have my reception at Draper’s Hall with classical music playing in the background or have it in some posh establishment. The thought does annoy me of how many people get divorced, these days I hear more about celebrities getting divorced than married, (that idea is laughable). It goes to show folks that MONEY doesn’t give you everything, money does buy happiness but it’s not reliant or only dependant on money itself.


Well, having said that, I don’t have that many contacts or relevant people who I chat or talk to. I had a negative experience one time on my 18th birthday where I was supposed to go out for a meal and two of best mates at the time failed to show up, the people that did come were cool and everything but they weren’t the great or the best and I have lived with that as a scar and so I would be wary of who I would invite, obviously family members are a MUST but in terms of friends, I do have a best mate but apart from that no one sticks out but my point is I would want to invite people that do CARE rather than don’t because it just takes the biscuit. People or colleagues that I have volunteered with would be great people to have on the day.

This is my music video of the blog. It’s such a beautiful video, it should be nominated in the MTV Video Awards because the scenery is breathtaking.