Daily Prompt: Volunteer

Daily Prompt: Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

So this is my take on a volunteer:

  • A volunteer is someone who wants to make a difference and inspire others to go the same road.
  • A volunteer is someone who does a great gesture in giving up their time and effort to help the local community.
  • A volunteer is someone who wants to rake all the benefits out of the organisation.
  • A volunteer is someone who can appeal to all ages and to all backgrounds.


Through volunteering, it has allowed me to go to organisations which I wouldn’t have thought of had existed. It has allowed me to get opportunities to gained new skills, build my experience. Right now, I am working on a funded project so I am quite excited about that.

If I can elaborate on the organisations point, I never thought for one second that I would have been accepted as a volunteer in V&A, English Heritage and IWM. Gosh. I feel so speechless to talk about it. It is important for every individual to not dismiss whatever opportunity comes along. Whether it’s just a small business or an organisation that is of international scale. It has certainly helped me be the person that I am today so I don’t everyone that reads this assume that volunteering isn’t boring. It’s truly about enjoyment, getting yourself out the door and use it as a motivation because you never know what those decisions can have or lead to.







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